Promotions and postings in PS Group B

Pursuant to the issue of Directorate orders vide Letter No. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 20.2.15, Chief PMG Kerala has vide Lr. No. ST/1/1/5/2014 dated 25.2.15 issued the following orders promoting the undermentioned officers on regular basis in PS Group B and posted/allotted to the Region/Post shown against each:

1.Sri. Sathyanarayana, OSD RO - Allotted to NR-a/g vacant post

2.Sri.C.P.Rajeevan, ASP, Thalassery Sub Dn- Posted as OSD, CO TVM- vice Sri. V.K.Raveendranath reverted.

3.Smt. Mini Rajan, Offg AD(Tgy), RO Calicut- Allotted to NR- a/g vacant post

4.Sri. N.Janakiraman, ASP(HQ), Palakkad - posted as Sr.PM, GPO TVM-vice Sri. V.Balakrishnan Nair transferred and posted as SP, PSD TVM

5.Sri. C.Sivadasan Pillai, Offg SPOs, MVK- allotted to CR-a/g vacant post

6.Sri. K.V.Anilkumar, Offg OSD RO Calicut- Allotted to CR- a/g vacant post

7.Sri. P.M.Hariswaran, ASP(Printing), PSD, TSR- Allotted to CR-a/g vacant post

8.R.Venunatha Pillai, Offg SP PSD TVM- posted as SPOs, PTA -vice Sri. G.C.Srinivas transferred

9.Sri. P.Damodaran, Offg AD (LC), RO Kochi- allotted to CR- a/g vacant post

10.Smt. I.K.Lalithakumari, Offg AD (PG) RO Kochi- Allotted to CR- a/g vacant post

11. Sri. V.Narayanankutty, Offg SP, PSD, TSR-allotted to CR-a/g vacant post

12.Smt. T.A.Vijayamma, Offg Sr.PM, Kottayam HO-allotted to CR -a/g vacant post

13.Sri. Shajan David, Offg SRM EK Dn- allotted to CR-a/g vacant post

   Hearty congrats to the above officers and all the very best in their career ahead.....