Monday, January 25, 2010

Reallotment in ASP Cadre

1. Sri Anvarjan, ASP RO Kochi has been re allotted to Northern Region.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grade Pay

File regarding grade pay of IP/ASP/SP is with finance ministry

Source = All India Blog

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Posting and Transfers of IPs - Northern Region

1. Gyothsna, IP Mannarkkad to be IP PG Palakkad
2. P.V.Madhuri, IP Ct North to be IP PG Ottappalam
3. Riteshkumar, IP TGY RO to be IP Printing PSD

New Posting

1. Gourisangeetha, PA Kannur Dn to be IP Payyanur Sub Dn
2. Sheeja Prabhakaran, PA Ct dn to be IP Kottakkal Sub dn
3. Manojan K.P, PA Vadakara dn to be IP Kunnamangalam
4. T.V.Kavitha , SA RMS Ct to be IP CT North
5. Priya P Nair, PA Pathanamthitta to be IP PG Calicut
6. P.P.Jalaja, PA Tirur Dn to be IP Malappuram Sub dn
7. C.C.Mohammed Saheer, PA Thalassery Dn to be IP Vadakara North Sub Dn
8. P.C.Sajeevan, PA Kannur Dn to be IP Kanhangad Sub dn
9. P.R.Sheela, PA Kasaragod Dn to be IP Kuthuparamba Sub dn
10. A.N.Sunilkumar, PA Vadakara dn to be IP Ponani Sub dn
11. N.Anilkumar IP PG Guj Circle to be IP PG Kasaragod
12. N.Unnikrishnan IP PG Guj Circle to be IP TGY RO Calicut
13. B.Rajkumar, PA Trivandrum South to be IP Mannarkkad Sub Dn
14. V.P.Umadevi, PA Ernakulam to be IP Alathur Sub Dn

The Association whole heartedly congtatulates all

Please download the order from the below link:

Supply of laptops to Sub Division

On 19.01.10 Directorate write to Circles for selection of Vendors for Placing orders for supply of Laptop to Sub Division.Exercise for selection of Venders will be completed by 25.01.10 and we hope orders will be placed in next month.

Source: Rajasthan Circle Association Blog

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latest news about revision of Grade Pay

Source - Rajasthan Circle blog

The file related to revision of grade pay has been sent to Ministry of Finance with recommendation of the Department for upward revision of grade pay of IP as Rs.4600/-, ASP as Rs.4800/- and PS Group as Rs.5400/-. Secretary Post has personally assured us to get the file cleared shortly. We are very much hopefull of a positive result in the coming days.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Discussion on revision of Grade Pay and merger of the posts IP/ASP/P.S.Gr. “B” between DoP and our Association

Extract of the communication posted in the HQ blog is furnished below for information of the members of our circle

Nirmal Kumar MP

Circle secretary

General Secretary was invited for holding discussion on the issue of revision of Grade Pay to IPs from Rs. 4200/- to Rs.4600/- . General Secretary along with Shri S.Ravi CHQ Treasurer and Shri Hari Prasad, former Circle Secretary, Rajasthan Circle participated in the discussion on 04.01.2010. Shri A.K.Sharma DDG (Est) and Shri Rameshwar Rao ADG (Est) represented the Department.

It was argued by the Dept. that IPs were not on the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006. But it was rebutted and made it clear by us that IPs were on Rs.6500/- as on 1.1.2006. Their pay scale was revised, pay fixation done and arrears also drawn as on 1.1.2006. Hence IPs are eligible for revision of Grade Pay as per the orders of MoF memo. Dt. 13.11.2009. It was accepted by the Dept.

Then it was stressed by the Dept. that as per the orders of MoF memo. Dt 13.11.2009 the post of IP and ASP should be merged. Also the Dept. putforth an alternative suggestion of merger of ASP with P.S.Gr. “B”. But we strongly objected to it. We argued that there are only 2 categories in this cadre and if these two posts are merged then our promotional avenue will be closed for ever. Further ASP is a Gazetted cadre which cannot be merged with non-gazetted post of IP which amount to de-promotion. At present an IP will get his promotion to ASP after 10 years of service in IP cadre. Then he has to wait for another 18 years as ASP to get his promotion to P.S. Gr. “B”. If merger is accepted an IP has to wait for a minimum of 25 years to get his next promotion to P.S. Gr. “B”. In other cadres there are so many stages for promotion and they enjoy the benefit of increment in every stage. Such opportunity should be available for IPs also. At present an IP hardly reach P.S. Gr “B”. Many of us retire as ASP only. A few people reach P.S. Gr. “B”. That too they retire before getting non-functional Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/-. Hence it is not acceptable the merger proposal which is detrimental to our promotion. The Dept. side was then convinced and agreed to our following demands.

1. Upgradation of Grade Pay of IP from Rs.4200/- to Rs. 4600/-.

2. Upgradation of Grade Pay ofASP from Rs.4600/- to Rs. 4800/-.

3. Upgradation of Grade Pay of PS Gr. “B” from Rs.4800/- to Rs. 5400/-.

With these recommendations the file is moving to MoF for concurrence. I also met Secretary (Posts) and Member (P) on 04.01.2010 and discussed the issue and they are in favour of us. The progress is being closely monitored.


General Secretary

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Appeal from GS

There are 4214 members in our Association. Only 50 members have written letter to DG so far as per our direction on " Grade Pay". What about the remaining members?

The dead line is 10.01.2010. Please ask all our members to write letter to DG with a copy to me. Specimen letter has already been sent to you.
For further information please visit our web blog