Friday, May 27, 2011

PS Group B Examination - flash

Directorate has issued orders revising the vacancy position for PS Group B Examination as per the directions of the Hon'ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench. The revised vacancy position is as follows:

IP Line OC-2 and SC-1 (Total 3)
General Line OC-21, SC-2 and ST-2(Total 25)

The number of vacancies for IPO line officials have infact come down to 3 from 32 announced earlier. As such, the examination will be held as scheduled on 29.5.11.

All the very best to all those appearing for the examination.

PS Group B Exam -update

As per information received from CHQ and Directorate, the examination will be held as scheduled on 29.5.11. Directorate is not intend on postponing the examination. Close liaison is being maintained with Directorate and CHQ and any change in this position will be informed over the blog.

So grab all the books and manuals and give it your best shot. May the best man win.. all the very best to those who are appearing in the examination.

P.S. Plse dont forget to bring a photo ID (in orginal and a copy) along with the hall ticket.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Group B Exam-CAT case

Today, the case was heard before Hon'ble CAT, Chandigarh. Arguments started at 10:50 Hours and ended at 11:20 Hours. The officers from Postal Directorate were also present before the Tribunal to explain their position. After hearing the arguments, the Hon'ble Tribunal allowed the OA with the directions to the Department of Posts to recalculate, re-examine the vacancies as per respective quota in each category out of the total posts. If, still there is any vacancy, only then the Department can conduct PS Gr B examination scheduled to be held on 29.05.2011.

A decision as to whether the examination will be held as scheduled is likely to be taken tomorrow. Association is in close touch with the CHQ and the members are requested to follow the blog for the updated and latest position.

Monday, May 16, 2011

ASP transfer/postings in Central Region

Vide letter No. ST/42-21/2009 dated 12.5.11, PMG (CR) has ordered the following transfer and postings:

1. Sri. M.K.Prakash, ASP(OD)Aluva transferred and posted as ASP(HQ) Aluva

2. Smt. M.Manjula ASP(HQ) Aluva posted as ASP(OD), Aluva

3. Sri. Shajan David, ASP KIMC transferred and posted as ASP Lakshadweep Dn

4. Sri. S.Ramakrishna Sarma, ASP, Lakshadweep Dn to be PM, Thrissur HO(vacant post)

5. Sri. M.J.George, officiating ASP, Alappuzha Sub Dn to be ASP, Alappuzha Sub Dn

6. Smt. K.J.Seninamma, IP, MBC, RMS EK Dn to be ASP, KIMC.

The Association congratulates the officers and wishes them all the very best in their new venture.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CS writes to PMG(CR) on filling up of ASP Posts in CR

A copy of the letter faxed to PMG(CR) on the above subject is reproduced below:

No. IP/ASP/ASSN Date: 3.5.2011


The Postmaster General
Central Region
Kochi – 682 018

Respected Sir,

Sub: Filling up of ASP posts in Central Region – reg:

This is to bring to your kind notice the delay in filling up of vacant ASP Posts in Central Region. As you are well aware, adhoc promotions of IPs were ordered by Circle office and required number of officers were allotted to the Region vide CO Memo No. ST/3-2/2010 dated 28.2.11. However, posting orders have not been issued till date from RO Kochi which can only be viewed with concern and anxiety by the Association.

I, therefore, request you to cause early issue of orders considering the fact that the promoted IPs are denied all the benefits of adhoc promotions in relation to their counterparts promoted and allotted to other two regions in the Circle where orders have already been issued and officers have joined their respective posts. It is also pertinent to point out that early issue of posting orders will be beneficial to the Divisional Heads also in so far as action plan for business development and plan fund activities for the ensuing year are being chalked out by the Divisional Heads at this point of time.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Copy to

The Chief Postmaster General, Kerala Circle for favour of information and kind intervention in the matter.

