Thursday, December 29, 2011

Articles for Souvenir to be released during AIC Bangalore

A souvenir is proposed to be brought out during the All India Conference to be held from 27th to 29th Jan 2012 at Bangalore. The Organising Committee has requested all our members to contribute articles for publishing in the Souvenir. All the members are requested to co-operate in this venture and forward their articles to the email id of our CS for forwarding the same to CS Karnataka.

Sr. PM Examination - Filing of case before Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam

Dear Members

As all of you are aware, the interim orders passed by the Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad Bench was brought to the notice of the Circle Administration vide my letter dated 22.12.11 and it was requested to extend similar treatment to ASPs of our Circle also. However, the matter was referred to Directorate whose attitude from the very beginning has been against our cadre. Hence, it was decided that we also should move a case before the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam seeking a declaration that ASPs are also entitled for appearing in the examination and also similar interim relief as granted by the Hyderabad Bench of the Tribunal. I met our advocate on 26.12.11 along with a draft OA and other connected documents and held detailed discussions in the matter. The OA is proposed to be filed by the Association represented by the CS and 3 other members who have applied for the examination . We had planned to bring up the case before the vacation Bench of the CAT on 28th or 29th. This was when we received the news that the examination has been postponed until further orders.

In this scenario, the filing of the case has been put on hold for the time being for ascertaining the decision of Directorate in the matter. If they intend on sticking to the their earlier decision and take a view that CAT Hyderabad order would be applicable only to ASPs of Andra Circle, we would be going ahead with the filing of the OA. I request the support and co-operation of all our members in this battle for justice.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Sr. PM exam postponed.

Directorate vide letter no. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 26/12/11 has ordered to postpone the Limited Department Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmaster (Gazetted) until further orders.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

CS writes to Chief PMG on the issue of admission of ASPs for Sr. PM Examination

Copy of letter given to Chief PMG in the matter is furnished below for information of all members:

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 22.12.2011

The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,

Sub: LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmaster- reg:
Ref: C.O letter No. Rectt/15-1/2011 dated 20.12.11

As you are aware, applications submitted by the ASPs of our Circle has been rejected on the plea that the provisions laid down in the concerned Recruitment Rules allows only IPs with grade pay of Rs 4200 with six years of regular service to appear for the said Examination.

In this connection, the Association may be permitted to point out that two cases have been filed both by the Association and also by two ASPs in their individual capacities before the Hon’ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench. OA No. 1279/11 filed by two ASPs in their individual capacity came up before the Hon’ble CAT on 14.12.11 and the Hon’ble Tribunal was pleased to pass an interim order directing the department to allow the applicants to appear for the examination and to evaluate their answer scripts and to keep the same in a sealed cover without publishing their results until further orders. In the said order, the Hon’ble Tribunal has categorically observed that the original rule does not specifically prohibit ASPs from appearing for the examination and further that in the original notification/rules, there is no prohibition for the ASPs from appearing for the examination. A true copy of the said order dated 14.12.11 downloaded from the net is enclosed herewith for favour of ready reference. Another OA filed by the IP/ASP Association, Andhra Circle under No. 1316/2011 also came up before the Hon’ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench on 21.12.11 wherein also similar orders has been passed by the Hon’ble Tribunal directing the CPMG AP circle Hyderabad to take the list of willing and eligible ASPs from the Association and allow them to appear for the Senior Postmaster examination scheduled to be held on 31-12-2011. Copy of the said order is also enclosed.

It is to be pointed out that as the ASPs of this Circle are similarly situated as those of the applicants in the above OAs, it is evident that the order and observations passed by the Hon’ble CAT Hyderabad Bench in the said OAs would be applicable mutandis mutandis to our ASPs also. It is therefore requested that urgent action may kindly be caused for admitting the ASP candidates of Kerala Circle also for the Sr. PM Examination scheduled to be held on 31.12.11 as directed by the CAT in the said orders and also to intimate M/s CMC Delhi so as to enable them to take timely action in the matter.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Justice rendered by the Court again- favourable orders issued by Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad

The Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad has issued favourable interim orders in two cases filed both by ASPs in their individual capacity and also by the IP/ASP Association Andhra Circle. In both the cases, (OA Nos 1316/2011 &1279/11) the Hon'ble Tribunal, while admitting the case, has observed that the original rule/notification soes not specifically prohibit ASPs from appearing for the examination and has directed the department to allow all the eligible ASPs to appear for the examination and to evaluate their answer scripts and to keep the same in a sealed cover without publishing their results until further orders. Hearty congrats to CS Andhra and his team for the efforts taken in getting this favourable order.

