Re-organisation of Sub Division

Re-organisation of Sub Divisions ( Extract from the News letter )

There is a proposal in the Department to place all Sub Divisions under the control of ASPs. The existing Sub Divisional Inspectors will be attached to respective Divisions. In this process around 450 Sub Divisions which are presently manned by Inspectors will be upgraded to ASP, Sub Division. ASP, Sub Division will be wholly incharge of administrative work. He/She will be allotted inspection work to certain percentage. The remaining work related to inspection and visits will be fully allotted to the IPs attached to Divisions. All the posts of ASP (HQ) will be shifted to Sub Divisions. ASP (HQ) will be manned by Inspector Posts with the redesignation – Inspector (Admin). All the post of ASP (OD) or ASP(R) will remain with Divisional office as it is. Writing CRs, sanction of GPF and power like such will be conferred on all ASP, Sub Divisions. All Sub Divisions will be provided with Lap-top. ASP, Sub Divisions will be conferred with certain amount of Administrative and financial powers. This matter was discussed with me in detail by the officers in Directorate.

Suggestions and views are invited from Circle Secretary & all Members of our Association.