Letter addressed to the GS Delhi

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 10.8.11


Sri. Roop Chand
General Secretary
Sub: Meeting with Secretary Posts- issues for discussion reg:

The Circle working committee of the Association, Kerala Circle, met at Ernakulam on 6.8.11 and discussed the issues to be presented before the Secretary on 11.8.11 in detail. The gist of the decisions and the position as emerged in the CWC are given below as the views of Kerala Circle:

1. Regarding up gradation of pay of IPs the views of the CHQ is endorsed. If merger of the posts of ASP and PS Group B is not agreeable, then the option to merge the cadre of IP and ASP should be explored subject to the condition that after three years 20% of the IPs should be placed in the GP of 4600 and after three years 20% of ASP should be given GP of 4800. Gazetted status of the existing ASP should also be retained while merger is implemented.

2. Regarding recommendations of second CRC, the Circle is of the view that an IP should get promotion to PS Group B at least in a span of 10 years since after introduction of Postmasters cadre, a PA is getting entry into PS Group B within 19 years simply by appearing in a qualifying examination at the entry level.

3. Regarding the quota of IP line officials for PS Group B, the Circle fully endorses the view of the CHQ in revising the quota through seniority from 75 to 87% and through LDCE from 19 to 10% and general line from 6 to 3%. While revising, it is to be ensured that out of the total 866 Group B posts 649 to be earmarked through DPC for IP line, through LDCE IP Line 78, Sr. PM-87 and restricting the General line quota to 52. The proposal to transfer the 144 posts in HSG-1 (IPO Line) to General Line is to be opposed.

4. Regarding item Nos. 5,6,7,8 and 9, the Circle endorses the view of the CHQ and hopes that these points will be stressed in the meeting and favourable orders will be got issued by the Secretary. Regarding revised rates for invigilation duty, we should demand at least Rs 500/- per day as is being paid by Banks and PSUs.

5. Another issue which was discussed is about the need to publish the names of the regular promoted ASPs in the Gazette of India. This would seem necessary because a certificate attested by one of our ASPs was returned by University Authorities on the plea that ASPs are not a Gazetted officer as their names are not published in the Gazette. This aspect may be looked into.

6. At present different standards are adopted in various Circles/Regions for reimbursing mobile and broadband charges. It is requested to cause issue of a general order in this regard from Directorate so that a uniform procedure will be adopted in all the Circles.

7. Some of the IPs who were promoted in 2007 are not getting the benefits of pay fixation as per CCS RP Rules 2008 as per which the Scale of Assistant Superintendent was upgraded to 7450-11500 from 6500-10500 in the pre- revised scale and accordingly in the pay band of PB2 with grade pay of 4600/-. As per the clarification issued by Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their letter No 10/1/2010-IC dated 27/01/2010, officials who are promoted after 1/1/2006 can opt to switch over to the revised pay with effect from the date of promotion and if they opt so, their pay will be fixed with reference to the fitment table of the corresponding pre revised scale of Rs.7450-11500. Vide MOF (Exp) letter No 22/01/2010-C dated 20/03/2010 it is further clarified that the fixation formula is applicable for all the ministries. The Ministry of Finance has also issued orders vide letter F No. 7.14.2010-E.III(A) dated 5.7.10 permitting to revise the initial option up to 31.12.10, if the option is more beneficial to the officers. Other ministries like Ministry of Petroleum and Gas have already issued orders in this regard. However, our members are being denied this benefit on the plea that orders have not been issued by our Department. The matter may be brought to the notice of the Secretary and necessary orders may be caused to be issued in the matter.

8. Another issue which would merit consideration is about providing clerical assistance to Sub Divisions. As nearly 10,000 PAs have been newly recruited in November 2010, diverting some one or two PAs to assistant the Sub Divisional heads will not be much of a problem. The earlier demand of the Association to substitute one post of Mail Overseer with PA (since the grade pay of 3rd MACP of Mail Overseers and PA are same) can also be demanded now. If this request cannot be acceded to, permission to outsource the clerical work may be demanded.

9. Another decision of the CWC is to revise the Recruitment Rules for Mail Overseers so that the present system of posting a postman at the fag end of his service as Mai Overseer can be dispensed with. Since well qualified GD Sevaks are getting qualified as postman through tough competitive examination, a selection cum screening process can be adopted which would rise the quality of work of the Mail Overseer and enable the IP/ASP to utilize him/her more effectively.

10. Due to the multi-faceted duties entrusted to the Sub Division, inspection has become a routine exercise and is not being carried out effectively. This situation calls for the formation of a team to carry out inspection which would be more effective in this emerging scenario. The questionnaire should also be standardized and software as is being used in Tamil Nadu should be developed and brought into use throughout the Country. Questionnaire from different sections/areas – KYC, technology, RPLIL and PLI should be compiled by the Inspection Wing of Directorate and a comprehensive version should be published in the India Post Website which should be kept update by incorporating inputs from various sections.

11. Lastly one issue pertaining to Kerala Circle also needs the intervention of CHQ. 3 IP candidates who were qualified in the surplus batch of 2010 have been allotted to Kerala Circle although no vacancy was reported in Kerala. Such an allotment has been made while many of the IPs belong to the earlier surplus batch are still working in Circles like Himachel, Gujarat, Karnataka etc. It may be ensured that repatriation is made to the Home Circle based on seniority.

The above issues may please be examined and brought to the notice of the Secretary in the meeting.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary