CWC Meeting at Patna- Gist of the discussions

As scheduled, the crucial meeting of the CWC of the All India IP/ASP Association was held at Patna (Tourist Bungalow, Kautilya Vihar) on 23rd and 24th September, 2011. Representatives from 16 Circles participated in the meeting. The undersigned along with Sri. T.M.Krishnaswamy (OGS) and K.Manoj (Treasurer) attended the meeting. Sri Ajith Kumar our former CS also joined us from Directorate. The prominent leaders who attended the meeting included Sri. Dinesh Khare (President), Sri. Roop Chand (GS), Sri, Samuel our former GS, Sri. Janardan Sharma, SSPOs Meerut, Sri. Shyam Pandey, SSPOs Patna and Sri. D.C. Sharma, AD (Admn), GPO, New Delhi. On behalf of all the members of Kerala Circle, the Association would like to place on record its utmost gratitude and appreciation to Bihar CS and his team for the great hospitality and concern shown to us during our stay in Patna. Many thanks are also due to Sri. Manoranjan, IP, Gaya South Sub Division and Sri. Mohan Kumar, AD(FS), C.O Patna for all the help rendered to us.

The discussion in the CWC centered around the pivotal issue of the proposal put forth by the Directorate regarding merger of IP and ASP cadre foregoing the gazetted status. After a thread bare discussion on the subject, the august house rejected the merger proposal with huge majority. 12 Circles rejected the proposal while only 5 Circles supported the proposal. Majority expressed the view that the gazetted status was earned after a long struggle and hard work and any proposal to lose such a hard earned benefit cannot be allowed. Kerala Circle also endorsed this view and urged to fight for GP of 4600 and 4800 for IPs and ASPs respectively in the light of the expected CAT verdict in the IP GP case. Many other organizational matters like providing clerical assistance to Sub Divisional Heads, formation of a team for conducting inspections, uniform policy for telephone/broadband reimbursement etc was mooted from our side before the House. The ongoing combined agitation against PMG (CR) was also brought to the notice of the House. The CWC passed a resolution strongly condemning the atrocious acts of PMG (CR) against the officers and others.

Based on the aforesaid discussions, the CWC unanimously authorized the GS to inform Secretary (Posts) of the decisions taken in the CWC and also to give a notice for non-cooperation if our demands are not met by the Directorate/Government. The non-cooperation move is to be launched soon after the CAT delivers its verdict wherein all our members will refrain from implementing all new ventures introduced by the department as part of the 100 days programme introduced by the MOC. All business oriented activities in PLI, RPLI, SB etc will be put to a stop. Regarding suggestions to be put before the Cadre restructuring committee, it was decided that the issue needs to be discussed at length by the members of all the Circles and hence one month time was given for each Circle to chalk out detailed proposals to put forth before the said Committee. Details of other items discussed are available in the CHQ blog.

The CWC also decided to conduct the next All India conference of the Association at Bangalore from 27.1.12 to 29.1.12. The CS Karnataka Circle requested the support and co-operation of all Circles in making the conference a big success. A fund raising campaign was launched in this regard and coupons distributed to all Circles. Kerala Circle has been given a stiff target of Rs 50,000/ considering the active nature of our Association. All members are requested to contribute Rs 200/- each towards All India Circle Conference fund. Separate Group Meetings will be conducted in all Regions immediately to apprise the members the details of the deliberations which took place in the CWC and to discuss the proposals to be presented before the cadre restructuring committee. The tentative dates of the said meetings are as follows:

Northern Region: 15.10.11
Central Region: 22.10.11
Southern Region: 29.10.11

Venue of the said meetings will be announced shortly. All members are requested to ensure their participation in the said meetings.

Circle Secretary