Thursday, October 23, 2014

Officiating arrangement in PSS Gp B - NR

Sri Anilkumar, PM Kannur has been promoted under officiating arrangement
and posted as OSD RO Calicut. The Officer has taken charge on 16/10/2014.

Association congrats the officer and wishes him all the success in the new assignment. 

IP/LGO Examinations-2014 -probable dates

It is learnt that LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Inspector Posts and LGO examinations 2014 which were postponed by Directorate vide memo No. A.34012/04/2014-DE dated 23rd September 2014 are likely to be held on following dates. 

1. Inspector Posts Examination : 22-11-2014 and 23-11-2014

2. LGO Examination : 23-11-2014 (Sunday)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

ANATHAPURIPEX-2014- District level philatelic Exhibition at Thiruvananthapuram on 13th & 14th November-2104

Trivandrum District Level Philatelic Exhibition ‘Ananthapuripex ’ will be held at  Bhagyamala Auditorium inside chandrasekharan Nair Stadium complex, Trivandrum on 13th & 14th November, 2014. Trivandrum North Postal Division is hosting this mega event. Over and above the numerous frames of stamp exhibits, painting and quiz competitions for school children, seminars/workshops conducted by renowned philatelists will also be held at the venue during the  two days. All are requested to co-operate... May all roads lead to Bhagyamala auditorium during the said two days.....

DPC for PS Group B 2014-15- Updates

1) On 16/10/2014, Chhattisgarh, HP and Uttarakhand circles submitted required documents to Directorate. The representatives of  APS and Assam did not turned to Directorate to submit the documents on this due date. 

2) On 17/10/2014, only Delhi circle has submitted required documents to Directorate. The APMG (Staff)/AD (Staff) of Haryana, J&K, Odisha and Jharkhand did not turned to submit required documents on this due date. 

      If circles are not submitting the requisite documents on their allotted dates to Directorate, then automatically regular as well as supplementary DPC would be delayed. Therefore GS has already requested to all Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers be in touch with each and every officers who are in the zone of promotion and confirm the updation of their ACRs/APARs and submission to RO/CO.

George Ninan quits

Sri. George Ninan, (IPoS-1981) former PMG (CR), Kerala and presently PMG(BD& Mails), MP Circle has retired voluntarily w.e.f 6th October, 2014. To view the copy of memo issued by Directorate Please CLICK HERE

Friday, October 17, 2014

India Post to join hands with Snapdeal

In a bid to enhance its electronic connectivity and capability across 1.5 lakh Post Offices in India, Department of Posts is in the process of inducting new-age technology through an enterprise wide IT Project. In this series, it has also signed Business MOU with & 
India Post is celebrating National Postal Week from 9th to 15th October, 2014 and on the occasion of Business Development Day on 14th Oct 2014 it decided to join hands with &
Mr. Vijay Ajmera, Sr. Vice President (Finance) said that they are happy to choose Department of Post as their delivering partner and this partnership will provide their e-commerce business a wider reach and network. 
In tune with the emerging e-Commerce market, parcel product has been revamped & Cash on Delivery (CoD) facility has been introduced. State-of-the-art Parcel centres are also being set up across the country. Department is also developing exclusive Parcel Network to cater the needs of e-Commerce companies.

Department is also developing Parcel Network to cater to the needs of e-Commerce companies. Delivery of parcels and Express mail is also planned to be mechanised in bigger cities for efficient & quicker delivery.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

CWC Meeting in November

Association proposes to convene a Central Working Committee Meeting in the month of November at Kochi to discuss various issues like Merger Proposal submitted to Directorate, All India CWC meeting to be held in Kerala Circle etc. Notification specifying the date, venue and agenda will be issued shortly. All CWC members and Association office bearers are requested to stand by for attending the CWC.

Bi-monthly with PMG(CR)- Reimbursement of Mobile charges approved

Bi-monthly meeting with PMG(CR) was held at RO Kochi on 15.10.14. Sri. Nandakumar, Circle Secretary and Sri. Ajith Kurian, our former CS represented the Association in the said meeting. Item raised and gist of the reply given is as follows:

Item: Reimbursement of Mobile charges to Sub Divisional Heads: Association pointed out that IP/ASPs in other Circles are being given reimbursement of mobile charges and even in our Circle also in the other two regions members are being given this benefit albeit at different rates. However IP/ASPs of Central Region are being denied this benefit. 

Reply: In reply PMG(CR) responded positively to our request and agreed to the proposal. He agreed to introduce a Closed User Group (CUG) plan and implement the same immediately in Central Region. Association places on record its utmost appreciation and gratitude to PMG(CR) and DPS(CR) for taking a positive stand in this matter.


GS writes to Pay Commission

Copy of a clarificatory letter issued to the JS, VII CPC is reproduced below for the information of all members:

No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/7CPC-Memorandum/2014              Dated :      15/10/2014

Shri Jayant Sinha,
Joint Secretary,
Seventh  Central  Pay  Commission,
Chatrapathi Shivaji Bhawan,
Ist,   Floor, B-14/A,
Qutub Institutional  Area,
Delhi - 110014.

