Department is going for remotely managed FMs

India Post has decided to introduce Remotely Managed Franking Machines in place of Electronic Franking Machines with effect from 16.8.2010

Salient Features of the RMFS is as follows:-

(1) Amount for uploading the credit is to be credited at SBI or at Post office through ePayment.(2) The machine is to be connected to the central server three times every day for exchanging information on funds deposited, funds downloaded and uploading of reports etc.

(3) The credit will be uploaded in Franking machine on its dialing to RMFs server for the purpose. Meters will be set/re-set automatically.

(4) Franking impression shall be in blue colour and will indicate class of article, pincode, authentication code, date of frank, mail item number, licence identified number, frank value and 2D barcode.

(5) 2D barcode will have important information and the barcode can be scanned to check the genuineness of the frank impression.

Migration plan for phasing out the electronic FM is as follows:-

(i) The scheme will be introduced with effect from 16.8.2010

(ii) Licences of all FMs which are older than 5 years will not be renewed.

(iii) Licences of Electronic FM which are less than 5 years old may be renewed till completion of period of 5 years.

(iv) No Electronic FM of old models shall not be allowed to operate after 30.6.2013. Articles franked by such machines shall not be accepted after 30.6.2013.