Thursday, January 31, 2013

Workshop on Management Development Programme at IIM Kozhikode

Vide letter No. ST/15/20/2013 dated 31.01.2013 following officers are nominated to attend a 3 day workshop on Management Development Programme at IIM Kozhikode from 13th to 15th Feb:

1. S/Sri/Smt. C.K.Mohanan, ASP Kasergode
2.K.Geetha ASP(HQ) Kannur
3. V.P.Subramanian, ASP Perinthalmanna
4. K.Manoj, ASP Ottapalam
5.V.Narayanankutty, ASP Palakkad Sub Dn
6.C.P.Rajeevan, ASP, Thalassery Sub Dn
7.P.V.Madhuri, ASP(HQ) Tirur
8.A.N.Nishanth, ASP(HQ) Vadakara
9.P.Riyas, ASP(OD), Kozhikode
10. Rajakopalan Kallan, ASP(HQ) RMS CT
11.M.J.George, ASP, Alappuzha Sub Dn
12. M.K.Prakash, ASP(HQ) Aluva
13.S.V.Vidya, ASP(HQ) Changanassery
14.B.Sheeba Venugopal, ASP (HQ), Ernakulam
15.P.J.James, ASP(HQ)Idukki
16.P.G.Babu, ASP IJK
17.V.V,.Raman, ASP(OD) KTM
18.Anjali Krishnan, ASP(HQ) MVK
19.T.P.Sandhya, ASP(HQ) TSR
20. B.Padmakumar, ASP EKM RMS/2
21.V.Balakrishnan Nair Dy.SP TVM(N)
22.P.Suseelan, AD Mail CO
23. L.Mohanan Achary SP PSD TVM
24. S.Srirangan, AD(Rectt) CO
25. S.Narendran, AD(LC) CO.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RPLI Incentive- clarification

PLI Directorate vide letter No. 26-2/2009-LI dated 16-01-2013 has clarified that provisions of PLI Directorate letter no. 35017/78-LI (Vol III) dated 19.3.96 regarding admissibility of incentive to SDI/ASP for verification/scrutiny of RPLI proposals have not been superseded either the directorate letter no 26-02/2009-LI dated 18.9.2009 or any other subsequent letter.
The above clarification has been issued by PLI Directorate to clear the doubts raised by some circles consequent upon issuance of revised incentive structure for PLI/RPLI sale force. In the above letter it has been clarified that SDI/ASPs shall be paid incentive equal to 10% of the procurement commission paid to the Gramin Dak Sewaks and Gramin Dak BPM’s whose proposals are verified by such SDI/ASP. This will be limited to only the first year premium income commission earned by Gramin Dak Sewaks and Gramin Dak BPM’s on such proposals
Now path and all hurdle to clear the pending incentive bills of SDI/ASP has been vacated and incentive will be paid for verification of RPLI proposals as was being paid in view of Directorate order no. 35-15/78-LI (Vol III) dated 19.3.96 .

Interim General Body of the Association

As decided in the last Circle Conference held at Kumarakom, it is proposed to conduct an Interim General Body of the Association during the month of May. The tentative dates are 11th and 12th of May and the venue will be Kollam.  All the members are requested to block the said dates in advance so as to ensure participation in the Interim GB. Preparations for this grand event has commenced for which all your co-operation and support is solicited. Details will be furnished shortly......


Monday, January 21, 2013

Adhoc promotions/transfer in PS Group B/ASP cadre

Chief PMG, Kerala vide order No. ST/1/1/5/2013 dated 17.1.13 has issued the following order in Group B/ASP cadre:

1. Sri. S.Narendran, ASP(HQ),RMS TV promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of PS Group B and posted as AD(LC) CO TVM vice Sri. K.Narasimha Naicken transferred to CR.

2. Smt. M.Anjana,ASP Kollam RMS transferred and posted as ASP(HQ) RMS TV Dn vice Sri. Narendran.

Both the officers have joined their respective posts on 18.1.13...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IP Results- successful candidates from Kerala

The below mentioned candidates have qualified from Kerala Circle in the IP Examination-2012:

1.DEEPA R , OA O/o SPOs, Mavelikkara Dn


3. SAJESH N M, PA Kaitharam, Aluva Dn


5. BOBBY JOHN, PA Karukachal, Changanassery Dn (ST)

6. SAJI P K, PA, Puthupally, Kottayam Dn (SC)

7. N BIJU, PA, TVM Govt. Press, TVM (N) Dn (ST)

Hearty Congrats to the above candidates and warm welcome to the cadre......

