PLI Incentive Payments - Message from Circle Secretary

No IP/Assn/Misc dt 19.9.08
Dear colleagues
Circle Secretary had a discussion with DDM (PLI) Circle Office on 18.9.08 with regard to the non payment/part payment of PLI incentive for past three financial years.He has assured that the efforts are on to settle all cases soon.Meanwhile the members are requested to make an individual representation to the CPMG Kerala Circle with the details of the amount of incentive claimed, amount granted and outstanding amount for payment for each financial year. They are also requested to make a certificate in the representation to the effect that all the bills upto the period of (Specify the period) pertaining to payment of PLI incentive had been submitted to the CO. Pl don't forget to endorse a copy of the represntation to the Circle Secretary . The representation should invariably contain the following informations
a. Financial year
b. Amount of incentive claimed
c. Amount sanctioned
d. Amount outstanding
e. remarks
In the remarks column, the sanction order number of the CO may pl be furnished ( if available with you)