Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Isue


President: N.V.Sutar, General Secretary: Janardan Sharma
Fiancial & Asst Genl Secretary : Surendra Kumar
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Respected Sir,

Here is a proposal of merger of Inspectors and Asst. Supdts. Cadre into one with Grade Pay 4600/- under consideration of the department. Department wants consent of Postal officers Association and All India Association of Inspector and Asst Supdts.

I have discussed with Sh. S. Samuel General Secretary of Inspector and Asst Supdt. who is against the merger and that Association wants Grade pay 4600 for Inspector, 4800 Grade Pay for ASPOs and 5400 Grade Pay in PB-2 for PS Group B w.e.f. 01-01-2006.

Postal officers Association Core committee is likely to meet in New Delhi on 25-12-2009 for consideration of different views and to take some decision.

You are requested to consider following and e-mail your considered views.
1) Whether you are in favour of merger, if yes.
2) Whether IPOs + ASPOs should be merged or ASPOs + PS Group B
should be merged.
3) What should be the consequences of the merger and what would
be the solution there of.
4) What grade pay should be for IPO/ASPO/PS Group B/ JTS etc
5) Any other additional information, which is considered essential?

The matter is very much crucial. Please consult your fellow members in depth and e- mail your reply latest by 24th any time so that the same may be taken into account on 25th.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Janardan Sharma
General Secretary


anil said...

Sir, in my openion grade pay for ipo should be rs. 4600, for aspos rs. 4800 and for PS Gr B rs. 5400/- at par with other central govt. departments like CBI

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments of Sri Anil. There is no need to merge IPO and ASP or ASP and SP cadres.
-Premlal,ASP, Tirur Sub Division.

Chandrakanta said...

we want marging of ip and asp , no depart has asp cadre , no different in work nature in asp cadre . we fron the direct inspector cadre and we want 4600 as early as possible .

Anonymous said...

I too agree with Anil's comments. There is no need to merge IPO and ASP.

Anonymous said...

Yes........ There is no need to merge IPO and ASP
-B.Sudha, Manager(ASP), SPC, Calicut

Anonymous said...

There is no need to fight each other it is time to unit and get ip grade pay 4600. all ready there were lot of discussion previous days in the blog of ip/asp association. So first get 4600 any how and then fight for 4800

Anonymous said...

It is the question of getting Grade pay of Rs. 4600 to IPOs. If we get this by merging of IPOs and ASPOs cadre, we have no problem. Why so many our friends think merging as negative......

Anonymous said...

our dear friend think first. r u able to get 5400 gp and 6600gp without clearing group b exam. Absolutly not, if u get 4600 now as IP U will sure get 5400 wihtout any problem. in FM latest order 4600gp only possible if we merge cadre. so think very calmly and get first 4600gp

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