Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GS writes to Secretary (P) regarding examinations conducted by M/s CMC Ltd.

Copy of  the letter given to Secretary (P) on the above issue is reproduced below:

No. CHQ/IPASP/IP-Exam-12/2012                                   Dated :     29/4/2013.

Ms P. Gopinath,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001. 

Subject : Request to bring transparency in examination system  being conducted by CMC.  

Ref.         :  Directorate recruitment division Letter No. A34012/04/2011-DE dated 14.7.2011 and Letter No. A34012/07/2012-DE dated 7.6.2012 & 22.8.2012 
Respected Madam,            

        IP/ASP Association wishes to share its concern over the LDCE system in vogue in the department. Ever since CMC has taken over the reins of examination system of DOP there is complete chaos and as such created mockery of the examination system. The papers are not framed in conformity to the syllabus circulated by the department. As a result the prospective candidates have to suffer.  In the Inspector Post examination held in 2012, Paper-IV (IPO) question booklet was given an ‘option’ either to answer 50 questions of ‘General English’ or ‘General Hindi’ (Samanya Hindi) whereas it was mentioned in the revised syllabus particularly Paper IV shall consist of ENGLISH LANGUAGE, G.K. & REASONING /INTELLIGENCE , thereby completely  excluding HINDI LANGUAGE. Obviously, the Department by explicitly including ‘English language’ has left out ‘Hindi language’ from the ambit of syllabus for Paper IV. In these circumstances the prospective candidates appearing for the said examination were naturally supposed to prepare ‘English language’ paper in accordance with Department’s revised syllabus ignoring the ‘Hindi language’ (as it was omitted and not specified in the revised syllabus). The logic of omitting the national language ‘Hindi’ from the revised syllabus was surprising. Hither to paper-III of IPO examination 2011 was ordered to conduct afresh being almost all the paper out of syllabus.   

It is pertinent to mention here that when for the first time department conducted PS Group “B” examination through outsourcing as per the revised syllabus contained in Directorate memo no. 9-59/2010-SPG dated 08.03.2011, the IP/ASP Association raised an issue for not giving option to write paragraph bi-lingual (Hindi & English). At that time candidates were not allowed to write paragraph in Hindi by the staff of CMC Ltd. at Delhi Centre whereas staff of CMC Ltd. allowed candidates to write paragraph in Hindi at Dehradun Centre. In UP Circle, staff of CMC Ltd. allowed the candidates initially to write paragraph in Hindi and later on disallowed and instructed the candidates to write paragraph in English only. Though this irregularity was brought to the notice of Department vide letter of even number dated 19/11/2012, but Directorate took it lightly and gave no importance to this Associations letter thereby given benefit to one section of candidates. 

In Inspector Posts Examination-2012 held  on 13th and 14th October, 2012 again incorrect checking of answer paper has been detected and matter has been taken by prospective candidate appeared under roll No.1241400353 for rectification of his result. Association while forwarding his representation to Directorate has also raised doubts over fairness of examination system being conducted though CMC an outsourcing agency; as such type of many applications would have been received directly at Directorate from the candidates. 

This Association therefore once again suggest your honour that enquiry may kindly be constituted for above chaos in the larger interest of candidates. Vigilance enquiry is the only solution to bring transparency in the examination system. It will be fair if the examination work is given to SSC/UPSC as is done by other departments instead of CMC.  

         It is hoped that the undersigned will be obliged with a reply.  

        With warm regards,                                      

                                  Yours sincerely,
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary 

Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to :  

Shri S. Sarkar, Member (P), Department of Posts, Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110 001.

Supplementary Group B DPC

As per the demand from our Association, Directorate has decided to convene supplementary DPC for the promotion to the cadre of PS Gr.B against the declination of promotion by the officers selected vide Directorate memo No. 9-23/2012-SPG dated 28/12/2012. Directorate vide memo No. 9-23/2012-SPG dated 22/4/2013 have already circulated the list of officers due for promotion and directed all the CPMsG to send certain information of officers by return of post, but it is learnt from Directorate that, till today very few circles have responded. Therefore all the Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries are once again requested to confirm the submission of requisite information by their circles to General Secretary over his mobile phone. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Interim General Body at TVM- postponed to 26th May, 2013

Due to the PA Examination (Direct Recruitment) and considering the possibility of our members being deputed as observers for the said Examination, the Interim General Body & Farewell meeting scheduled on 12th May at Trivandrum stands postponed to 26th May, Sunday,2013. All the members are requested to bear with us for the inconvenience and re-schedule their programme accordingly and attend the function on 26.5.13 without fail. 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Flash News- promotions/postings/reallotments in JTS (Group A)

Directorate vide letter No. 4-5/2012 SPG dated 26.4.13 issued the following orders in Group A.

