CS writes to CPMG in the light of economic measures suggested by MOF

Copy of the letter given to CPMG today on the above matter is furnished below for information of all the members.

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN/12                                                                         Date:   22.11.2012


The Chief Postmaster General
 Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,

                          Sub: Economy Measures by MOF- Impact on IP/ASP posts in the Circle
  As your good self is aware, Ministry of Finance has, as part of its economy measures, vide OM No. 7(1)E. Coord/2012 dated 1.11.12, reiterated that posts that have remained vacant for more than a year shall not be revived except under very rare and unavoidable circumstances. Admittedly, almost all the IPO (PG) posts and some of the ASP (OD) posts in the Circle are lying vacant. This being so, the possibility of the Circle losing all these vacant posts cannot be ruled out if the directions of the MOF are implemented strictly, which, as you would agree, would not be in the best interest of the Circle.

As such, I request you to give necessary directions to the Divisional Heads to make officiating arrangements in all such vacant posts so as to avoid a situation of these posts getting lapsed as deemed abolished.  If no willing officials are forthcoming, the possibility of posting any of the other IPs/ASPs of the Division in such posts for a short period, which would keep alive these posts technically, may kindly be explored.

       Thanking You,

                                                                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                                        Ajith Kurian
                                                                        Circle Secretary