Minutes of Bi-monthly meeting with PMG (NR) held on 1.12.11

The minutes of the above meeting is furnished below; Sri. Mohammed Shareef, Organizing Secretary and Sri. K.Manoj, Treasurer represented the Association in the meeting.

Item No. 1: Shifting of the office of ASRM/IRM CT 2nd Sub Dn.

Reply: The office has been shifted to a convenient room. No inconvenience has been reported by SRM in this regard. (Item Closed)

Item No. 2: Pendency of TA bills in Kasergode Dn.

Reply: SPOs Kasergode will be instructed to clear all pending TA bills according to the fund available. (Item closed)

Item No.3: Setting up Holiday Home at Mananthavady/Kalpetta.

Reply: This is not within the competency of the Regional PMG. This may be taken up in the four monthly meeting. (Item closed)

Item No.4: Shortage of SB Passbooks:

Reply: There is adequate stock of PBs now. No report has been received from any corner regarding shortage of PBs. However, action is being taken to procure sufficient stock of passbooks. The situation will be closely monitored at RO level. (Item closed).