Subject : Submission of memorandum of All India Association of Inspectors and  Assistant Superintendents Posts to 7CPC….clarification regarding.

Ref.       : 7CPC Acknowledgement slip dated 27-8-2014 (copy enclosed)

Respected Sir,

                   Kindly recall  our  Association’s  interaction  with  your  majesty    at   ‘Kumara  Kripa’    during   your   visit   to  Banglore  on  25.08.2014  at  around  07.30 PM. As  per  the  discussions  and  instructions, the  copies  of  Recruitment  Rules [Annexure-1]  of  both  Inspector  of  Income  Tax/Central  Excise  and    Inspector  Posts  are  submitted  herewith  for  your    perusal  and  kind  consideration.

Further,  this  association  likes  to   bring  the  following   issues  haunting  our   cadre in  a  nutshell.

Point  -1 : Non  implementation  of  6 CPC  recommendations  regarding  upgradation  of  Grade  Pay  of    Inspector  Posts.

6th Central  Pay  Commission   vide  its   Para  7.6.14 [Annexure-2]  had  rightly  recommended  the  upgradation  of    scale  of   Inspector  Posts  from   5500-9000  to   6500-10500   and    equated  the   scale  of   Inspector  Posts  cadre  with  that  of  counterpart  that  is  Inspector  Of  Income Tax  / Central  Excise  and  Assistants  in  CSS and  put  them  in  the identical  pay  scales    considering  that  they  are all  analogous  posts.

But  unfortunately,  the  same  was  not  implemented  though  the   GP  of  Inspector  of   Income  Tax/Central  Excise  and  Assistants  in CSS  are  upgraded  subsequently  by  the  separate  order  of  Ministry  Of  Finance  vide   OM No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009 & 16.11.2009 [Annexure-2A & 2B].

It  is  pertinent  to  note  that  the  Honourable  CAT,  Ernakulam Bench  had   issued  verdict  to  consider  the  upgradation  of   Grade  Pay  of  IP  to  4600/-. [Annexure - 3]

This  Association  earnestly  requests  the  benevolent  to  kindly   reiterate and  recommend    the   decision  of   6th CPC.  
Point -2 : Considering  of   Promotion  acquired through   LDCE  for  the   MACP  purpose.

Since  66.66  %  of  the  Inspector  cadre  posts  are  being  filled  up  through  the   Limited  Departmental  Competitive  Examination,  the  three  financial  upgradations  under  MACP  scheme  has  not  been  deriving  virtual   benefit  to  this  cadre. 
So  this  association  requests  to  delink  the  promotion  conferred  on  account  of  LDCE  with  MACP.

Point-3 : Conferment  of  similar  Grade  Pay  to  both  the  Supervisor  and  the  Supervised    violating   the  principle  of   Natural  Justice.  

Inspector  and  Assistant  Superintendent Posts  are the  supervisory  cadre  and  controlling   cadre  for   Postmasters,  Postal  Assistants,  Postmen,  MTS. We  have  to  carry out  annual   inspections,  surprise  visits  and  also  investigate  the  fraud  cases  during  which  the  statements  of  the  supervisory/operative  staff  has  to  be  recorded  and  office   records  to  be  seized. Further,  the  honorarium  bills,  establishment  statistics,  public  complaints   against  the  operative  staff  are to  be  verified  and  enquired  into  by  our  cadre. To  back,  IP/ASP  cadre  officers  are  being  nominated  as  Inquiry  Officer  and   Presenting  Officer  in  the   Departmental  Inquiries  of  Rule-14  of  CCS[CCA]  Rules  1965.

Such  being  the case,  this  cadre   could  not   enforce  required  command  and  control  over  the  subordinate  staff  in  the light  of  the  fact  that  they  remain  in  the same   Grade  Pay  by  virtue  of  MACP  and  merger  of  pre revised  scales  of  5  Pay  Commission  5000/-,  5500/-  and  6500/-  which  was  given  the  common  replacement  Grade  Pay  of  4200/-. Actually,  this  merger  of  three  scales   has  downgraded  the  pay  of  Inspectors  instead  of  upgrading. As  a  result,  the  Clerical/supervisory    staff  lie  with  the  identical  Grade  Pay  of  4200/-  thereby   dismantling  the  entire  fabric  of    hierarchical  structure  of  the   operative  and  administrative  cadre.[Copy  of Hierarchy  is  enclosed-Annexure-4] 

So  this   association fervently   request  the  benevolent  to   consider this    anomaly  and    recommend  the  Pay  of  the  Administrative  Cadre  over  and  above  the   pay  of  supervisory  cadre.

Point-4 : Injustice  in   fixation  of  pay  as  on  01.01.2006  for  Inspector  Cadre.

Though Inspector  Posts   scale  was  upgraded  from  5500-9000  to  6500-10500,   while  fixing  the  pay  as  on  01.01.2006,  only  replacement  Grade  pay  of  4200  was  accorded  and  the  pay  was   fixed  with  the  pre revised  pay  of  5500  and  not  on  par  with  the  upgraded  pay  of  6500/-. The   minimum  pay  of   6500 X 1.86  was  not  allowed  and  thus   utterly    disgusting  and   depreciating  the  morale  of  the  cadre due  to  huge  financial  loss  which  will  have  cascading  effect  in  our  entire  career  including  pension. 