In view of the said order passed by the Hon'ble CAT which is of a declaratory nature, the same can be applied to all the ASPs in the entire Country mutandis mutandis. CHQ is requested to bring the said order to the notice of Directorate immediately for further necessary action.

A letter has been given to Chief PMG by the Association today morning, enclosing copies of the CAT orders and requesting favourable action in the matter. The matter was discussed with Madam and she has assured that positive action will be taken in consultation with Directorate. All the ASPs who have applied for the Sr. PM Examination whose application have been rejected, are requested to give individual representation to Chief PMG through proper channel pointing out the CAT order and seeking provisional admission for the examination.

Circle Secretary

Monday, December 19, 2011

Granting of special leave to the delegates for AIC Bangalore

Chief PMG, Kerala has issued orders granting special leave to the delegates representing the Circle for AIC at Bangalore. Extract of the said letter is reproduced below for information of all concerned:

APMG (Staff), CO, TVM-33

No. Gen/18-6/2012 dated at Tvpm 33 the 16.12.2011

Subject:Granting of special casual leave for attending 37th Biennial All India Conference and CWC meeting of All India Association of Inspectors and Asst. Superintendents Posts.

I am directed to convey the orders to grant special casual leave to the following members/office bearers of the above Association to attend the 37th Biennial All India Conference and Central Working Commitee meeting to be held from 27.1.2012 to 29.01.2012 at Bangalore subject to eligibility, under usual conditions:

(i) S/Sri. Ajith Kurian, ASP (LC), C.O TVM
(ii) T.M.Krishnaswamy, ASP (Vig), C.O TVM
(iii) B.Sukumaran Nair, ASP (BD), C.O TVM
(iv) K.Manoj, ASP, Ottappalam Sub Dn
(v) Mohammad Sherif, ASP, Tirur Sub Dn
(vi) B.Padmakumar, ASP EKM RMS/2
(vii) Premlal, ASP Calicut South Sub Dn
(viii) M.K.Prakash, ASP (HQ), Aluva
(ix) K.C.Velayudhan, ASP Vadakara South Sub Dn.
(x) G.Gopakumar, ASP (OD), Kollam

Asst. Director (GA)

Copy to:

1. Sri Ajith Kurian, Circle Secretary, All India Assn. of IPS/ASPs
2. SSPOs, TVM(N)/Kollam

Launching of new blog for stenographers association

It has been intimated that the Confederation of All India Central Government Stenographers Association has launched its new blog ''. Best wishes to the Association and its members.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Nearing 1 L hits

Our blog, has crossed 95,000 hits and is nearing
1 L hits. It shows that the blog is being viewed from various corners by a large number
of officials who wanted to keep them updated with the latest information.

We will try to be more updated / informative in future

Thanks to all who used to visit the blog.

Minutes of Bi-monthly meeting held with DPS(HQ) on 23.11.12

Minutes of the above meeting held on 23.11.12 at CO is furnished below for the information of all members. Sri. Ajith Kurian (CS) and Sri. T.M.Krishnaswamy (OGS) represented the Association.

Item No. 1: Payment of honararium to PO/IA in Rule 14/Rule 10 cases.

Reply: This will be examined with relevant rulings on the subject.

Item No. 2: Dilapidaed condition of the building of the office of ASP Kollam South Sub Dn.

Reply: The repairs and maintenance has been prioritized for PO buildings. It was requested to suggest alternate accomodation in any of the POs in the Sub Division to shift the office of ASP.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Minutes of Bi-monthly meeting with PMG (NR) held on 1.12.11

The minutes of the above meeting is furnished below; Sri. Mohammed Shareef, Organizing Secretary and Sri. K.Manoj, Treasurer represented the Association in the meeting.

Item No. 1: Shifting of the office of ASRM/IRM CT 2nd Sub Dn.

Reply: The office has been shifted to a convenient room. No inconvenience has been reported by SRM in this regard. (Item Closed)

Item No. 2: Pendency of TA bills in Kasergode Dn.

Reply: SPOs Kasergode will be instructed to clear all pending TA bills according to the fund available. (Item closed)

Item No.3: Setting up Holiday Home at Mananthavady/Kalpetta.

