Friday, June 29, 2012

GP issue -update

It is learnt that up-gradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- file is returned by Ministry of Finance to DOP with query. The representative of Department of Posts is likely to meet the concerned officer of MOF in this week for detailed discussion in the matter. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Movements in ASP cadre in CR

Sri. V.V.Raman has joined as ASP(OD), Kottayam on 22.6.12. The incumbent of the said post Sri. B.Sajeevan has joined as  ASP(OD), Alappuzha on 29.6.12.

Association conveys all the very best to the said members on their new venture.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Transfer and Posting in PS Group B Cadre in CR

Sri.K.Anil, Dy.Supdt.RMS 'EK' Dn holding the charge of AD(PG), o/o PMG(CR) Kochi and Manager MMS, Ernakulam to be Senior Postmaster, Kottayam HO vice Shri.P.P.Chacko transferred.  Sri.P.Damodaran, Dy.SPOs, Ernakulam Division will hold additional charge of AD(PG) and the Manager, MMS ---- vide RO lr no.ST/63-4/2009(Pt) dated 20.6.2012

Repatriation of Surplus IPs to Kerala Circle

To see the letter sent to GS by CS , please click the link below

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CS writes to GS on the issue of verification of SB withdrawals above Rs 5000

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN                                                                                           Date:   20.6.2012


Sri. Vilas Ingale
General Secretary

                              Sub: Verification of SB withdrawals exceeding Rs 5000 – reg:

  This is to bring to your kind notice the urgent need to amend the extant provision of verifying SB withdrawals exceeding Rs 5000/-. Rule 85 of PO SB Manual Vol-I envisages verification of all withdrawals of Rs 5000 and above in all BOs and single handed Departmental Sub Offices.

  It may be seen that the BPMs are now authorized to sanction withdrawal up to Rs 5000/- independently without the prior approval of the Account Office.  Admittedly, the number of such withdrawals requiring verification as per Rule 85 of PO SB Manual Vol. I have gone up significantly which in turn has increased the work load of the Sub Divisional Heads who are already reeling under heavy pressure of work.  

  Further, consequent upon the restrictions imposed by the Income Tax Department, all maturity amounts above Rs. 20000/- are now being paid through cheque.  In order to avoid the cheque system the customers are seeking other options like crediting the value into their SB accounts. This credit is normally followed by withdrawals from SB accounts which will be, in almost cases more than Rs 5000/-.  This increases the number of such withdrawals requiring verification as per the above cited rule.

Moreover the verification is now carried out with the help of Mail Overseers.  Most of the accounts in the rural areas are operated by ladies out of their savings from daily work.  The husband/other family members are not aware about this account and when Mail Overseers visit their house to verify the withdrawals, they are put to embarrassing situations. The value of rupee is also going down day by day and the number of deposits and withdrawals of high value are on the increase causing much work load to the IPs/ASPs.

In view of the above, it is imperative that the said provision of PS SB Manual is amended, raising the limit of verification to at least Rs 50,000/-. This issue may kindly be taken up with Directorate and necessary orders caused to be issued, which will be in the best interest of our members.

                                                                                                                            Yours faithfully

                                                                                                                         Ajith Kurian
                                                                                                                         Circle Secretary

Details of surplus IPs of Kerala working in other Circles

All the Surplus IPs of Kerala Circle working in Other Circles seeking repatriation to Kerala, are requested to forward their details in the following proforma in the email id of the CS for compiling the said information and taking up the matter further with our GS/Directorate.

Name     Post held   Division/Circle      Date of joining as IP      IP Batch         Contact No.

The information may be send to

Thursday, June 14, 2012

CS writes to CPMG on adhoc promotions in ASP cadre

Copy of the letter given to Chief PMG on the above matter is reproduced below for information of all concerned.

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN                                                                                                   Date: 14.6.2012


The Chief Postmaster General
 Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,

                                                  Sub: Adhoc postings/transfer of ASPs – reg:

  This is to bring to your kind notice certain issues with respect to the recent adhoc postings/ transfer orders issued by the CO in the ASP cadre. While admitting that transfer is an incidence of service, it is to be pointed out that the principle of seniority has not been followed in some cases. To cite an instance, Sri. Jayakumar, who is the senior most in the list, has been given allotment to NR, while vacancies existed in CR and his juniors have been retained in their home regions. Another example is Sri. M.Sunil, who has been allotted to NR and posted in Kasaragode Division. This is while his juniors have been given convenient postings in their home regions.

  Another issue which is to be flagged is that although there is no embargo for declining adhoc promotions, Sri. Sunil, after declining his allotment to NR, has not been considered for the subsequent vacancy which had arisen in SR and his juniors have been given adhoc promotion. These instances have caused much hardship to the said members and demoralized them to a great extent.

 Kind attention is also invited to the issue of re-allotment of IPs working in CR and NR to Southern Region. They are working in NR and SR for more than two years now and they are facing much difficulties being far away from their home. Consequent upon the adhoc promotions, IP vacancies are now available in SR against which these officers can be considered.

