Monday, July 11, 2016

7th Pay Commission Notification soon – President of NJCA the joint body negotiated with Govt on 7th Pay Commission matters and General Secretary of AIRF (Railways) reports

After NJCA / Staff Side Associations decided to postpone the indefinite Strike from 11th July 2016 on the basis of Governments assurance that high level Committee would be formed to study the possibility of increasing the Minimum Wage and Fitment Formula recommended by 7th Pay Commission, it was widely expected that issue of notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission may take some more time. It was reported earlier that there is an even chance for issue of 7th CPC Notification by Govt on the basis of decision of Cabinet pending submission of reports by Allowances Committee and minimum wage & Fitment Formula Committee (which is yet to be formed).

 Now, the President of NJCA (the joint body represented by of all Staff and Unions of Central Government Employees, Railway Employees and Civilian Defence Employees) and General Secretary of AIRF, Mr. Shiva Gopal Mishra has reported that salary for the month of July onward will be based on 7th CPC recommendations approved by the government on 29th June, 2016 with only change that, all the allowances, as admissible at present, will continue till report of various committees set up for different purposes are finalized and that Gazette Notification for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations is expected today or early next week.

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