42nd Biennial Circle Conference- pictures speaks for themselves....

Members waiting for the boat for proceeding to the venue

On the way to the venue

Boat journey to the venue

Newly elected President & Secretary at the venue

CWC members at the venue

Hearty Welcome to DPS(Central Region) Kochi

Audience in the subject committee

Another Section of the audience

GB in full swing

Newly elected office bearers along with former President

Subject Committee in progress

Open Session begins with a prayer

Chief Guests of the Open Session along  with President Sri. Krishnaswamy

 Sri. S.Ramamurthy, DPS(CR) inaugurating the Open Session

The might of the South- the winning Southern Region Team

Fought hard but.. the Central Region Team

Our lady members along with Mrs. Ramamurthy

Nothing official about it.. our former CS with DPS(CR)