Saturday, May 23, 2015

Notification for Central Working Committee meeting at Trivandrum

No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/CWC/TRV/2015                          Dated :          22/5/2015.

Under the provisions of the Article 30 of the Constitution of the Association, it is hereby notified that the Central Working Committee meeting of the Association will be held at Trivandrum (Kerala) on 25th July and 26th July 2015.
Venue : Hotel The Capital, Near Trivandrum GPO,  Pulimood Junction, Trivandrum 695001.
Agenda :
1.    Confirmation of the minutes of the last CWC held at Ahmedabad on 7/2/2014.
2.    Cadre restructuring of Inspector Posts cadre and merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre.
3.    Meeting with Hon’ble Chairman 7CPC and submission of Memorandum.
4.    Organizational review.
5.    Ernakulam CAT case - Up-gradation of GP of Inspector Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- w.e.f. 1/1/2006.
6.    Senior Postmaster examination CAT cases.
7.    DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B.
8.    Inter-circle transfer of Inspector Posts under Rule 38 of Postal Manual Vol. IV.
9.    Combined Seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre.
10. Revised Recruitment Rules of PS Gr. B cadre / Asst. Manager MMS.
11. LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr. PM and PS Gr. B.
12. Financial review of CHQ.
13. Any other item with the permission of chairs.
All the CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting at scheduled date and time.
Special invitees :
1.    Shri Roop Chand, Ex-GS and Sr. PM, Sansad Marg HO, New Delhi 110001
2.    Shri Permanand Kumar, ASP (PMU), Postal Directorate, New Delhi 110001
 (Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to : -
1.    The Director General (SR Division), Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 11001.
2.    All Chief PMsG (through concerned Circle Secretaries)
3.    Sri Amrendra Kumar, President & ASP (Inv) % the CPMG, Bihar Circle, Patna 800001
4.    All CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Secretaries
5.    Special invitees

Retirements in the month of May-2015

Following PS Gr. B / JTS Gr. A officers are retiring from Govt. Service on superannuation on 31/5/2015.

Sl. No.
Name of Officer
Asish Majumder
West Bengal
Venkatesha Murthy
PTC Mysore
A Mohamed Kutty
Pritam Chand
Himachal Pradesh
B. R. Gohil

Gopal Chand Bora
P. P. Singh
Uttar Pradesh
P. A. Thorat
V. F. Bannad
R. B. Belote
C. H. Prajapati
D. B. Shirke
Satyaharichandrudu Gumpu
Andhra Pradesh (GL)
S. K. Sonawane

CHQ wishes them a very happy, healthy and long retired life. In few circles, senior ASPs are working on adhoc basis in PS Gr. B cadre and retiring without getting regular PS Gr. B promotion, their names are not included in the list, the same may kindly be reported to GS by SMS.

Bi-monthly/Four monthly meeting with Circle/Regional Administration

It has been brought to the notice of CHQ by members that, many Circle Secretaries are not requesting their Regional / Circle administration for holding of bi-monthly / four monthly meetings regularly with Regional PMsG and Chief Postmaster General which results non settlement of local issues / problems. The following Regional / Circle Level issues are said to unresolved for months/years together. 
1. Issue of circle seniority list (gradation list) / up-dation as on 1/7/2014. 
2. To conduct training on Finacle / Mc Camish software to IP/ASP
3. Non-payment of PLI/RPLI incentive bills of IP/ASPs
4. Consideration of Inter-circle Rule 38 transfer cases
5. Consideration of requests of IP/ASPs for transfer at their choice station etc.  
6. Filling up of vacant post of IPs (direct recruit quota)
7. Filling up of vacant post of ASPs 
8. Supply of good quality of furniture to headquarter of sub divisional heads
9. Replacement of batteries of laptops provided to IP/ASPs
10. Non-payment of TA / Medical bills
11. Issue of adhoc promotion orders from ASP to PS Gr. B against vacant post 
12. Filling up of vacant posts of Mail Overseers
13. Non-payment of IO/PO honorarium bills of IP/ASPs
14. Grant of amount to purchase briefcase / purse for office use
15. Non reimbursement of newspapers bill to ASPs
16. Non implementation of orders issued by CO i/c/w promotion from IP to ASP and ASP to PS Gr. B cadre. 
17. Non holding of DPC for MACP for IP/ASP cadre

   Now-a-days daily phone calls are received from members to GS for intervention in the matters. CHQ has already directed to all Circle Secretaries through this blog on 12/2/2015 to take up these long pending issues with the concerned authorities through bi-monthly / four monthly meetings, but till date most of the Circle Secretaries did not turned up with the agenda on the pending issues to their regional / circle administration. It is also noticed by CHQ tat many circles are not updating their existing circle blog regularly. 

   It is therefore directed to all Circle Secretaries and members to submit the agenda for bi-monthly and four monthly meetings without loss of time with a request to hold the meeting/s at the earliest. The issues taken up with administration and minutes of the meetings may be published on circle blog for the information to members.

Bank employees scale finalised

Joint note between IBA and Unions to be signed on 25/05/2015 in Mumbai. Scale for all cadre of employees have been finalized and agreed upon by both parties. Hereunder we provide highlights of pay and other benefits for officers, clerks and sub staffs.Initial Pay for Bank Clerks has been calculated for Graduate Clerks. Otherwise the initial pay is Rs 11,765.

Snap Deal offers discount on purchases made by DOP employees

The copy of Directorate Memo No. 11-10/2014-BD&MD dated 1/5/2015 on the above subject is reproduced below for the information to the members of this Association and also to the track in viewers.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All India Central Working Committee Meeting to be held at T M Krishnaswamy Nagar (Hotel The Capital Trivandrum).

   The All India Central Working Committee Meeting of the Association will be held at Hotel 'The Capital', Near Trivandrum GPO, Pulimood Junction Trivandrum-1. The venue will be named T.M. Krishnaswamy Nagar as a token of respect to our dear President who left us for heavenly abode on 16.4.15.

    The venue is hardly 2 kms from the Trivandrum Central Railway station and auto charge is only the  minimum charge of Rs 20/-. Accommodation for the delegates is available from 12.00 noon of 24.7.15 to 12.00 noon of 26.7.15. The Working Committee is scheduled to commence at 10.00 hours on 25.7.15. All delegates are requested to plan their travel accordingly and intimate their travel plans to our CS Sri. Nandakumar or to Sri. Ajith Kurian, Manager, NSH TVM immediately for making further arrangements.

Promotion of PS Group B officers to JTS Group A

To see Directorate memo issued, PLEASE CLICK HERE