Sunday, July 31, 2011

GS writes to DG Posts on the issue of cadre restructuring

No. CHQ/IPASP/ROC Dated 25.07.2011

To The Director General, Department of Posts, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001
Sub: Review of Cadre Structuring in respect of Inspector, Posts Cadre
Ref: Postal Directorate Letter No.1/4/2010-SR dated 12.07.2011
Respected Madam,

Your kind attention is invited to our letter of even no. dated 08.07.2011 (copy enclosed) on the above mentioned subject. The Department has constituted a committee to examine the issue of cadre restructuring of Group "C" employees vide Office Order under reference. THE Committee will formulate the prpposals by 30.08.2011. In the past, we had attended informal meeting called by Shri A. K. Sharma, the then DDG (Estt.) in January-2011 alongwith JCA leaders. Hence, it is requested that our review proposal submitted on 08.07.2011 may kindly be ordered to be considered by the Committee formed on 12.07.2011 and our association should also be nominated as amember on the staff side. We hope that our proposal will be considered and formulated by the Committee constituted on 12.07.2011.

Yours sincerely,

(Roop Chand) General Secretary

Organising meeting & Melas on Sundays & Holidays- Directorate instructions

Government of India
Department of Posts
SR Section
No. 16/56/2011-SR July 8, 2011
All Heads of Circles
Subject: - Organizing frequent meetings/melas on holidays and Sundays – denial of legitimate rights to the employees to avail Sundays etc.
I am directed to state that the issue of organizing frequent meetings/melas on holidays and Sundays, thus depriving the employees of their legitimate right to avail the break was considered in a meeting taken by Secretary to discuss charter of Demands served with the notice of indefinite strike w.e.f. 05.07.2011 by Postal Joint Council of Action.
2. While in certain circumstances it may be unavoidable strategically beneficial for the Department to hold meetings/melas etc on holidays and Sundays, it may not be done so in a routine manner. Needless to say, the weekly break and holidays etc. have their own significance and it may be kept in view while calling the officials for duty during the break.
3. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned.
Yours faithfully,
(Subhash Chander)
Director (SR & Legal)
Telefax: 23096021

Thursday, July 28, 2011

CAT case on IP grade pay- Update

OA No. 381/10 came up before the Tribunal on 27.7.11 when the proxy respondent's Counsel sought adjourment on health grounds. The Tribunal adjourned the case to 8.8.11, making it clear that no futher adjourment will be permitted.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Surplus Scheme for IPs dropped by Directorate

Surplus qualified Inspectors Scheme which was introduced with effect from 2007 has been dropped by Directorate. The said decision will be effective from the IP Examination 2011.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Circle Working Committee Meeting on 6.8.11

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 dated 21.7.11


Under the provision of Article-30 of the All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent of Posts, it is hereby notified that a meeting of the Circle Working Committee of the Association will be held at Hotel K.K.International, Ernakulam at 10.00 hrs on 6.8.11 (saturday).

1. Confirmation of the proceedings of the last CWC
2.Recent orders of transfer isseud in violation of DOPT guidelines
3. Non-implementation of transfer orders issued by C.O
4. Revision of IP grade pay
5.Proposed transfer of HSG-I IPO line PM posts to general line
6.Introduction of Postmaster cadre and its impact on Group B cadre
7.Revised pattern of examination for IP, Group B and Sr. PM
8.Other organizational matters, financial review,membership review
9.Any other issues with the permission of the chair

Circle Secretary
Copy to

1. All CWC members
2. The Chief PMG, Kerala Circle for kind information with a request to make relief arrangement of all the CWC members to attend the meeting in time.
3.The PMG, Central Region, Kochi-18 for kind information and n/a.
4. The PMG, Northern Region, Calicut for kind information and n/a.
5. Office copy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adhoc promotions in ASP cadre

Chief PMG has ordered the following adhoc promotions in the cadre of ASP vide order No. ST/3-2/2011 dated 15.7.11.

1. Sri. Niranjan Kumar, IP (Printing), PSD KOzhikode is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and alloted to Northern Region.

2. Smt.M.S.Binduraj, IP(PG), PTA Division is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and posted as Offg. ASPOs, Pathanamthitta Sub Division.

CAT case relating to grade pay of IPs - update

OA No. 381/10 came up before the Hon'ble Tribunal on 19.7.11 but was again posted to 20.7.11 for hearing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Letter of CS to CPMG on the decisions in the four monthly meeting

IP/ASP/ASSN/11 dated 15.7.11

The Chief PMG
Kerala Circle

Respected Madam,

Sub: Minutes of the Four Monthtly Meeting - reg:
Ref: Letter No. FM/18-6/11 dated 13.7.11

While inviting your kind attention to the above said minutes, it is to be pointed out that in reply to the first item regarding creation of a new Sub Division (Sultan Bathery), the reply given is that the matter is pending with Directorate. But the item is shown as closed. Admittedly, an item is treated as closed only when a final decision is communicated to the Association which has not been done in the instant case. Hence, considering the importance of the matter, it is requested to keep the item alive till a final reply on the matter is received from Directorate. It is also requested to intimate the details of reference made to Directorate in the matter so that the Association can also pursue the case with Directorate throught its CHQ at Delhi.

