Decision on joining the proposed strike- Letter to GS

Within the available time, an attempt was made to ascertain the opinion of the all the members on the said issue over phone, email, sms etc. The majority opinion received was that since there was no much time ahead of us for preparing the charter of demands and also since the JCA has made it clear that they would not join with us, it will be appropriate to restrict ourselves to extending moral support at this time and to watch the move of the directorate. If situation warrants, we can resort to an agitation next time. On the basis of this majority opinion, a letter as extracted below was given to the General Secretary. It was made clear that if the CHQ takes a decision to the contrary, the Circle will stand by the decision of the CHQ and offer whole hearted support to the CHQ. The letter given to the GS is reproduced below:



Sri. Roop Chand
General Secretary


It is indeed true that ours is a cadre which has been neglected by the Department all these years. The administration has been taking our cadre for granted and we have been carrying out the duties and tasks heaped on us silently. Is any one of us satisfied with the present set up. Is there anything called job satisfaction in our cadre. Neither we ourselves, nor our superiors or even the officials under us are happy with our work. Then what for are we working? If the present trend continues, things will reach a stage where there will not be any takers for the post of an IP.

It is high time the nature of duties expected of an IP/ASP is spelled out in clear terms. Has any attempt been made to assess the work load of a Sub Division in the changed scenario over the last decade. Has the issue of giving clerical assistance to a Sub Divisional ASP/IP been given adequate thrust. A recent study conducted in the matter points to a justification of more than 3 clerks to assistant a Sub Divisional Head. Till March we are asked to canvass PLI and RPLI policies leaving aside all other crucial works and from April onwards, we are charge sheeted for not doing inspections properly according to the questionnaires. Talking of inspection questionnaires, this is just like an Akshayapathram which will go on and on…. Over the last decade, has any one thought about the increase in the work load of a Sub Divisional Head due to the new ventures, new products, agency works, new schemes etc introduced and entered into by the department and not to forget the technological advancement taking place in the department. As an inspectorial cadre, are we able to keep abreast of these developments? The issue of combining marketing with vigilance should also receive immediate attention. Is there any cadre or post in the country where the duties related with marketing and vigilance are combined. Both these branches are like ‘unlike’ poles of a magnet which only repels! Are we getting the time and space to equip ourselves to be updated with the gushing torrent of development that is happening around us? What has happened to the carrot of ‘cadre restructuring’ offered to us years ago?. What happened to the idea of forming a team to inspect offices which is highly essential in the present scenario. How can one expect a single officer to cover all the areas of inspection! If we go like this, like it or not, we are going to be left stranded ….. with nobody to care for us, no one to support us. Now we are being criticized for our poor inspection reports. It is sad but it is a reality that most of us are in the dark about inspecting a fully computerized office. This gap has to be filled up. Either the administration or if not, our Association have to take steps to organize proper training in this area. The pace of development is not going to slow down friends; it is only going to gather more speed….. Whatever small benefits which are given to us by the Pay Commission or Government like a raise in Grade Pay is thwarted by the stoic and discriminatory attitude of some of the officers at Directorate. Group B promotions which is the only avenue for our career advancement (be it for Rs 200/-) are badly delayed. DPCs are not held promptly. Amidst all these, where is the question of job satisfaction my dear friends …..

Coming to the question of whether we should join the proposed strike from July, admittedly the intention is good but will it serve the purpose. The JCA have made it clear that they will not let us join with them saying that they are only concerned with Group C and D cadre. So we would be fighting a lonely battle. Moreover, we have not submitted any charter of demands till now. All what the Directorate is discussing are the demands of the JCA and if we plunge into a strike now, our demands will be eclipsed by the demands of the JCA. It is not a question of fear or apprehension but is the timing right. If we join now, no doubt, it will create a huge impact and the strike will be a huge success. But will our cadre benefit? That is the question we have to answer at this time. Admittedly, our Association cannot rise to the level of a vigorous trade union. It will be better if we restrict to extending moral support to the strike this time. After the strike, a working committee meeting can be called and a comprehensive charter of demands can be prepared covering all our problems and if the administration again turns a deaf ear to our demands, we can resort to the path of strike with more preparation and planning. Having said all these, if the CHQ takes a decision to the contrary, the Kerala Circle will abide by the decision and extend whole hearted support to the CHQ.

Sincerely yours

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary