Friday, July 30, 2010

A copy of the clarification issued by Finance Ministry regarding fixation of pay of Assitants / PAs of Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry may please be seen. They were granted 4600 GP by the pay commission on upgradation of their scale.

It is stated in the clarification that, those who are prmoted to the above cadre after 1/1/2006 and if they opt to fix their pay on the date of their promotion, their pay will be fixed with reference to the fitment table of 7450/-.

Subsequently in a clarification sought under RTI by another ministry, it was calrified by finance ministry that, the fixation formula referred in the letter is application to all Ministries.

Are we not eligible for that.... ??? We have to demand for it and get our pay fixed
based on the fitment table of Rs.7450/-.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adhoc postings in Group B

1. Sri Sivasubramanyadasan , ASP OS , Ottappalam Dn, promoted on adhoc basis and allotted to Central Region vice Sri Mohanaprasad granted leave.

2.Sri. V.Balakrishnan Nair, ASP Nedumangadu, promoted on adhoc basis and posted as AD(FS), CO vice Sri. G.Mohanan granted HPL for 60 days from 28.7.10 to 25.9.10

3. A.R.Reghunathan officiating AD(BD), CO on reversion, is promoted and posted as AD(LC),C.O (in modification to the earlier order issued) vice Sri. R.Gopalakrishna Pillai granted commuted leave on MC for 58 days from3.8.10 to 29.9.10.

4. Sri. T.K.Jacob, ASP(OD) IJK Dn is promoted on adhoc basis and alloted to CR vice Sri. K.Gokuldas, AD(Staff), RO Kochi granted leave on MC for 60 days from 2.8.10.

Hearty congrats to the officers .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Transfer in PSS Gp B cadre - NR

1. Sri Janardhanan Nambiar Sr. PM Calicut to be SRM RMS Ct
2. Sri Premalal , SRM RMS Ct to be Sr. PM Calicut

Monday, July 19, 2010

IP Review result 2007

Directorate has published the revised rank list of IP Exam 2007.
Sri Sailal , Software Engineer , PTC Mysore ( Deputation from
Kerala Circle ) has been selected in the revised list in the 3rd position
in the Circle. The revised rank list is:
1. B.Lakshmi
2. Santhosh V.S
3. C.Sailal
4. Reena Susan Mathew
5. N.S.Jayakumar
6. Anto G Manalil
7. Sunil MS
8. Meena L
9. Binu P
10. Nishanth A.N
11. Ashalakshmi S.V
12. P.V.Madhuri
13. M.Muthuprakash
All India Associaion of IP / ASP Kerala Cirlce
extends warm welcome to Sri Sailal

Friday, July 16, 2010

Clarification regarding re-imbursement of LTC-80 fare

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No.7(1)/E.Coord/2008 dated 4-12-2008 wherein Air India’s LTC 80 scheme was introduced from 1st December, 2008, for LTC travelers entitled to travel by Air. A number of references from different Government Departments/offices have been received in this Ministry seeking clarification whether the prevailing fare on the date of booking of LTC 80 tickets is to be reimbursed or claim is to be restricted to Air India’s LTC 80 fare as on 1 December, 2008. 2. The matter has been considered in this Ministry and it is clarified that the fare paid on the date of booking of ticket under LTC 80 scheme of Air India may be reimbursed.
(Karan Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

New Symbol for Indian Rupee

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Income Tax returns

31/07 is the last date for filing income tax returns.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Letter from Chief regarding AML

Please see the letter from Cheif regarding AML, a reply to our letter which was published earlier in the blog.

Department is going for remotely managed FMs

India Post has decided to introduce Remotely Managed Franking Machines in place of Electronic Franking Machines with effect from 16.8.2010

Salient Features of the RMFS is as follows:-

(1) Amount for uploading the credit is to be credited at SBI or at Post office through ePayment.(2) The machine is to be connected to the central server three times every day for exchanging information on funds deposited, funds downloaded and uploading of reports etc.

(3) The credit will be uploaded in Franking machine on its dialing to RMFs server for the purpose. Meters will be set/re-set automatically.

(4) Franking impression shall be in blue colour and will indicate class of article, pincode, authentication code, date of frank, mail item number, licence identified number, frank value and 2D barcode.

(5) 2D barcode will have important information and the barcode can be scanned to check the genuineness of the frank impression.

Migration plan for phasing out the electronic FM is as follows:-

(i) The scheme will be introduced with effect from 16.8.2010

(ii) Licences of all FMs which are older than 5 years will not be renewed.

(iii) Licences of Electronic FM which are less than 5 years old may be renewed till completion of period of 5 years.

(iv) No Electronic FM of old models shall not be allowed to operate after 30.6.2013. Articles franked by such machines shall not be accepted after 30.6.2013.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Supply of Data card for laptop - Request letter to CPMG

Kerala Circle

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/01 Date: 10.07.2010

The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum – 695 033


Sub: Provisions of data card to IPs/ASPs

We wholeheartedly acknowledge the gesture of the Department to supply laptops and laser printer to all sub divisional heads. The supply is in progress and most of the sub divisional heads have received the consignments. This will surely enable the sub divisional heads to have an effective data base of the sub divisions, and an effective monitoring system for e-enabled services in the POs under jurisdiction.

