Friday, December 28, 2012

Group B DPC- allotments in Kerala Circle

The following members of our Circle has been promoted to PS Group B on regular basis and allotted to Kerala Circle in the DPC held on 27.12.12:

(i) Sri. A.Sudhakaran
(ii) Sri. P.V Kesavan
(iii) Sri. A.R.Reghunathan

In addition the following officers have allotted to Kerala Circle:

(i) Sri. A.K.Mahboob Ali  (TN)
(ii) Sri. V.Thangavelu (TN)
(iii) Sri. K.Soorappan (TN)
(iv)Sri. P.S.Ramaswamy (TN)
(v)Sri. K.A.Sambasiva Rao (AP)
(vi)Sri. Y.S.Narasinga Rao (AP)
(vii) Sri. P.S.Chandrasekhar (AP)
(viii) Sri. P.Barthalaxmi
(ix)Sri./ G.N.Lakshmi Prasad

Hearty Congratulations and best wishes to the officers....

Sunday, December 23, 2012

PSI Project Evaluation Workshop

The Project Evaluation Workshop of the PSI/LOTCO Trade Union Rights Project was held at Secunderabad on 17th & 18th December, 2012. Our CS Sri. Ajith Kurian represented the Association in the workshop. Sister Arnica Barning from Sweden (SEKO) attended the twin day workshop, apart from prominent leaders of major unions/associations from all South Indian States like NOGE, TNGOE,KSGEA,AINLIEF,AIAIASP & INDWF. Prof. Maduraiveeran, Presidency College was the Chief Moderator in the workshop apart from Sri. Kannan.  The objectives of the TUR Project which was launched in 2009, the various activities carried out in all the four states, various output indicators and impacts were discussed and analysed in detail with the aid of group tasks, discussions, presentations and plenary discussions. Sister Arnica the representative of SEKO was impressed with the overall impact and results of the project and vowed to convince her Union Authorities to continue their support to this project. As a start to the activities in 2013, a planning meeting is expected to be held at Thiruvananthapuram during the last week of January, 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Government warns of stern action against striking employees

The Centre has issued a warning of disciplinary action to dissuade its 13 lakh-odd employees from participating in the strike called by the confederation of central government employees on Wednesday. 

All departments have been asked to take disciplinary action against babus who skip work for the strike apart from deducting their wages for the day. 

The personnel ministry has even sought a list of all employees who don't turn up for work on December 12. Departments are usually given about 15 days to inform the Centre about babus that participated in a strike, but this time the list of absentees has been sought by the same evening. 

The government was informed of the strike by the confederation in November, citing 15 unmet demands such as scrapping the new pension scheme, setting up the Seventh Pay Commission and revival of negotiations between the government and its workers through the Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM).

CAT case- update

Close liaison is being maintained with our Advocate at Ernakulam regarding filing of a fresh OA before the CAT on the grade pay issue. The first installment of Rs 30,000/- has been handed over to the Counsel. The draft of the OA is under preparation and we expect to get the draft within  two weeks time. After the same is vetted, OA will be filed. We expect to bring up the OA before the Bench immediately after Christmas Vacation. Copy of the Vakalath is being send to both Permanand & GS for signing and early return. A copy of the resolution passed by the Association assigning the GS to file the case on behalf of the Assn. is also required and the same is also being obtained from the CHQ.


Bonus ceiling of Rs 3500/- for GDS

GDS employees will get bonus ceiling at par with departmental staff. Bonus ceiling Rs. 3500/- to GDS. File cleared by MOF. 2.7 lakh GDS staff will be benefited.

Meeting with Secretary (Posts)

It is informed by Postal Directorate that, date for holding of periodical meeting with Secretary (Posts) will be given soon to All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts. It is also informed that Directorate have already received agenda from Association and same will be discussed in the ensuing meeting.

Source: CHQ Blog

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CS writes to CPMG on the issue of denial of adhoc promotions

Copy of letter given to Chief PMG on the above issue of reproduced below for information of all members:

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN/12                                                                        Date:   4.12.2012


The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033


                                                Sub: Denial of adhoc promotion to Sri. Anwarjan-reg:

   This is to convey the strong protest and indignation of this Association over the proposal to keep in abeyance the adhoc promotion granted to Sri. Anwarjan, PM Alappuzha HO and also the proposal mooted by PMG (NR) to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the said officer and Sri. K.C.Velayudhan, ASP (HQ), Vadakara on purely flimsy grounds.

   As you would agree, the ASPs of this Circle are normally getting promotion to PS Group B, that too, on adhoc basis, at the fag end of their service after toiling in the Department for more than three decades. As a cadre of middle managers, we have always stood hand in glove with the administration and have made all efforts to discharge our duties to the best of our abilities. However, it is but unfortunate to see that our officers are being unnecessarily harassed on purely fictitious grounds. It is ascertained that Charge sheet is being contemplated against Sri. Anwarjan and Sri. K.C.Velayudhan alleging discrepancies in inspections carried out nearly a decade ago that too alleging contributory negligence. As you would agree, initiating such belated proceedings on the eve of promotion/retirement of these officers would be in gross violation of the recent directives issued by DOP&T (OM No. No. 425/04/2012-AVD-IV(A) dated 29.11.12) and also violative of the principles of natural justice and would be unsustainable before law. It is also trite law that denial of promotion on the plea that charge sheet is contemplated against an official is patently irregular and contrary to the extant instructions on the subject. Such a hasty move especially after orders of adhoc promotion have been issued by Circle Office is totally unheard of in this Circle and can only be construed as an attempt to wreck vengeance on the officers and to deny them their due promotions. Moreover, such a decision, if taken, will only result in demoralizing the entire cadre and will also derail the ongoing business activities in the Circle.

 Hence, this Association, while expressing strong protest and indignation, appeals to your kind self to intervene in the matter and to refrain from such vindictive action against the said officers and to drop all further proceedings against them and  reconsider the decision taken to keep in abeyance the adhoc promotion granted to Sri. Anwarjan.  A line in reply will be deeply appreciated.

      Thanking You,

                                                                                                                  Yours faithfully


                                                                                Ajith Kurian
                                                                              Circle Secretary

Copy to

1. The Postmaster General, Northern Region, Calicut for kind information.

2. Sri. Vilas Ingale, General Secretary, All India Association of IPs/ASP, New Delhi for favour of information and immediate intervention of CHQ in the matter.

                                                                                                            Circle Secretary

Monday, November 26, 2012

Reallotments/ Adhoc promotions/transfers in PS Group B

CO vide letter No. ST/1/1/5/2011 dated 26.11.12 has issued the following:

1. S/Sri. Suresh Yedve, SP PSD Thrissur reallotted to Karnataka Circle and posted as SPOs, Karwar

2. S.S.Patil, SP, Lakshadweep, reallotted to Karnataka Circle and posted as SPOs, Gokak

3. K.V.Anantharamu AD Mails, RO Kochi  reallotted to Karnataka Circle and posted as SPOs, Hassan

4.  T.V.Sundari, AD(BD), C.O reallotted to Karnataka Circle posted as Sr. PM, Tallakulam

5. K.Narasimha Naicken, AD(LC) C.O reallotted to Central Region (on request).

6. V.Balakrishnan Nair, Offg.  SPOs, PTA transferred as  Offg. Dy SP, TVM(N) Dn. (On request)

7. C.Sivadasan Pillai, Offg. Dy. SP, TVM(N) transferred and posted as  Offg. SPOs, Pathanamthitta Dn.(on request)

8. A.Anwarjan, PM, Alappuzha is promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and allotted to Northern Region.

9. S. Narendran, ASP(HQ), RMS TV is promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and posted as offg AD(LC), Circle Office..

10. E.V.Sugunan, ASP, Thrissur RMS is .promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and allotted to Central Region.

11. P.G.Babu, ASP, IJK, promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and allotted to Central Region.

12. V.K.Raveendranath, SAS, CO, is promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and and posted as Offg.  AD(BD), Circle Office.

13. Sri. B.Padmakumar, ASP, EKM RMS promoted to the cadre of PS Group B on adhoc basis and allotted to Central Region .

Hearty Congrats to the Officers...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Adhoc promotion/transfer in Group A

Vide Memo No. ST/1/1/4/2011 dated 23.11.12 C.O has issued the following orders/transfer in Group A.

1. Sri. K.K.Jayasankar, SSPOs, Thrissur is transferred and allotted to NR vice Sri. P.M.Vasudevan, SSPOs, Palakkad retiring on superannuation on 30.11.12.

2. Sri. K.G.Balakrishnan, SPOs Kannur is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of JTS Group A and allotted to CR vice Sri. K.K.Jayasankar allotted to NR.

Association conveys its best wishes to the Officers.......

Thursday, November 22, 2012

CS writes to CPMG in the light of economic measures suggested by MOF

Copy of the letter given to CPMG today on the above matter is furnished below for information of all the members.

