Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Datacard letter addressed to CPMG

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/01 Date: .2010

Ms. Sobha Koshy
Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum – 695 033

Sub: Provisions of data card to IPs/ASPs

Respected Madam,

This is in sequel to this association’s letter of even no. dated 10.07.2010 regarding issue of data cards to all sub divisions. It is heartening to note that the circle administration has taken up the issue with higher ups and the Directorate has allotted an amount @ Rs. 2500/- per sub division for provision of broad band internet connections to sub divisions.

It is understood that the above order is not being implemented in Northern Region its good spirits. It has been ordered that in those sub divisions were broad band connection has already been provided, the phone bills for the period from 01.4.2010 to 31.8.2010 to be charged under this head and wherever no broad band connection is available a connection may be obtained now. The regional administration interpreted the orders in such a way that a physical broad band connection is to be provided at the sub divisional offices instead of the wireless internet which is very much inevitable to sub divisional \heads, provided with laptops and on move in field most of the time. It is obvious that that the intention of Directorate’s order was to provide wireless internet immediately after supply of laptops.

It is worthwhile to point out that in rest of the country and even in other two regions of our own circle, has taken action to supply data cards to sub divisions. Some regions have even finalised the action for supply of latest 3G data cards to sub divisions.

We therefore request you to intervene and cause supply of data cards to all sub divisional heads in the circle. It is further added that there is an ultimatum by Directorate to utilise the funds by 31.8.2010. An early action is solicited.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully
Copy to : The PMG, Northern Region, Calicut

Friday, August 27, 2010

Functioning of downgraded EDSOs - Clarification by Dte

Directorate letter No: 6/7/2009-PE-II dated 06/08/2010

Sub: Implementation of Recommendation of One-man committee – “Extra Departmental Sub Post Offices”

Para 3:
Representations have been received from the staff side seeking clarification on the drawal of annual increase in respect of the protected TRCA of the incumbents till they vacate the post. The matter has been examined and the competent authority has ordered that, the present incumbents working in the downgraded EDSOs whose TRCA is protected in the slab of 4575-85-7125 corresponding to 5 hours/ 125 points work of GDS BPM shall earn annual increase after completion of 12 months. This facility is extended to existing incumbent only, and after the existing incumbent vactes the post, the workload of the BO has to be assessed afresh based on norms including revised norms and the TRCA shall be fixed commensurate with the assessed workload. However, the Branch postmasters, whose TRCA has been protected, have to keep the Branch Office open for 5 hours.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Officiating arrangement in PSS Gp B Cadre

1. Sri Narayanan K , PM Kannur to be AD Circle Office.
The Association congrats the above officer.

Officiating chances as per the gradation list is :
1. Sri Ashraf ASP RO Calicut
2. Sri Sathyanarayana , ASP Kasaragod Sub Dn
3. Sri Rajeevan C.P, ASP HQ Thalassery
4. Sri. Thomas Jacob
5. Ms Mini Rajan, ASP OS Calicut

Upcoming retirements:( 2010 and 2011)

1.Manmadhan Nair Nov - 2010

2.Gokuldas Dec -2010
3.Mohana Prasad Dec- 2010
5.V.M.Raghavan Dec - 2010
6.Dasan V.T Jan -2011
7.Gopalakrishna Pilla Jan- 2011
8.Koshy T Jan - 2011
9.Jose CI March- 2011
10.Balan K June -2011

11.A.N.Unnikrishnan July- 2011
12.Sukumaran PD July -2011

11.Jacob T.K Aug -2011

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Distance & e-Learning for Central Govt. Employees

Department of Personnel and Training and Indira Gandhi National Open University have come together and signed a MoU for offering Distance & E- Learning Programmes to Central Government employees.

The Central Government employees can now enrol for a wide spectrum of Distance & E-Learning Programmes offered by IGNOU and get their fees reimbursed on successfully completing the programmes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

PSS-Gr.B Nomination

The following officers have been promoted to the PSS Gr.B as per the orders issued by DG dated 13.8.2010 and both of them are allotted to Kerala Circle.

Sri. G. Mohanaprasad
Sri.P.K. Haridas

The association congratulates the above officers.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Initiative of CPMG Kerala resulted in supply of data card to all sub divisions

Directorate has allotted funds to the tune of Rs.2500/- for provision of broad band internet connection to all sub divisional heads. This was based on the initiative of Kerala CPMG. Kerala Circle association had requested CPMG Madam to condier supply of data card for all sub divisons to CPMG. CPMG was kind enough to consider the request and took up the proposal with Dte and now Directorate has allotted funds for the same.
All India association of IP/ASPs especially Kerala Circle Chapter is thankful to Madam for this

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Broad Band Connection to Sub Divisions

On 09.08.2010 Directorate has allotted fund @Rs.2500/- for each Sub-Division for provision of broadband connection. Instruction has been issued by Directorate to utlise the amount by 31.08.2010. 1914 Sub-Divisions across the country will be covered under the provision. We can demand for mobile internet.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Advance SALARY for ONAM on 20-8-2010

No.3(2)/TA/2010/256Ministry of FinanceDepartment of ExpenditureController General of AccountsLok Nayak BhawanKhan Market, New Delhi******
Dated: 05.08.2010

Subject: Disbursement of salary/wages to the Central Government Employees in the State of Kerala for the month of August, 2010 on account of ONAM festival.
In view of the 'ONAM' festival, the Government have decided that the salary of all Central Government Employees in the State of Kerala for the month of August, 2010 may be drawn and disbursed by the Central Government offices (including Defence, Posts & Telecommunications) on 20th August, 2010. 2. The wages for August, 2010 of the industrial employees of Central Government serving in the State of Kerala may also be disbursed in advance on 20th August, 2010. 3.The salary/wages so disbursed are to be treated as advance payments and will be subject to adjustment after the full month's salary/wages of each employee is determined. The adjustment, if any, will be made without exception from the salary/wages as the case may be from the month of September, 2010. 4.The concerned Ministries/Departments are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of their offices located in the State of Kerala for necessary action immediately.

(Vibha Pandey)
Jt. Controller General of Accounts
Source:- www.cga.gov.in