I may also be permitted to point out that Chief PMG during the meeting had agreed to grant reimbursement of broadband charges incurred by the IPs/ASPs. Chief PMG had informed that necessary instructions would be given to all concerned in the matter. However, there is no mention of this in the minutes. It is presumed that the Divisional Heads will be given necessary instructions in this regard. It is also requested to ensure that necessary instructions are given to all the Divisional Heads for reimbursing mobile charges for IPs/ASPs as mentioned at Sl No. 3 of the minutes.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Minutes of four monthly meeting with Chief PMG

Minutes of the four monthly meeting held by the Association is furnished below:

Item No. 1 : Creation of Sultan Bathery Sub Division:

Reply: As per the statistical report furnished by SSPOs, Calicut Dn there is excess workload in the four sub divions justifying one more sub dn and hence the proposal sent to Dte for approval. But no reply was received. It is pending with directorate.

(Item closed)

Item No.2: Adhoc promotion of IPs to ASP cadre:

Reply: There are not enough candidates for consideration against the 8 posts + other vacancies. The 4 eligible candidates will be considered shortly.

(Item closed)

Item No. 3: Reimbursement of Mobile charges:

Reply: There is no specified directions/orders issued by Diretorate in this regard. However Divisional Heads can reimburse the mobile charges as per the powers contained in Schedule of Financial Powers.

(Item closed)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adhoc promotins in ASP cadre

Chief PMG, Kerala has ordered the following adhoc promotions/postings in the cadre of ASPs:

1. Smt. G.Jyothsna, IP PG, Palakkad Division is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASPOs and alloted to Northern Region.

2. Smt. S.V.Vidya, IP (PG), Kottayam is promoted on adhoc basis as ASPOs and alloted to Central Region.

Association congratulates the young officers and wish them all the very best in their new venture.

Monday, July 11, 2011

CS writes to Chief PMG on the recent transfer orders

No. IP/ASP/ASSN 11.7.11


The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle, Trivandrum-33

Respected Madam,

Sub: Transfer of ASPs- reg:

This is regarding the recent orders of transfer issued by CO in the cadre of IPs/ASPs in Southern Region. While admitting that an order of transfer is an incidence of Government Service,the Association would like to point out that the said order is in gross violation of the general principles of transfer issued by DOP&T which clearly lays down that the general transfers in Group B (Gazetted) involving a change of station should be effected once in a year that too, at the end of the academic year. Official and educational dislocations of spouse and children also deserve special consideration. All these aspects have been ignored in the recent order issued in the middle of the academic year which has caused much hardship and agony to our members and demolarized them to a great extent.

Hence, the Association appeals to your goodself, to intervene in the matter and to reconsider the said order issued in violation of the extant guidelines. A line in reply will be deeply appreciated.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary


Ms. Sumi (22) Daughter of Sri. P.Susheelan, AD(FS& Mails), C.O TVM, expired on 5.7.11 following a bus accident at Tamilnadu. The Association deeply mourns her untimely death and conveys hearfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

Friday, July 8, 2011

CAT case relating to grade pay of IPs - update

OA 381/10 now pending before the CAT, Ernakulam Bench, came up before the Hon'ble Tribunal on 7.7.11 for hearing, but was adjourned to 16.7.11 as per the request of the applicant's Counsel.

Reversion orders in the cadre of ASP

Chief PMG Kerala has issued the following orders of reversion:

1. Sri.Niranjan Kumar, Offg ASP (BD), RO Kozhikode is reverted to the cadre of Inspector of Posts.

2. Smt. M.S.Binduraj, Offg ASP, Pathanamthitta Sub Dn is reveted to the cadre of Inspector of Posts and on reversion posted as IP (PG), PTA Division.

Transfer/Posting/Adhoc promotions in IP/ASPcadre

Chief PMG, Kerala has ordered the following transfers and postings in IP/ASP cadres:

1. Sri. K.Gangadharan Nair, ASP, TVM Central Sub Dn is transferred and posted as ASP, TVM East Sub Division.

2. Smt. Anjana, ASP, TVM East Sub Division is transferred and posted as ASP, Kollam RMS.

3. Sri. Asish Das, ASP, Kollam RMS to be ASP, Tiruvalla RMS

4. Sri. C.V.Raju, ASP, Tiruvalla RMS to be ASP, Trivandrum North Sub Dn.

5. Smt. Shoba Thomas, ASP, TVM North Sub Division is posted as Postmaster, Kollam HO.

6. Smt. Bindu, IP, RMS Kollam is posted as IP, Tiruvalla RMS

7.Smt. A.Asha Pillai, IP(PG), TVM South Dn is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and posted as ASP, TVM Central Sub Dn.

8. Sri. Pranab Kumar Jha, IP, Kottayam RMS, is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and posted as SAS, Circle Office, TVM.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Promotion/appointment in Group B cadre

Pursuant to the orders contained in DG Posts letter No. 9-51/2009-SPG dtd 16.12.09, Chief PMG Kerala has vide order No. ST/1/1/5/2011 ordered the following:

Sri. C.H.Sudhaman, IP, Nileswar Sub Dn is promoted to PS Group B and alloted to Northern Region against the retirement vacancy of Sri. K.Balan, Superintendent, PSD, Kozhikode.

Hearty Congratulations and best wishes to the officer....