No.  IP/ASP/ASSN/12                                                                         Date:   22.11.2012


The Chief Postmaster General
 Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,

                          Sub: Economy Measures by MOF- Impact on IP/ASP posts in the Circle
  As your good self is aware, Ministry of Finance has, as part of its economy measures, vide OM No. 7(1)E. Coord/2012 dated 1.11.12, reiterated that posts that have remained vacant for more than a year shall not be revived except under very rare and unavoidable circumstances. Admittedly, almost all the IPO (PG) posts and some of the ASP (OD) posts in the Circle are lying vacant. This being so, the possibility of the Circle losing all these vacant posts cannot be ruled out if the directions of the MOF are implemented strictly, which, as you would agree, would not be in the best interest of the Circle.

As such, I request you to give necessary directions to the Divisional Heads to make officiating arrangements in all such vacant posts so as to avoid a situation of these posts getting lapsed as deemed abolished.  If no willing officials are forthcoming, the possibility of posting any of the other IPs/ASPs of the Division in such posts for a short period, which would keep alive these posts technically, may kindly be explored.

       Thanking You,

                                                                                                             Yours faithfully

                                                                        Ajith Kurian
                                                                        Circle Secretary

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stepping up of pay of seniors getting less pay than juniors

Recent Office Memorandum issued by DOPT for stepping up of pay of Senior Employees at par with junior employees who are getting more pay than seniors on account of ACP:
Check the following Office Memorandum issued by DOPT in this issue
The Tribune in its latest release explains this stepping up of pay as follows
Removing certain anomalies in its career progression scheme, the Central government has ordered stepping up of pay of employees in cases where a senior is getting lower emoluments than his junior.
The disparities had arisen between employees who came under the scheme before 2006 and those who got benefits between 2006 and 2008 consequent to the implementation of the Sixth Central Pay Commission (SPC).
Orders issued by the Department of Personnel and Training earlier this month state, “It has been decided to allow stepping up of pay in such cases where the senior, but for the pay revision on account of the SPC, would have continued to draw higher pay”.
A large number of Central government employees will be financially benefited by this order. The employees affected had taken up the matter with the government and the anomalies committee, following which the issue was examined by the Department of Expenditure.
The government’s Assured Career Progression Scheme (ACPS), which granted two financial upgrades on completion of 12 and 24 years of regular service to employees who did not get promotion in the existing grade, was applicable up till August 2008.
It was replaced in September 2008 by the Modified Career Progression Scheme. As the revised pay scales under SPC were applicable with effect from January 2006, those employees who received benefits under ACPS between 2006 to 2008 got financial upgrade in the revised scales. Consequently, senior employees who got benefit under ACPS prior to 1996 began drawing lesser pay than their juniors.
The new order stipulates that for pay to be stepped up under the scheme, the junior and senior employee should belong to the same cadre and the posts in which they have been promoted or upgraded should be identical. Further, the senior employee should have been drawing equal or more pay than the junior before receiving ACPS benefits. 
Source: IRTSA and Tribune

PLI Clientele eligibilty extended

As a positive development and an appropriate strategy for publicity and securing business Department of Post has approved expension of the clientele eligible for PLI. Henceforth, the PLI can be extended to the following group:
  • Employee engaged/appointed on contract basis by Central/State Goverment, where the contract is extendable.
  • Employees of Joint Venture in which Central/State Government/Public Sector Undertaking/ Nationalised Banks have minimum holding of 10 percent.
  • Members/employees of credit Cooperative Socities and other cooperative socities registered with Goverment under the Cooperative Socities Act and partly or fully funded from the Central /State Govt./RBI /SBI/ NABARD Nationalised Banks and other such institute notified by Government.
  • Employees of Deemed Universities and Educational Institutes accredited by recognised bodies such as National Assessment and Accreditation Council, All India Council of Technical Education, Medical Council of India, etc.and or affiliated to Universities/ Boards etc.
  • Employees of all Scheduled Commercial Banks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Enhancement of monthly subscription from Rs 30/- to Rs 50/-

It is once again informed to all the members that Postal Directorate has vide letter No. 15/4/2002-SR dated 12/07/2012 approved the amendment to Article 38 of the Constitution of our Association enhancing the monthly subscription per member from Rs 30/- to Rs 50/-. (Copy of the said letter is appended below for ready reference of all concerned).

Accordingly, monthly subscription to be recovered by DDOs from the members of our association is now Rs 50/-. It is reported by our Treasurer that DDOs are still deducting monthly subscription of members at old rate i.e. 30/-.All members are requested to ensure that the enhanced amount of Rs 50/- is collected by their DDOs.  All those working as ASP(HQ)s may take copies of the Directorate letter and handover the same to their Divisional Heads/DDOs so as to ensure correct deduction of monthly subscription and its remittance to the Circle Treasurer.