Monday, January 23, 2017

Cricket match with the Hon'ble Secretary (P) Sri B V Sudhakar held at Trivandrum Medical College on 22.1.2017 (Sunday)

Getting ready

Toss by Sri Thomas Lourdraj DPS (HQ)

Hon'ble Secretary (Posts) Sri B V Sudhakar

Smt Anjali Anand CPMG with Sri Alexin George SSPOs Kottayam

Super shot

Man of the Match

The umpire Sri P Sivakumar IP RMS 'TV' Division alongwith the Hon'ble Secretary (P)


AT Guruvayur MDG on 20.1.2017

Planting of Neem sapling

Visit of Hon'ble Secretary (P) Sri B V Sudhakar to Gurvayur MDG on 20.1.2017

Inauguration of ATM at Guruvayur MDG by the Hon'ble Secretary (P) Sri B V Sudhakar in presence of Smt.Anjali Anand CPMG Kerala, Smt.Sumathy Ravichandran and Sri Thomas Lourdraj DPS(HQ) Trivandrum on 20.1.2017
Secretary(P) planting a neem sapling at Guruvayur MDG on 20.1.2017
Hon'ble Secretary (P) donated one water purifier for the staff of Guruvayur MDG 

Staff of Guruvayur MDG taking a pledge as motivated by Secretary (P)  to be fully customer oriented and put in their best efforts in the service of the people.

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