 Hence, the Association appeals to your kind self to kindly examine the above mentioned issues and to take a favourable decision in the matter. A line in reply is solicited.

       Thanking You,

                                                                                                                         Yours faithfully

                                                                                                        Ajith Kurian
                                                                                                        Circle Secretary

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ASP posting-NR

The PMR, NR has issued the following posting order in case of ASPs

1. Sri. AN Nishant, IP, Payyannur on adhoc promotion to the cadre of ASP
is posted as ASP(HQ), Vatakara

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adhoc promotions/postings in ASP cadre

Chief PMG Kerala vide order No. ST/3-2/2012 has ordered the following promotion and postings:

(i) Smt. P.Binu, IP, TV 1st Sub Dn, Thiruvananthapuram is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and posted as ASP, Tiruvalla Sub Dn, Tiruvalla vice Smt. Letha.D.Nair transferred.

(ii) Sri. A.N.Nisanth, IP, Payyannur Sub Dn is promoted on adhoc basis as ASP and allotted to NR.

Hearty Congratulations to the officers....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ad-hoc promotions - CR

Sri P Damodaran, ASP (HQ) RMS EK Dn promoted on ad hoc basis and posted as Dy SPOs, Ernakulam Dn.

Friday, June 8, 2012

ASP Transfer-NR

PMG, Northern Region has ordered the following transfer in the cadre of ASP

1. Geetha, ASP(HQ), Vadakara to be ASP(HQ), Kannur
2. Mohanan, ASP(HQ), Kannur to be ASP, Kasargod Sub Division

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Postings/adhoc promotions/allotments in PS Group B and ASP cadre

1. Sri. K.Premlal, ASP Kozhikode South Sub Dn  posted as SPos, Thalassery vide Sri. Mukundan who retired on superannuation

2. Sri.P.Damodaran, ASP (HQ) RMS EK Dn promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of PS Group B and alloted to CR

3. Smt. I.K.Lalithakumary, ASP(HQ), Irinjalakuda promoted on adhoc basis to PS Group B and alloted to CR.

4. Smt.Letha.D.Nair, ASP, Tiruvalla Sub Dn transferred and posted as ASP(HQ), PTA vice Sri. C.Sivadasan Pillai promoted and transferred.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Solved questions of PS Group B Examination Paper-II (Qns 1-25)

1 . Which of the following action is not misconduct  under CCS (Conduct) Rules  1964Ans : Attendance as witness  in a  departmental  enquiry
2  The strike  includes the  following actions of government servants
 Ans :  All the above
3 Which  of  the following activities does not attract violation of CCS (Conduct)  Rules 1964
Ans   :   Collection of funds for service association
4 Which of the following should not be accepted by any government servant
  Ans   : Negotation for any other employment
5 Whether a government servant  can enter into marriage with prior permission
 Ans: with a person having a spouse living  and the personal law  applicable permit
6 The appellate authority under CCS(CCA) rules  1965 can
Ans : All  the  above  three actions
7 Under CCS(CCA) rules 1965 .  the power of review is vested in
Ans: President
8  The disciplinary authority  can withhold any appeal in case
Ans: The appeal may not  be withheld in any case
9 Central civil services (Conduct)  Rules  1964 came into force with effect from
 Ans  : 30the November  1964
10  A Government servant  holding  Group A post may accept  gift  from near personal friends on occasions such as weddings  anniversaries or religious functions
Ans : Up to  Rupees  Seven Thousand  Only
11 Which of the following  penalties is not treated as major penalties  under CCS (CCA) rules 1965
Ans: Recovery  from the  Pay
12  Which is not penalty  within  the CCS(CCA) rules 1965
Ans : Non  Promation  of a government servant in officiating  capacity
13  Which  of the following event   is not fit for  treating as Dies Non;
Ans :  Late coming  to  office
14   The disciplinary authority can appoint  presenting officer to  present  the case  on its  behalf  before the enquiry authority
Ans : Any other  Government servant  and legal practioner
15  Which  of the following  cases  is not fit for imposition of major penalty under CCS(CCA)  rules 1965 against a government servant
Ans : Refusal of  promation
16 Ex –parte enquiry may be conducted in the following cases
Answer :  All the above.
17  Central Civil services (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules 196 came into force on
Ans : 1st December 1965
18   An order of suspension made or deemed to have been made unless it is extended  after review shall be valid for a period
Ans : 90 Days
19 A government servant shall be deemed to have been placed under suspension by an order of the appointing authority with effect from the date of his detention , if he is detained  in custody , whether on a criminal charge or otherwise for a period exceeding
Ans: Forty  Eight  Hours
20 An  order  of suspension made or deemed to have been made under Rule  10  of CS (CCA) Rules , 196 shall be reviewed before the  expiry of ninety days by the review committee shall not extend the suspension for a  period  exceeding
Ans : 180 Days
21  In terms of Rule 14 (8) (b)  of the CCS (CCA) rules 1965  the government servant concerned may take assistance  of a retired government servant subject to the condition that the condition that the retired government servant should not act as defence  assistance  in more than
Ans : Seven Cases
22 An order of dismissal from service  under CCS(CCA) rules 1965  can be given effect from  the date of
Ans : Issue  of the dismissal order
23   Orders against which an appeal lies under CCS(CCA) rules 1965
Ans : Both the  statements under  (A) & (B)  above are  not correct
24  The preservation period for  records of disciplinary and appellate proceedings
Ans :  25 years
25   The   following records /documents should be  sent to the appellate authority , by the disciplinary authority  while  forwarding the appeal against a punishment order