Reply: This is not within the competency of the Regional PMG. This may be taken up in the four monthly meeting. (Item closed)

Item No.4: Shortage of SB Passbooks:

Reply: There is adequate stock of PBs now. No report has been received from any corner regarding shortage of PBs. However, action is being taken to procure sufficient stock of passbooks. The situation will be closely monitored at RO level. (Item closed).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Delegates for AIC Bangalore

The following members will represent the Association from Kerala Circle as delegates in the All India Conference to be held at Bangalore from 27-29 January, 2012:

1. Ajith Kurian
2. T.M.Krishnaswamy
3.B.Sukumaran Nair
4. K.Manoj
5.Mohammed Sherif
6. B.Padmakumar
10. G.Gopakumar

Sri. Ajith Kumar, our former Circle Secretary, now on deputation at Directorate, will also join us from New Delhi. The above list is being furnished to Circle Secretary, Karnataka and also to our Chief PMG for granting special casual leave to the delegates.


Monday, December 5, 2011

ASP(PG & RPLI) - RO Kochi

Sri.Anvarjan has been relieved and Smt.Jissy George has joined the post of ASP(PG&RPLI), o/o PMG, Central Region, Kochi on 5.12.2011.

Friday, December 2, 2011

PLI/RPLI review meeting

It has been ascertained from PLI Section CO that the award function that is scheduled on 13.12.11 will commence at 9.30 am and the review meeting of the sub divisional heads will be in the afternoon at 2.oo pm. All concerned are expected to be at the venue on time. This is for the information of all members.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Postings in ASP cadre due to Reversion

Sri.P.Damodaran, offtg SPOs, Lakshadweeep Division on reversion is posted as ASP(HQ), RMS 'EK' Dn

Sri.C.V.Raju, Offtg SP, PSD, Thrissur on reversion is posted as PM, Thrissur HO vice Sri.S.Ramakrishnan Sarma posted as ASP(OD), Pathanamthitta Dn.

PMG, Central Region, Kochi Memo no.ST/63-4/2009(pt) dated 30-11-2011

Transfers in ASP Cadre in Central Region

Sri.A.Anvarjan, ASP(PG&RTI), o/o PMG, CR, Kochi to be Postmaster, Alappuzha HO

Smt.V.Pushkaladevi, PM, Alappuzha HO to be ASP(HQ) Alappuzha Dn .

PMG, Central Region, Kochi memo no.ST/42-21/2011 dated 30-11-2011

Smt.Jissy George, IP, Cherthala Sub Division, promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP is posted as ASP(PG&RTI), o/o PMG, CR, Kochi

PMG, Central Region, Kochi memo no.ST/42-21/2011 dated 30-11-2011

Transfers and Postings in Central Region, Kerala

Sri.Suresh Yedve allotted to Central Region from Karnataka Circle is posted as SP, PSD, Thrissur vice Sri.C.V.Raju, Offg SP PSD reverted to the cadre of ASP

Sri.S.S.Patil allotted to Central Region from Karnataka Circle is posted as SPOs, Lakshadweep Division vice Sri.P.Damodaran, Offg SP Lakshadweep reverted to the cadre of ASP

Sri.K.V.Anantharamu allotted to Central Region from Karnataka Circle is posted as AD(Mails), o/o PMG, CR, Kochi vice Sri.K.Sathiamoorthi transferred

Sri.K.Anil, ASP(Estt), o/o PMG(CR), Kochi alloted to Central Region is posted as DSRM, RMS 'EK' Dn to function as AD(PG), o/o PMG, CR, Kochi

Sri.M.Sivasubramonia Dasan, Offg. SPOs, Mavelikkara Dn allotted to Central Region is posted as SPOs, Mavelikkara Dn

PMG Central Region Memo no.ST/63-4/2009(Pt) dated 30.11.2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PLI/RPLI Award Function/Review Meeting

PLI/RPLI awards (2010-11) function and Review Meeting of Sub-Divisonal Heads will be held at Hotel Chaitram, Near Trivandrum Central on 13th December 2011 (Tuesday) from 9.30 AM onwards. All the award winners and Sub Divisional Heads are expected to attend the said function.

