Combined agitational programme against PMG (CR)

As all the members may be aware, we have launched a joint agitational programme against PMG (CR) by joining hands with other service unions viz NFPE and FNPO and Officers Association. A JCA has been formed and a relay dharna programme is currently going on infront of RO Kochi on behalf of the JCA. The protest is mainly against the anti -labour, autocratic and perverted action and misbehaviour committed by the PMG against some of our members and other officers and also against the negative attitude shown by him towards the technological ventures launched in CR and other business oriented activities which has put the Circle in a bad shape.

As part of the agitational programme, a momorandum was proposed to be given to the PMG on 6.9.11 of which the PMG was informed in advance. However, without waiting to receive our memorandum, PMG proceeded to Kottayam Divisional Office wherein he was gheraoed by the staff till 7.00 PM. As a follow up programme, a 10 days relay dharna was announced which commenced on 20.9.11, which is coming to an end on 3.10.11 with a grand demonstration and dharna in front of RO on the said date. The future course of action will be chalked out soon.

As such, all members are requested to join the programme on 3.10.11 by taking leave on that day so as to make the said programme a grand success. All members are requested to ensure their presence in front of RO Kochi by 10.30 on 3.10.11.

Circle Secretary