This  association  humbly   pray  the  benevolent  to  consider  all  the  above   aspects  and    make  appropriate  and  favorable  recommendations  and  resolve  all  our    predicament.

With respectful regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review results of IP examination 2007,2008,2012-14- present status

It has been reported by many Circle Secretaries about acute shortage of Inspector Posts in their Circle, therefore the following information is ascertained from Directorate and we have to act on each issue as stated against it:

1)   Only AP / Bihar / Gujarat / Kerala / Rajasthan and UP Circles have submitted their review proposal for declaration of result of Inspector Posts Examination for the year 2007 and 2008. Other circles review results are not pending at Directorate, as it was said to be not received.

Concerned Circle Secretaries are requested to meet with concerned officer of their circle administration and request him to take up the proposal if unfiled vacancy in SC/ST category is available in that year.  

2)   Only UP circle has intimated to Directorate that due to non-availability of unfilled SC/ST vacancies in the year 2012 and 2013, the review proposal was not taken up with Directorate.  Remaining circle have to take proposal for review result of Inspector Posts Examination for the year 2012 and 2013.

All Circle Secretaries (except UP) are requested to ask their circle administration to take up the proposal to Directorate.

3)   Many circles have not reported the vacancy position of Inspector Posts in Direct Recruitment quota for the year 2014 to Directorate.
All Circle Secretaries are requested to confirm this and also ascertain the number of IPs (direct requite quota 2013) joined in their circle, as Directorate has reported 122 vacancies to SSC. 

GS writes to DDG(P) on irregularities in the circulated list of IPs for promotion to PS Group B

No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/PS Gr.B/DPC-AP/2014                      Dated :  1/10/2014.

Shri V. P. Singh,
Dy. Director General (P),
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.

Subject : DPC for promotion to the PS Gr. B for the vacancy year 2014-15.

Ref.       : Dte No. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 25/09/2014.

          IP/ASP Association intends to bring the serious irregularity in the recent circulated list of Inspector Posts line officials for promotion to PS Gr. ‘B’ cadre for the year 2014-15. A copy of representation dated 1/10/2014 of Shri M. Chandrasekhar, offg. Superintendent, PSD, Rajamundry is enclosed herewith for kind perusal and reference.

          It may be recalled that Directorate vide memo No. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 25/9/2014 has called for the attested copies of ACRs/APARs for the period 2006-07 to 2012-13 of 501 IPOs line officials  for holding of DPC for promotion to PS Gr. ‘B’ cadre for the vacancy year 2014-15. It is mentioned therein that if there is any discrepancy in the list, report in a separate sheet along with other documents should be sent to Directorate by the circles. Directorate was kind enough for the timely convening of DPC and issuance of promotion and posting orders of 156 officers in PS Gr. ‘B’ cadre vide Memo No. 9-33/2013-SPG dated 10/10/2013 but this year, process for holding of DPC for the year 2014-15 is unpredictably delayed.  

          It is regretted to point out that the name of Shri M. Chandrasekhar was not included in the list appended to above referred letter. The official has passed IPOs examination from AP Circle in 1991 as OC candidate and his name is appeared below the name of Shri P. Venkateswara Rao (CO Sl. No. 82 & All India S. No. 200) and above Shri N. R. K. Sastry (CO Sl. No. 84 & All India S. No. 221) in the enclosed seniority list issued by AP circle. Therefore officials name would have to appear in the list appended to above captioned letter in between All India Sr. No. 200 and 221.  It appears either the inadvertence has taken place at AP Circle or Officers at Directorate did not verify the particulars with the seniority list.

          It is therefore requested to kindly look into the matter and arrange to include the name of Shri M. Chandrasekhar in the list of officials for zone of consideration for promotion to PS Gr. B cadre for the vacancy year 2014-15.

           With warm regards.
Yours sincerely,
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

PS Group B DPC for 2014-15

All members are now well aware that Directorate has called for the attested copies CRs/APARs for the period from 2006-07 to 2012-13 of officers who are in the zone of consideration for promotion and other requisite information from circles in the prescribed proforma on the dates allotted to them for holding of DPC for the year 2014-15.

CHQ has already requested Directorate to hold the DPC in the first week of November 2014. Now, it is the duty of the all Circle Secretaries, ASP (HQ)s and officers who are in the ZoC for promotion to take keen interest to see/confirm as to whether CRs/APARs are complete or otherwise. If submission of documents to Directorate is delayed by any circle,  then automatically DPC would be delayed for which neither Diretorate nor CHQ will not be responsible. The memo issued by Diectorate containing the names of officers have already been placed on blog.

All Circle Secretaries as well as CHQ Office Bearers are requested to keep liasion with each members (whose CRs/APARs called for) and ensure updation of CRs/APARs by their authorities and submission to their circles. Each Circle Secretary will give report to GS on every sunday.