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clerical Assistance to Sub Divisional Heads- CS writes to CPMG/DPS

Copy of the letter given to CPMG/DPS as per the decision taken at the CWC at Kochi is reproduced below for information of all concerned:

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN/12                                                                          Date:   8.1.2013


The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,
                                                Sub: Clerical Assistance in Sub Divisions-reg:

   At the outset, let me take this opportunity to wish your good self a very happy New Year on behalf of all the members of this Association. We sincerely hope that the Circle will reach new heights this year under your able leadership and guidance and assures all support and co-operation of our cadre to achieve this goal.

 However, we cannot but ignore the growing frustration and discontent that is being felt by the members across our cadre especially by those working as Sub Divisional Heads. It is but a reality that the concept of job satisfaction has virtually disappeared from our cadre. Neither we ourselves, nor the administration or even those staff under us are happy in the present scenario. In fact, if the present trend continues, things will reach a stage where there will not be any takers for the post of an IP/ASP. The present trend seen while calling for officiating arrangements in IP posts are indeed warning bells.

 Mam, as you would agree, all of us have passed a highly competitive examination while in the PA/SA cadre so as to enter into the cadre of IPs. The virtual cream of the PA/SA cadre is entering into the IP/ASP cadre. However, as soon as he/she enters this cadre, most of us are branded as underperformers or shirkers by the administration. We, as a cadre of middle managers, have always stood hand in glove with the Administration and have always considered ourselves as a part and parcel of the administration, always striving hard to put in our very best in all our areas of work. However, we have always felt like a neglected cadre by the Department, as if the administration has been taking us for granted, steadily heaping on us duties and tasks without caring to see whether these jobs can be performed satisfactorily by an individual.  As one of the Divisional Head has put it recently, we cannot help but feel as if we are unwanted…

 The exact duties expected of a Sub Divisional Head are not spelled out in clear terms even now. No efforts are being made to assess the work load of a Sub Division in the changed scenario over the last decade. The persistent request for providing a clerical assistance to a Sub Divisional ASP/IP has been falling on deaf ears. A recent study conducted in the matter points to a justification of more than 3 clerks to assistant a Sub Divisional Head. The fact regarding the increase in the workload of a sub divisional head over the last decade, due to the new ventures, new products, agency works, new schemes etc introduced and entered into by the department and not to forget the technological advancement taking place in the department, is conveniently ignored by all concerned. The ‘carrot’ of cadre restructuring offered to us is still at its infancy. The proposal to form a team for inspections, which is highly essential in the present scenario, has also not found favour with the Department. Whatever small benefits which are given to us by the Pay Commission or Government like a raise in Grade Pay is also being denied to us in spite of favourable verdicts from the Courts.  Group B promotions which is the only avenue for our career advancement (be it for Rs 200/-) are badly delayed. DPCs are not held promptly. To put it short, a situation has arisen where some of us forced to think even about reversion.

Admittedly, all of us are intent on serving the Department with utmost sincerity and dedication. However, the present scenario in Sub Divisions is in such way that perfection cannot be achieved in any area of work. Priorities change on a daily basis. We ourselves are at a loss what to do and what not to do. No proper guidance and support is being received from any quarters. An occasional pat on the back, which is highly essential to keep our morale high, has become a rare commodity these days. Not to speak of other harassments by some of the Divisional Heads in the form of explanations for not taking over the charge of HOs at times of strikes! We cannot help but feel that nobody is listening to our plight and difficulties and decisions are always taken sidelining our genuine interests. To cite an example, in the recent business review meeting held at Thiruvananthapuram, no attempt was made to listen to our grievances and problems rather than criticizing and de-motivating us in the worst possible manner. No attempts were made in the said meeting to identify our problems, to see whether incentives are being paid to the Sub Divisional Heads promptly or to chalk out a marketing strategy to be followed in the remaining months. As you may recall, more than twenty specific targets/tasks were assigned to all the Sub Divisional Heads in various different areas in the said meeting to be completed by January 2013. Needless to say, it is not humanely possible to complete all these tasks within the prescribed time limit by a single individual without some kind of clerical help in the sub divisions. It is not that we are not intend on completing these targets. We have been striving hard to achieve all our targets and we will continue to do so. However, as your good self would realize, these tasks are over and above the traditional duties of IPs/ASPs prescribed in Volume VIII. Hence when all these duties are heaped on one individual, he/she would be forced to compromise on quality whether he/she like it or not.

In this said scenario, it is but essential that a clerical assistance is provided to Sub Division so as to reduce the workload to some extent. Either a PA or a GDS can be provided. There are many GDS posts which are being kept unfilled for lack of justification in most of the Sub Divisions. Such posts can be diverted to Sub Divisions for this purpose. So creation of additional post for this purpose also will not be required. It is to be pointed out here that in many Circles like Rajasthan, Orissa etc such assistance is already being provided to Sub Divisions. Hence, this Association appeals to your good self to take a favourable decision in this matter which would help us to raise the bar in all our activities in the Sub Division.

