Granting of special leave to the delegates for AIC Bangalore

Chief PMG, Kerala has issued orders granting special leave to the delegates representing the Circle for AIC at Bangalore. Extract of the said letter is reproduced below for information of all concerned:

APMG (Staff), CO, TVM-33

No. Gen/18-6/2012 dated at Tvpm 33 the 16.12.2011

Subject:Granting of special casual leave for attending 37th Biennial All India Conference and CWC meeting of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts.

I am directed to convey the orders to grant special casual leave to the following members/office bearers of the above Association to attend the 37th Biennial All India Conference and Central Working Commitee meeting to be held from 27.1.2012 to 29.01.2012 at Bangalore subject to eligibility, under usual conditions:

(i) S/Sri. Ajith Kurian, ASP (LC), C.O TVM
(ii) T.M.Krishnaswamy, ASP (Vig), C.O TVM
(iii) B.Sukumaran Nair, ASP (BD), C.O TVM
(iv) K.Manoj, ASP, Ottappalam Sub Dn
(v) Mohammad Sherif, ASP, Tirur Sub Dn
(vi) B.Padmakumar, ASP EKM RMS/2
(vii) Premlal, ASP Calicut South Sub Dn
(viii) M.K.Prakash, ASP (HQ), Aluva
(ix) K.C.Velayudhan, ASP Vadakara South Sub Dn.
(x) G.Gopakumar, ASP (OD), Kollam

Asst. Director (GA)

Copy to:

1. Sri Ajith Kurian, Circle Secretary, All India Assn. of IPS/ASPs
2. SSPOs, TVM(N)/Kollam