All India Conference at Bangalore

As all the members are aware, the 37th All India Conference of the Association is due to be held at Bangalore from 27.1.12 to 29.1.12. As per the provisions contained in the Constitution of our Association, a total of 15 delegates can attend the conference from our Circle. Delegate fee per person will be Rs 500/-. Apart from the said 15 delegates, members can also attend the conference as visitors along with their family members. All those who wish to attend the conference as delegates are requested to forward their names to our Circle Secretary on or before 12.12.11. The Association will bear the to and fro travel expenses (II sleeper) of all the delegates including their delegate fees. Visitors will have to bear their own expenses. As a consolidated list is to be given to the CS, Karnataka, early action is requested in the matter.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reversions/Postings in Group B/ASP cadre

Chief PMG, Kerala Circle vide letter No. ST/1/1/5/2011 dated 25.11.11 has ordered the following:

1. Sri. P.Damodaran, Offg, SPOs, Lakshadweep is reverted to the cadre of ASPos and posted in CR against vacant post.

2. Sri. C.V.Raju, Offg, SP, PSD, Thrissur is reverted to the cadre of ASPOs and posted in Central Region against vacant post

3. Adhoc promotion of Sri. A.Anwarjan, ASP (PG & RTI) RO Kochi ordered stands cancelled.

4. Sri.Ramakrishna Sharma, PM, Thrissur HO is transferred and posted as ASP (OD), PTA Division. (tranfer at request).

Posting/allotment orders in PS Group B

In pursuance to the orders contained in DG Post letter no. 9-1/2011-SPG dated 17.11.11, Chief PMG Kerala has ordered the undermentioned officers to be promoted to PS Group B on regular basis with effect from the date of assumption of charge and posted/alloted to the office/regions shown against each:

1. Sri. Suresh Yedve alloted to Central Region, Kochi
2. Sri. S.S.Patil alloted to Central Region, Kochi
3. Sri. K.V.Anantharamu alloted to Central Region, Kochi
4. Sri. Ramesh Acharya posted as Asst. Director (Rectt & Estt), Circle Office, Trivandrum.
5. Sri. Sam.P.George posted as SPOs, Tiruvalla Division
6. Sri. K.Sukumaran alloted to Northern Region, Calicut
7. Sri. M.P.Nirmal Kumar alloted to Northern Region
8. Sri. K.Anil alloted to Central Region
9. Sri. Sivasubramania Dasan alloted to Central Region.

The Association extends a hearty welcome to the officers from Karnataka to Kerala Circle. Hearty congrats to all the above officers and all the very best.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Group Meeting - NR

The group meeting of NR was held on 26/11/2011 at Calicut. Around 30 - 35 members attended
the meeting and took part in the active discussions.

Thanks to all.

Friday, November 25, 2011

From the CHQ desk

Posting in the CHQ blog with respect to IP Examination held on 15/26.10.2011 is reproduced below for information of all members:

Today, I visited the Postal Directorate and it came to notice that a committee has been constituted to review the out of syllabus questions in law paper i.e. Paper-III. Committee's report is expected within a forthnight. Thereafter, decision will be taken about the valuation of IP Examination papers. It appears that it will take atleast a month’s time for finalistion.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Achievement by our Circle Secretary

This is to inform all that our Circle Secretary, Sri. Ajith Kurian has made us all proud by securing 1st rank in the PG Diploma Examination in Cyber Law conducted by the Kerala University. The result was announced by the Institute of Distance Education, Kariyavattom recently. Hearty Congrats to our CS.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Group Meeting at Northern Region

The 3rd group meeting of the Association will be held at Hotel Nalanda (behind Calicut HO) on 26.11.11 (saturday) from 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs. All the members of NR are requested to attend the said meeting which assumes much importance in view of the decision to be taken by the Circle with respect to the proposal put forth by Directorate for merger of IP and ASP cadre.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

One day hunger strike at Ro Kochi

This is to inform all members that our CS Sri. Ajith Kurian, Treasurer Sri. K.Manoj and Organizing Secretary Sri. Mohamed Sherif will be undertaking a one day hunger strike infront of RO Kochi tomorrow along with other leaders of NFPE, FNPO and Officers Association as part of the combined agitational programme against PMG (CR). All the members are requested to offer their unflinched support to the fasting leaders and rally behind them in this historic event.

Flash- PS Group B List released

The following officers from Kerala feature in the above list released by Directorate today:

1. Sri. Sam.P.George
2.Sri. K. Sukumaran
3.Sri. Nirmal Kumar
4. Sri. K.Anil
5. Sri. Siva Subramnia Dasan

Four officers from Karnataka also stands alloted to Kerala Circle.