       Thanking You,

                                                                                                               Yours faithfully

                                                                               Ajith Kurian
                                                                                  Circle Secretary

Copy to

DPS (HQ) for favour of information.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Sri. Rajendra Babu, ASP(HQ) Ooty, has expired today afternoon due to cardiac arrest. He was the Ex-Circle Secretary of Tamil Nadu Circle. Kerala Circle mourns the untimely death of the officer and conveys heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace.....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Electronic transfer of funds for welfare schemes sponsored by Central Govt

There is a proposal to shift to a system of Aadhaar enabled direct cash transfer for government subsidies and benefits to promote greater transparency in the implementation of government schemes. The schemes which are to be covered under this system are given below...

List of Central Sector/ Centrally Sponsored Schemes amenable to Direct Cash Transfers :-
1. Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students
2. Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students
3. Pre Matric Scholarship for children of those engaged in unclean occupations
4. Upgradation of merit of SC students
5. National Overseas Scholarship schemes for SC students
6. Post Matric Scholarships for OBC
7. National Overseas Scholarship for OBCs
8. Post Matric Scholarships for economically backward class students
9. Post Matric Scholarship for students with disabilities
10. National Overseas Scholarship for persons with disabilities
11. Scholarship for top class education for students with disabilities
12. Top Class Education Scheme
13. Scholarship to Universities/College Students.
14. Fellowship Schemes of UGC
15. Fellowship Schemes of AICTE
16. Subsidy on Fee to Students.
17. National Means cum Merit Scholarship.
18. National Schemes for Incentive for the girl child for secondary education.
19. National Overseas Scholarship for ST students
20. Post Matric Scholarship Scheme
21. Upgradation of merit scheme
22. Top Class Education Schemes
23. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship
24. Matric Scholarship Scheme
25. Maulana Azad National Fellowship
26. Merit cum Means Scholarship Scheme
27. Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahlyog Yojana (IGMSY).
28. Dhanalakshi Scheme.
29. Janani Suraksha Yojana
30. Scholarship to the Children of beedi workers.
31. Housing subsidy to beedi workers.
32. Stipend to children in the special schools under the Child Labour Project.
33. Permanent Disablement Benefit, Dependent’s benefit, Sickness Benefit by Employees’ State Insurance Corporation to the insured persons and their families.
34. Pension withdrawal of PF, Premature withdrawal of pension, payment related to Employees Deposit
Linked Insurance.

List of Schemes relating to Subsidy which are amenable to Direct Cash Transfers
1. Domestic LPG Subsidy Scheme.
2. PDS Kerosene
3. Targeted Public Distribution System (in UTs)

A part of the above detailed information was presented by the concerned Minister Shri.Rajeev Shukla as a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha.

Trade Unions press for 7th Pay Commission

Pressing for a people-friendly Budget for 2013-14, trade unions today (4/1/2013) urged Finance Minister P Chidambaram and his team to announce the constitution of the seventh pay commission along with raising the income tax threshold to Rs 5 lakh in a year from the present Rs 2 lakh.

The demand was raised by the unions at a pre-Budget consultations in the North Block, even as the government is struggling hard to rein in its fiscal deficit. After the meeting, Harbhajan Singh Siddhu of Hind Mazdoor Sabha said already seven years of the sixth pay commission have passed and any new commission will take two-three years to study."The revision of wages and various service conditions of the government employees is already due. Constitution of the seventh Pay Commission be announced in the Budget," joint recommendations of trade unions, including CPI (M)-affiliated CITU, CPI-linked AITUC, INTUC of the Congress and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh to the Finance Minister said.

Also, the unions have demanded the income tax exemption ceiling for the salaried persons should be raised to Rs 5 lakh per annum and fringe benefits like housing, medical and educational facilities should be exempted from the income tax net in totality. At a time when the government is trying hard to raise FDI cap in insurance sector to 49% from the current 26%, the unions raised objections to the move. As the government struggled to meet its disinvestment target of Rs 30,000 crore this financial year, the memorandum said stake sale of profit making PSUs "be stopped forthwith" and budgetary support be given for revival of potentially viable sick PSUs. On the poor sentiment in the economy, the unions called for massive investments by the government in the infrastructure sectors "in order to stimulate the economy and to make the market look up". Chidambaram emphasised on the need to revive investment in manufacturing and services sector in order to create higher job opportunities, an official statement said.