The present supply is made to the Sub divisions and not to the incumbents. We feel that the item issued to the incumbent will ensure proper maintenance, handling and upkeep of hardware resulting in long life. As such it is requested that the item may please be supplied to all IPs/ASPs in their personal capacity instead of the post they hold so that they can carry it from one post to another on transfer.

Since the sub divisional heads are subject to frequent movement in the sub divisions it would have been better if they are provided with a data card for internet access which may facilitate them to monitor all e-enabled services viz., ePost, eMO, Project Arrow etc. Therefore we request your good self to kindly consider provision for internet data card to sub divisional heads to ensure quality of services in all fields.

The DG, Posts in her address during All India conference of our association held at Delhi had assured that laptops will be supplied to all the IPs/ASPs other than the sub divisional heads also. CHQ of our association is pursuing the case with Directorate. We would also like to request your good office to kindly intervene to cause early supply.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully
Circle Secretary.

Copy of the letter addressed to CPMG regarding strike

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Association meeting held at Trivandrum

As scheduled, the meeting of our Association was held at Trivandrum on 10.7.10. The meeting was attended by over 30 members who all took active part in the discussions. Circle Secretary Sri. Ajith Kumar and Treasurer Sri. Manoj also attended the meeting. Sri. Venunathan Pillai, our senior member presided over the meeting in the absence of our President, who could not attend the meeting due to some official committments. The new members were introduced to the gathering. All the members expressed unflinched support to the Association and vowed to rally behind the Association. The various cadre issues and the problems faced by the members in the field were elaborately discussed. The Circle secretary assured that all efforts will be made to sort out the problems faced by our members by effective liaison with the Administration. Regarding the proposed strike by the Service Unions, it was unanimously decided that we will discharge our routine official duties only during the period of strike. It was also decided to appeal to the administration to refrain from entrusting additional duties of striking employees to us leaving us in confronting situations with the striking unions. A letter to this effect has also been given to Chief PMG. (A copy of the said letter is being posted in the blog for the information of our members.) The Association would like to thank all our dear members who attended the meeting today. The efforts taken by Sri. Ajith Kurian, Asst. Secretary in organizing the meeting in such a grand manner is also appreciated.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Option for fixation of pay in the new Scale

The date for option for fixation of pay in the revised scale has been extended up to 31/12/2010.
Initial option given can be changed if there is any benfefit in doing so.
The order may be downloaded fom the site mentioned below

Transfer in ASP cadre NR

Ms Rajani ASP(OD) Manjeri to be ASP Tirur Sub Dn vice Sri Premlal posted as SRM

Adhoc arrangement in PSS Gp Cadre

Sri K.Premlal , ASP Tirur Sub Division to be SRM Ct Division vice Sri A.N.Unnikrishnan Nair , SRM Ct granted leave on MC for 60 days.
Association congratulates the above officer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Posting and Tansfers in ASP Cadre - NR

PMG Calicut vide Staff/1-3/2004/II dated 02/07/2010 has issued the following transfer and posting in the ASP Cadre.
1. T.M.Krishnaswamy, ASP(Vig) RO Calicut to be Sothern Region
2. Sathyanarayana ASP Kasaragod Sub Dvn to be ASP(HQ) Kasaragod
Part II
1. K Geetha , Offtg ASP HQ Vadakara - no change.
2. Permanandkumar, Offtg ASP BD , RO to be ASP Vig RO Calicut
3. M.P.Ramesh, Offtg ASP Pattambi Sub Dn - No Change
4. V.Sarada, Offtg PM Ottappalam - No change
part III
1. Riyas paranthirat ASP Kalpetta to be ASP Kasaragod Sub Dn
Part IV
1. Pranabkumar Jha , IP Tv 2nd Sub Dn to be ASP Kalpetta Sub Dn
2. Niranjankumar, IP RO to be ASP BD RO Calicut

Supply of Laptop and Laser Printer to Sub Divisional Heads

The Company has started the supply of the HP laser printer and Widows 2010 License.
Most probably the items would be supplied to the HO/SO where the sub division office is working. Please inform your PM/ SPM that the items are for you and get them installed in your office itself. Contact the system administrators also and inform them the same.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


As all the members are aware, the Annual General Body meeting of our Association was held on May 12, at Palakkad, when the new office bearers for the next two years were selected and they have assumed charge. In the General Body, it was unanimously decided to make conscious efforts to transform our Association into a more vibrant and meaningful body so as to serve as an effective medium between our members and the administration. As part of these measures, it was decided to hold separate meetings in each Region to enable those members who could not participate in the General Body to be acquainted with the newly elected office bearers and to indulge in deliberations directly with the members. Such meetings have also become necessary to pep up our association activities and to serve as an appropriate forum for exchanging ideas and highlighting the various problems faced by the members. Such meetings would also strengthen the bond of comradeship among our members.

The first meeting of this kind was successfully held in the Central Region at Kochi on 19.6.10. The said meeting stood out due to the extremely high participation of our members of the region. The next meeting is proposed to be held in Southern Region on 10.07.2010 (second Saturday) at Hotel Regency, Thampanoor Trivandrum at 10.00 A.M. The Association calls upon each and every member to kindly make themselves convenient and to attend said the meeting on 10.7.10.

Comradely Yours
Circle Secretary