Sunday, July 31, 2016

Transfer and posting in ASP cadre in SR

Chief PMG has issued the following orders of tranfer and posting in Southern Region:

1.Sri, Ajith Kurian, Manager, NSH TVM transferred and posted as Manager(BD), Circle Office TVM

2. Smt. M.Anjana, ASP(HQ), O/o SSRM RMS TV posted as Manager NSH TVM

3.Smt. P.Binu, ASP TVM RMS/1 transferred and posted as ASP(HQ), O/o SSRM, RMS TV

  Smt. P.Binu joined the new post on 21.7.16 and Smt. Anjana and Sri. Ajith Kurian took charge of their respective posts on 22.7.16. Hearty congrats to the officers and all the very best in their new venture...

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