Meeting with Secretary Posts on 11.8.11

Letter on the above matter from the GS is reproduced below:

Today, the Secretary (Posts) took meeting with our Association at 15.00 hrs. I along with Sri. Dinesh Khare, President, Sri. Ajith Kumar, C.S.Kerala and Sri. Rajdeo Prasad, C.S.Bihar attended the meeting. All items included in our Charter of Demands were discussed in detail. View of the Secretary (Posts) was positive towards our demands.

Official minutes of the meeting will be published on the blog on the receipt of the same from the Department. The Secretary (posts) informed that upgradation of GP of IP from Rs 4200 to Rs 4600 will be only possible after merger of the post of IP and ASP. The Secretary (Posts) also assured us that a committee will be constituted for restructuring of IP cadre. The Secretary (Posts) agreed to examine the issue of laptop to all IPs/ASPs othern than Sub Divisional Heads.

She directed the DDG(P)/Director (SPN) to discuss the issue of quota of IP line in PS Group B examination on introduction of PM cadre in Postal Wing. Accordingly, matter was discussed in the chamber of the DDG(P) but could not be resolved.

Roop Chand
General Secretary