Hearty Congratulations to the above Officers.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

IP Grade Pay Case - latest update

The certified copy of the CAT order in OA 381/10 filed by Sri. Permanand & Anr has been forwarded to Directorate (DDG Estt) from Circle Office TVM for further action by Directorate.
Our GS is requested to pursue the matter at Directorate so as to ensure that the directions of the Hon'ble Tribunal is implemented both in letter and spirit without any delay.


Group Meeting at Southern Region on 19.11.11

As scheduled, the second group meeting of the Association will be held in Trivandrum on 19.11.11 (saturday) at KSEB Hall, Near Amritha Hotel, Thycaud from 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs. All the members of SR are requested to participate in the meeting so as to make the effort fruitfull.


Adhoc promotions/movements in ASP Cadre (CR)

Pursuant to the orders issued by CO, RO Kochi has issued the following orders:

1. Smt. T.P.Sandhya, IP, Kodungallur Sub Dn promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP is posted as ASP(OD), Idukki Division in the vacant post.

2. Sri. V.K.Rajeev, IP, Cherthala Sub Division promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of ASP and posted as ASP TVM North Sub Dn is ordered to be relieved immeidately and directed to join the post.

Smt. Sandhya is being relieved today afternoon and will join the post immediately and Sri. Rajeev has already joined his post at TVM.

Association congratulates the young officers on their promotion and wishes them all the very best in their new venture.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Combined Agitational programme against PMG (CR)

The JCA which met at Trivandrum decided to strenghthen the combined agitational programme launched against PMG(CR). As part of the third phase of the said programme, it has been decided to hold a one day hunger strike by all the Circle and Divisional leaders of all the four Associations in front of RO Kochi on 18.11.11. If there is no positive move on the part of the PMG to resvolve the issues, a decision to launch an indefinite sit-in-strike in Central Region will be taken by the JCA later.

All the members are requested to participate in the said programme to be held at RO Kochi on 18.11.11 and offer unflinched support to the fasting leaders.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Group Meeting at Calicut re-scheduled

Group Meeting scheduled to be held at Calicut on 5.11.11 has been postponed to 26.11.11 in view of the transport strike call given by some of the political parties. All the members are requested to co-operate.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meeting of Cadre Re-structuring committee

The gist of the above meeting held today as published in our CHQ blog is reproduced below:

As notified by the Department, I along with Sh. Dinesh Khare, President and Sh. Hari Mohan, CS, Punjab Circle Branch attended the meeting. The same was held under the chairpersonship of the Member(P).

It was apprised to us that data called from Circles on 20-10-2011 has not been received so far from Bihar, J&K, Rajasthan, UP& Uttrakhand Circles.It was disclosed by the official side that about 500 posts of ASP will be upgraded into PS Group"B" cadre and remaining posts of ASP will be amalgamated with the posts of IP in order to make it comparable with the Inspectors in CBDT/CBEC and to allow GP of Rs.4600/= for the amalgamated cadre. At present, 1765 incumbents are working in ASP Grade.

On our demand for allowing Gazetted status for the existing incumbents as on date in ASP grade, it was categorically made clear by the Chairperson that it is not possible to allow the same. However, she agreed to allow nomenclature of ASP without Gazetted Status for the present incumbents. By creation of additional posts in PS Group "B' cadre, the existing incumbents in ASP Grade will get absorbed in Group'B' cadre to the extent of 500 posts and some of them get retired over a period of time so that within a span of 4 years there will no ASP Grade in IP cadre and only feeder cadre of IP with GP of Rs.4600/- will remain for promotion to PS Group"B"/Sr. Postmaster as in case of other analogous post of CBDT/CBEC.

It was agreed that next meeting will be fixed only after the All India Conferance at Bangalore during Jan 2012. In that meeting, the Association has to submit its proposal in black and white on the issue of merger of IP& ASP with Non Gazetted status in the larger interest of the IP cadre.

We are of the view that this is the right opportunity to get restructuring of the IP cadre and also to increase its promotional avenues in the larger and long run benefit to cadre in the form of MACP.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Group Meeting at Central Region

As scheduled, the second Group Meeting of our Association will be held at K.G.Bose Bhavan (K.V.Sasi Nagar) near Ernakulam South railway station on 12.11.2011 (Saturday) from 10.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs. All the members of CR are requested to attend the meeting so as to make the effort fruitful.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Group Meeting at Northern Region

As already announced, the first of our Group Meetings will be held at Hotel Nalanda (behind Calicut H.O) on 5.11.2011 (Saturday) from 10.00 to 13.00 Hrs. All the members of NR are requested to attend the said meeting so as to make the effort fruitful.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CS writes to Chief PMG on the issue of revision of road mileage

Copy of letter given to Chief PMG on the above issue is reproduced below:

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 25.10.2011


The Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Trivandrum- 695033

Respected Madam,

Sub: Revision of Road Mileage rate- Gazette Notification reg:

Kindly find enclosed copy of Gazette Notification dated 14.1.2011 issued by the Government of Kerala (Transport Department) revising the existing rates of hire charge of Autorickshaws and Taxis. As per the said notification, the minimum rate per kilometer for Autorickshaws has been revised to Rs 7.00.