Ajith Kurian

CAT case against PS Group B Examination and Postmaster Cadre

In consultations with CHQ, Punjab Circle Branch through its Circle Secretary has filed an application in Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh against the following orders to get the appropriate reliefs:-

(1)Application is made against the Postal Directorate letter dated 06.04.2011 by which the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Postal Services Group ‘B’ 2011 has been ordered to be held on 15.05.2011 which is against the Department of Posts, Postal Superintendents / Postmasters Group B Recruitment Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time and consider the case of the applicants under these rules in their quota for promotion from due date with all the consequential benefits and it be declared that the bifurcation of quota now carried out by the respondents is illegal, arbitrary and bereft of any discernible principle.

(2)Against the Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Gazetted Group B) ,Postmaster (Non-Gazetted Group B Grade-III & Grade-II) and Postmaster (Non-Gazetted Group C Grade-I) Recruitment Rules, 2010 i.e Postmaster Cadre Rules, 2010 run contrary to the Postal Services Postmaster Group B Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time, as the quota of the Inspector Line, has also been reduced from 19% and 75% by carving out the posts whereas these are to be carved out from General Line as per original notification.

The case was listed for hearing on 29-04-2011. After hearing our counsel, the Hon’ble CAT sent a motion notice to the Department of Posts for 11.05.2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Autobiography by Retd SSPOs

My Journey on the Chariot of Time by Sri. Mr. E. M. Samuel's is an Autobiography of a retired SSPOs who had started his career in the postal department in the year 1960. His eventful life as well as service has been a continuous struggle successfully waged against the evil forces obstructing his forward going and therefore it has the potential to inspire the new generation in all walks of life especially those who are now serving in the Department.

The book has earned wide appreciation from all quarters especially from the officers of our department.

Sri. Vijay Chitale Retd Chief PMG said, “ I found chapters one to five and 39 to 41 the most interesting. They gave the best glimpses of your literary style and intellectual and moral traits. Please keep it up. Let us have more such writings from you”.

Ms Madhuri Dabral, Director O/o the DG, DOP, New Delhi opined, “ At last we have a long overdue book and the first attempt to its kind from an Officer who rose from the ranks and has dared to question with audacity an unfair system. …I feel this book should be read by all Officers and staff in the department as an eye opener…The book is full of poetic, lyrical expressions which capture the innocence of the times…Samuel highlights the obvious, which is known to all, but never brought to the lips, lest the sensibilities of the perpetrators are disturbed.. For postal staff and officers the book rings a familiar bell and for others not aware of postal working, an opportunity to know about its internal functioning and complexities of hierarchy….The book has set a high standard and anyone venturing to chronicle their life and times in the department will have to try their best to live up to this benchmark in order to sustain attention”

Sri. Vivek Trivedi in The Pioneer dated 7-12-2010 gave his review as follows:

"Use of quotations of...and a number of uncommon sayings and idioms adorns this book..the author as a social critic presents the cultural, political and religious set up of Kerala of the sixties and its present material propserity without spiritual growth.... The book is really a journey from the physical world to the spiritual realm of eternity."

The Hindustan Times on 5.12.10 wrote:“In this book Samuel has written beautifully the emotional bonding of villagers with the post offices, high and low of feelings, and the habit and attitude of villagers. The book also explains the importance of relationships, happy and sad times”. …AND MANY MORE!

The price of the book is Rs.200/-.Discount Rs. 50/- is given to postal employees. Those who desire to have a book may remit MO for Rs. 225/- or 175/- as the case may be at the address, E. M. Samuel, 91, Snehanagar, Misrod Po, Bhopal 462047.They may place order by SMS on 9826824981 or by e-mail samuelgeevarughese@ also.

Allotment/posting in IP cadre

Vide letter No. ST/4-1/10 dated 29.4.11, the competent authority has ordered the following:

Sri. B.Gopakumar, IP, Guruvayur Sub Dn is allotted to SR (on request) and posted as IP(FS),Circle Office, TVM.