Unions called for higher government spending to create more jobs and guarantee consistent income to the people, special allocation for creation of a welfare fund for protecting interests of unorganised workers. Increasing the scope of MGNREGA to urban areas and raising the minimum period of employment under the UPA flagship programme from 100 days to 200 days were other demands of the unions.Chidambaram said due to the steps and measures taken by the government in the last few months, there seems to be a change in the investment sentiments both in public and private sectors.In order to curb inflationary pressure, the unions called for a ban on forward trading of commodities along with rationalisation of taxes on petroleum products.For mobilisation of resources the unions suggested higher taxes for the "rich and affluent". "A progressive taxation system should be put in place to ensure taxing the rich and the affluent sections who have the capacity to pay at a higher degree," their representation said adding that taxes on luxury goods should be increased and indirect taxes on essential commodities be reduced.

DOP to set up postal bank soon

The Indian Department of Posts may complete the planning phase for the creation of the Post Bank of India very soon. Post Bank of India is being set up to provide all banking facilities to the rural population, who have to rely upon informal sources for credit and other financial requirements.

It is reported that a detailed project report (DPR) will be submitted in a few weeks from now explaining the organization structure of the proposed institution. The DPR is likely to describe the relationship amongst the founding bodies, the Department of Posts and Post Office Savings Bank with the Post Bank of India.

For implementing the DPR, an external body of foreing consultants has been selected. The implementation of the project may be carried out by anyone of the firms - McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture Services, KPMG Advisory Services and Ernst & Young. The DPR will be finalized by December 31, 2012.

Post Bank of India is being established as a profit making institution particularly to help Department of Posts in lessening its losses.

Calendars for 2013

Association Calendars (Desktop) are ready and are being dispatched to all the ASP (HQs). All those working as ASP(HQ) and ASP(OD) are requested to ensure its distribution to all other members in their Divisions.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Postings in PS Group B cadre in CR

PMG (CR) has issued the following orders of posting in PS Group B cadre:

1.Sri. V.Thangavelu posted as Asst Director (PG) RO Kochi
2. Sri. K.Soorappan posted as SP PSD,Thrissur
3. Sri. K.A.Sambasiva Rao posted as Asst. Director (Mails), RO Kochi
4. Sri. P.S.Chandrasekhar posted as SP, Idukki
5. Smt. P.Barthalaxmi posted as Sr. PM Kottayam HO
6. Sri. Narasimha Naicken, AD (LC) CO posted as SP Lakshadweep/ RPLI
7.Sri. P.Damodaran  Offg Dy. SPOs, EKM posted as Offg AD(LC), RO Kochi
8.Sri. K.Anil, Sr. PM KTM posted as Dy. SPOs, EKM.

No change for Sri. P.V. Kesavan and Sri. K.P.Sureshkumar working as SP Changanassery & Irinjalakkuda respectively.

Hearty Congrats and best wishes to the officers.......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Allotments/postings in PS Group B and ASP cadre

C.O has vide letter No. ST/1/1/5/2011 dated 28.12.12 issued the following orders of allotment/postings:

1.Sri. A.K.Mahboob Ali-- posted as Asst. Director, Circle Office, Trivandrum
2.Sri. Y.S.Narasinga Rao --posted as Asst. Director, C.O TVM
3.Sri. G.N.Lakshmi Prasad-- posted as Asst. Director, C.O TVM
4.Sri.V.Thangavelu - allotted to Central Region
5.Sri. K.Soorappan- allotted to Central Region
6.Sri. K.A.Sambasiva Rao- allotted to Central Region
7.Sri. P.S.Chandrasekhar- allotted to CR
8.Sri. P.Barthalaxmi - allotted to CR
9.Sri.P.S.Ramaswamy- allotted to Northern Region

10.Sri. A.Sudhakaran- allotted to NR
11. Sri. K.Premlal - allotted to NR
12.Sri. P.V.Kesavan-allotted to CR
13. Sri. K.P.Sureshkumar- allotted to CR
14. Sri. A.R.Reghunathan- posted as Asst. Director (PMU), C.O TVM

 Consequent upon the above postings/allottments, the following orders in ASP cadre has also been issued:

(i) Sri. K. Raveendranath on reversion from the post of AD (BD) C.O is posted as SAS, C.O TVM
(ii) Sri. S.Srirangan, on reversion from the post of AD(Rectt), CO TVM is posted as ASP(OD) TVM(S)
(iii) Smt. P.S.Vidya, Offg ASP(OD) TVM(S) is transferred and posted as PM Thycaud HO
(iv)Sri. C.V.Raju, on reversion from the post of SPOs, Idukki is reallotted to SR & posted as PM Kollam
(v)Smt. I.K.Lalithakumari on reversion from the post of AD(PG), RO Kochi is allotted to CR.