 Ans : Brief history of the case

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PS Group B Court case- update

  As already informed, the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench had passed an interim order on 21.5.12 in OA 380/12 filed by two of our ASPs, (Sri. M.P.Ramesh & Smt. V.Sarada) directing to allow the applicants to appear for the examination provisionally. Subsequently, an MA for vacating the said interim order was filed by the Department which was dismissed by the Tribunal on 31.5.12. On the same day, the interim order was challenged by the Department before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala by filing OP(CAT) which was also dismissed by the Division Bench comprising of the Hon'ble Chief Justice, refusing to  interfere with the interim order passed by the Tribunal.Ultimately, the applicants were permitted to appear for the Examination held on 3.6.12.

Transfer & Postings in Indian Postal Service Group A (HAG)

The following transfer/postings in the Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) of Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’ has been ordered vide Department of Posts (Personnel Division) Memo No. 1-1/2009-SPG dated 4th June, 2012.
Sl. No.
Name & Batch of the Officer
Present Posting
Posting on Transfer
Shri S.K. Chakrabarti (IPoS-1978)
CPMG, West Bengal Circle, Kolkata
CPMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubnaeswar
Ms. Humera Ahmed(IPoS-1979)
CPMG, Maharastra Circle, Mumbai
CPMG, West Bengal Circle, Kolkata
Shri A.K. Sharma (IPoS-1981)
CPMG, Odisha Circle, Bhubnaeswar
CPMG, Maharastra Circle, Mumbai

Directorate reply on Sr. PM Examination

File No. A.34012/06/2011-DE
Government of India
Ministry of Communications and IT
Department of Posts
(DE Section)
Dak Bhavan, New Delhi 110116.
Dated 13th April, 2012.
The General Secretary,
All India Association of Inspectors and Asstt Supdt. Posts,
Quarter No. 12, P&T Colony, Khurshid Square,
Civil Lines, Delhi 110 054.  

Sub : Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of  Senior Postmaster (Gazetted).

          I am directed to refer to your letter No. CHQ/IPASP/Sr.Postmaster/2012 dated 22/3/2012 on the above mentioned subject.  

2.       Your contention that, the clarification given by the Directorate, is not in conformity with the Hon’ble CAT Hyderabad bench orders on 21/1/2/2011 is not correct. The Hon’ble CAT Hyderabad bench admitted the Original Application Number 1316/2011 filed by All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent Posts Andhra Pradesh circle, represented by Shri S. Shabbir and two others on the question of non permission of Asst. Superintendents, to appear in the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmaster. It gave an interim order in Para 4 of their order dated 21/12/2011 which reads “as in the original notification/rules, there is no prohibition for the ASPs from appearing for the examination, it is directed that all the eligible ASPs shall be allowed to appear for the examination and their answer sheets shall be evaluated and shall be kept in a sealed cover without publishing their result until further orders”. Therefore, the CAT has not given any finding.  

3.       On receipt of above Interim order, the case was examined and the Competent Authority has ordered for postponing the Examination till the final disposal of the court cases. Besides the above, two more individual cases are filed in Hon’ble CAT Hyderabad, two cases in Cuttack bench, one case in Chandigarh bench. All these cases are being defended. 

4.       The question of Amendment of Recruitment Rules for Senior Postmasters, has to be examined only after final outcome of the court cases. In regard to Calendar of Departmental Examination, the date was tentatively notified and the date of actual holding has to be decided on knowing the outcome of court cases filed in various Tribunals.

5.       This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.
Yours faithfully,
Asst. Director General (DE)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Venue for PS Group B Examination-Clarification from CMC Delhi

  There has been some confusion about the venue of the examination scheduled to be held  in Kerala Circle at TVM on 3.6.12. In the hall ticket downloaded yesterday, the venue was shown as Model High School, Thycaud but in those hall tickets downloaded today, it is seen as Karthika Thirunal VHSS for Girls, Manacaud.

 CMC Delhi has now clarified that the venue of the examination will be Karthika Thirunal Govt. VHSS for Girls, Manacaud, Tvpm-9.  The School is near Eastfort. Members can either go by bus from Eastfort or take an auto (minimum fare). All the candidates who have downloaded the hall permits yesterday may take another printout showing the correct venue.