Proposed Charter of Demands of IP/ASP Assn:

The proposed charter of demands of our Association prepared by the CHQ, based on the inputs received from Circles is furnished below. All the members are requested to go through the same and render their opinion on the same.New items if any to be included in the charter may be intimated early:

i. Up-gradation of Grade Pay of Inspector, Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- and merger of post of Assistant Superintendent, Posts with the post of PS Group “B” as both are having Gazetted status and difference in Grade Pay is only Rs. 200/-

ii. There are 866 posts in PS Group “B” cadre. At present 75% posts i.e., 649 are filled through DPC on the basis of seniority cum fitness. 19% posts i.e., 165 are filled through LDCE among IP line officials and 6% i.e., 52 are filled through LDCE among General Line officials. Consequent upon the introduction of Postmaster cadre, there should be no change in 75% posts i.e., 649 posts through seniority quota. 87 posts of Senior Postmaster to be filled up through LDCE of IP line officials should be adjusted in 165 posts of existing examination quota of PS Group “B”.

iii. Consequent upon the introduction of Postmaster cadre, suitable amendment may be made in Recruitment Rules of PS Group “B” cadre revising quota of General Line from 6% to 3%.

iv. Implementation of the recommendations of Second CRC and restructuring of Inspector, Posts cadre as an Inspector is getting promotion in P.S. Group “B” only after 24 to 26 years of service in Inspector, Posts cadre.

v. Revision of rates of remuneration for performing duty as Invigilators in the examinations.

vi. Supply of Laptops to all IPs/ASPs.

vii. Promotion earned through examination should be not be counted while granting MACP.

viii. 141 HSG I IP line posts may be re-designated as Assistant Superintendent Posts as it is a promotional for Inspector, Posts.

ix. Holding of periodical meetings with the Association at regular intervals. No periodical meeting has been held since long time despite submission of agenda for the same.