Bi monthly meeting with PMG Calicut

The bi monthly meeting with PMG Calicut was held on 08/10/2010. PMG responded positively to all our requests except a few. It was a lively discussion and we have assured our support in achieving various targets.

Given below are some of the decisions taken in the meeting:

1. PMG was kind enough to permit reimbursement of mobile phone charges of all IP/ASPs of Northern Region limiting to Rs.330/-
2. Desktops already supplied to the sub divisional heads will not be withdrawn.
3. Sufficient number of brochures of all the products will be supplied by RO to help marketing
4. For savings bank drive, photography can be arranged by us at our own cost ( Rs.20/- per applicant)
5. PMG has extended all support in all our ventures.
6. All the offices will share the target allotted to the divisions.

PMG has also emphasized that sub divisional head is the Supdt of the Sub Division and we have to rise to the expectations.