1. Sri. K.K. Davis, SSP Kottayam, promoted to Group A on regular basis and allotted to Postal Directorate, New Delhi

2. Sri. R.V.Sreekanda Das DDM PLI, CO, promoted to Group A on regular basis and allotted to MP Circle

3. Sri. L.K.Gangadharan, ADG (Estt), Directorate reallotted to Kerala Circle.

Congrats to the officers and all the very best in their new venture.

Supplementary DPC for Group B

During the course of meeting with Secretary (Posts), on 6/2/2013 the issue of supplementary DPC for the promotion to the post of PS Gr.B was discussed and accordingly, Directorate vide memo No. 9-23/2012-SPG (Pt.) dated 22/4/2013 have called for the certain records / documents of 84 officers for convening the supplementary DPC for the promotion to the post of PS Gr. B for the year 2012-13 by return FAX.
OC : Last candidate of 1989 batch : A. Karunanithi (Tamil Nadu)
SC : Last candidate of 1990 batch : K. C. Velayudhan (Kerala)
ST : Last candidate of 1990 batch : Ram Krishan (Himachal Pradesh)
All the officer bearers and Circle Secretaries are requested to keep liasion with their circle and ensure timely submission of records / documents by the circles to Directorate.

Mail Overseers back in place in Central Region Kochi

Orders issued by PMG(CR) unilaterally withdrawing Mail Overseers from various Sub Divisions in Central Region, Kochi has been withdrawn  and the Mail Overseers taken away from the Sub Divisions have been reinstated to their original posts.......

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GS writes to Secretary (P) on filling up of IPO line HSG-I Posts

Copy of letter given to Secretary (P) on the above subject is reproduced below:

No. CHQ/IPASP/HSG-I/2013                                         Dated :  23/4/2013 
Ms P. Gopinath,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.  

Subject : Filling up of vacant posts of HSG-I (IP Line) cadre. 

Respected Madam,  
          The Department has issued orders vide Memo No. 04-44/2012-SPB.II dated 18th April, 2013 permitting circles to fill up the vacant posts of HSG-I in Post Offices and RMS Offices on the basis of existing recruitment rules, as amendments of revised Rules of HSG-I have not been approved by DOP&T and UPSC. It is seen from the above memo that department has overlooked the fact that there exist HSG-I in IP line as well. No orders have been issued to fill the vacancies in HSG-I held by IP line officials thereby further eroding the promotional prospects of Inspectors causing frustration amongst the Inspectors cadre.  

          The Department has no any concrete steps to implant the accepted recommendations of the Second Cadre Review Committee also even after more than two decades. It is therefore in the interests of this cadre that the present cadre strength should be maintained and any attempt to reduce the cadre strength at HSG-I level without taking into account the declining promotional avenues of the Inspectors cadre would be detrimental to the interests of this cadre. It is apparent from the return of file by DOP&T that the proposed creation of separate cadre of Postmasters and that too by amalgamating the share of Inspectors cadre and General line had disturbed the subtle equation between the General line and Inspectors line and creates more problems to the administration than respite that could be visualized at present.  

         This Association is of the view that there is no need to seek any further clarification from DOP&T to fill the IP line vacancies of HSG-I particularly when these are to be filled on old recruitment rules which are otherwise common for that purpose and sanctioned posts. There should also be no mention about referring the matter to DOP&T in the said memo rather Circle should be given clear instructions to fill the vacant post of IP line too simultaneously but unfortunately this has not taken place.    
          It is therefore requested to kindly issue instructions to all Circles to fill all the vacant post of HSG-I (IP Line) on the same analogy as given in the case of HSG-I General line. If any change is still felt to be necessary in the interest of better efficiency, it would be only fit and proper that association may be consulted before revising the recruitment rules and resubmitting file to DOP&T.             
          Hoping for an early action in the matter and line in reply.  
          With warm regards, 
Yours sincerely,
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Adhoc promotions/postings in PS Group B cadre

Chief PMG Kerala has issued the following adhoc promotions/postings in PS Group B cadre vide letter No. ST/1/1/5/2013 dated 19.4.13:

1. Sri. E.V.Sugunan, ASP, Thrissur RMS is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of PS Group B and allotted to Central Region against vacant post.

