Saturday, April 9, 2016

DPC : JTS Gr. A for the year 2016-17

APARs and other required information of following officers are said to be submitted to Directorate. CS of these circles will confirm. 

 7. Ranjeet Singh Rana (UP) 
13. Fayaj Babamiya Sayyad (Maharashtra) 
14. Satyabadi Biswal (Odisha)
15. Daitari Rana (Odisha)
20. Reoti Singh (UP) 
21. Shiv Ram Meena (UP)
22. G. N. Prasad (UP)
23. Balmeek (UP)
24. M. L. Rawat (UP)

Information from AP / Bihar / Delhi / Gujarat / Karnataka /Rajasthan / Tamil Nadu / Uttarakhand and West Bengal circle yet to reach at Directorate. File is to be sent to UPSC for giving the date to convene the DPC for the vacancy year 2016-17. Hence, all officers working in above circles are once again requested to ensure submission of required and requisite information to the Directorate within a couple of days. 

Since 12/2/2016 GS is requesting all members to ensure submission of information called for by Directorate, but till date there is no progress as expected and therefore issue is badly delayed.

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