2. Sri. P.G.Babu, ASP,. IJK Sub Sn is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of PS Group B and allotted to Northern Region against vacant post.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Director (BD) for Kerala Circle

Ms. Sumathi Ravichandran (IPoS-1987) has been posted as Director (BD,TEch & Mktg) Kerala Circle against the vacant post. The Association extends a warm welcome to Madam to Gods Own Country and offers all support and co-operation in her new venture....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Revision of monetary ceiling for purchase of brief cases/ladies purse

Excerpts  of letter No. Gen/CO/CPMG/2013 dated 26.3.13 issued by Circle Office on the above subject is furnished below for information of all concerned:

The competent authority has revised the financial limits of expenditure/reimbursement of expenditure on purchase of brief case/lady's purses:

Sl No.               Rank of Officers/GP                                   Upper cost of ceiling (Rs)

  1.                        Chief PMG                                                         8000
  2.                       PMG & Equivalent (GP Rs 10000)                      6500
  3.                       Directors & Equivalent GP (7600-8700)              5000
  4.                      SPOs/SSPOs  & equivalent
                           Sr.PS, AAO/AO (4800-6600)                             4000
  5.                     IPOs, ASPOs (4200-4600)                                  3500

The entitled officers are free to procure brief cases/ladies purses of their own choice from any of the private/pubic outlet. However, the reimbursement shall be restricted to the above mentioned ceiling concomitant with the respective level, grade pay of the officer

The periodicity of replacement shall be 3 years across all categories

The above ceiling is effective from the date of issue of this order.    

Sunday, April 7, 2013

GS writes to DG Posts on matters relating to gradation list and Rule 38 transfer of Surplus IPs

GS has written to DG Posts on the issue of non-inclusion of name of Smt. Sukumary Joseph, ASP EKM Division in the All India Gradation List of IPs for the year 1995 and also about the Rule 38 transfer to Sri. T.P.Krishnakumar, IP, Panaji. Copies of the letters are available on the CHQ blog. The Circle Association is indebted to our GS for his prompt action in the matter.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Grade Pay Case admitted by the Hon'ble CAT EKM

  It is informed with profound happiness that OA No. 289/13 filed by the All India Association of IP/ASPs, Sri. Permanand and Sri. Niranjan Kumar  has been admitted by the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench today. The case stands posted to 10.06.2013 for filing reply by the respondents.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flash News- GP case filed by the Association coming up for admission tomorrow

 It is informed to all the members that the  fresh Grade Pay case filed by our  All India Association represented by  our GS Sri. Vilas Ingale (OA No. 289/13)  is coming up for admission before the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench tomorrow. The OA is slated for admission before the Hon'ble Division  Bench consisting of Hon'ble Dr. K.B.S Rajan (Judicial Member) and Hon'ble Ms. K.Noorjehan (administrative member). The case is listed as the first item in Court II of the CAT.

  Further progress of the case will be informed promptly through this blog. 


Anomaly in quota fixed for Sr.PM & PS Group B Examination

The Department have already issued detailed orders vide 4-17/2008-SPB.II dated 2211/2010 creating a separate Postmaster Cadre in Postal Wing. According to this Senior Postmaster in Gazetted cadre was carved out of PS Gr.B/Postmaster Gr. B service, and no. of Posts identified were 116. Consequently, the department also framed Recruitment Rules for Senior Postmaster Class II vide 137-03/2009-SPB.II dated 9/9/2010. 

The anomaly in the posts given to General Line officials for Sr.PM was challenged by our Association.  It is learnt from Directorate that there is a proposal under consideration for revision of Recruitment Rules framed on 11/3/1988 and amended in 1994 vide 9-36/92-SPG dated 29/6/1994 in respect of the Postal Superintendent Service Gr. B.  The proposal is said to be under examination in consultation with UPSC to provide for filling up of 97% of vacancies of PS Gr. B from IP line officials, and 3% by promotion of HSG-I officials from General line through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination. CHQ is continuously perusing this issue with Directorate and we are not in favour to curtail / surrender a single post from our quota.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Change in date of Interim GB at Thiruvananthapuram (12th May, 2013).

It is informed that the Interim GB proposed to be held on 11th May, 2013 will be held on the next day ie. on 12th May, 2013 (Sunday) due to some unavoidable reasons. All the members are requested to note this change in date and  make it convenient to attend the mega event. Co-operation and support of all the members are requested to make this programme a grand success just like our Kumarakom GB......

Monday, April 1, 2013

Breaking news-Circle achieves target in RPLI

It has been ascertained that Kerala Circle has yet again achieved the target allotted by Directorate in RPLI with respect to number/revival of policies. As against the target of 75,000, as per the latest report, we have procured 79,000 policies. The figure is expected to cross 80,000. Hearty Congrats to all our members whose hard work and dedication has made this achievement possible...... well done....

Indefinite Strike By Central Government Employees Proposed – Resolution Communicated To Govt

NJCA National Joint Council of Action 4, State Entry Road, New Delhi – 110055 No. NJCA / 2018 Dated: August 18, 2018 RESOLUTION ...