It is therefore requested to cause necessary action to bring the said revision of rates to the notice of all the Divisional Heads and to give them necessary instructions to settle the TA claims of IPs/ASPs as per the revised rates.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Thursday, October 20, 2011

JTS Promotion list

Directorate vide order No. 4-8/2009-SPG dated 19.10.2011 has ordered promotions in JTS of Indian Posatal Service Group 'A'(Pay Band-3: Rs.15600-39100+GP5400/-). The list showing the alloted Circles is furnished below:

1 Mazhar Basha AP- AP
2 Subhash Chand Barik Orissa- Orissa
3 B K Mehta Gujarath- Gujarath
4 Binod Bihari Sharan Bihar- Bihar
5 P Jayadevan Kerala- Kerala
6 A K Firoze Mohideen TN -TN
7 V Sampath TN -TN
8 Smt. V Mallika Mah- Mah
9 R P Chitradevi TN ADG(RB)- Directorate
10 M Niranjala Devi TN DD(PMU)- Directorate
11 N Prakash KTK- WB
12 T Neelakrishnan TN ADG(PO)- Directorate
13 S N Dave Rajasthan -Rajasthan
14 K K Jayasankar Kerala- Kerala
15 S Ranganathan TN ADG(Tech)- Directorate
16 K Raveendran TN ADG(BS)- Directorate
17 J F Shekar KTK -Rajasthan
18 Aditya Kumar NayaK Orissa- Orissa
19 R Laxmaiah AP -AP Retiring within one year
20 Abdul Haneef UP- UP
21 R Selvarani PTC Mysore- PTC Mysore
22 Leeladhar Joshi UTKH -UTKH
23 V S N Murthy AP- Assam
24 B S Pachal Gujarath -Gujarath
25 K Kuruvilla Veghese Kerala -Kerala Retiring within one year
26 Jeeban Sahu Orissa -Chattisgarah
27 Dibakar Patnaik Orissa -WB
28 Lokanath Sahani Orissa -Orissa Retiring within one year
29 Y E Honkan(SC) KTK -Punjab
30 N R Lonare(SC) Mah- MP
31 R Pandi(SC) AP -North East
32 Nannu Singh MP -MP
33 A N Dighore Mah Mah- Retiring within one year

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flash News- IP Grade Pay case allowed by the Tribunal

IP Grade Pay case (OA 381/10) was allowed by the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench today with a direction to the Secretary (Ministry of Finance) to take necessary action to upgrade the grade pay of Inspector Posts to Rs 4600 as per the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission which would make them at par with Inspectors of Income Tax and others Inspectors. The Hon'ble Tribunal also observed that this would make the GP of IPs at par with the present GP of ASPs and hence it would be desirable to upgrade the GP of ASPs as well accordingly. More details will be informed on receipt of copy of judgement.

Association congratulates Sri. Permanand Kumar & his team for the efforts taken in the matter and hope that the CHQ will pursue the matter at Directorate to ensure that the CAT order is implemented without much delay. The proposal put forth by Directorate for merger of IPs and ASPs also needs a re-look in the light of the Court order.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting of cadre restructuring committee

Extract of the posting made in the All India blog is reproduced below;

As notified by the Department, I alongwith Shri Hari Mohan, Circle Secretary, Punjab Circle Branch attended the meeting of the committee for looking in promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs. The meeting was held under the chairpersonship of the Member(P) in cordial atmosphere.

At the outset, we demanded for upgradation of GP of Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/- for IP and merger of the post of the ASP with the post of PS Group 'B' in order to remove anomoly in the hiechary of IPOs/ASPOs cadre. The chairperson informed that it is not possible in view of the observations of the Secretary (Posts) in the meeting held on 11.08.2011. Proposal submitted by the Association to the Department on 27.09.2011 will not be acceptable to the DOPT/MOF. Hence, it is not possible to consider the same at this stage.

It was suggested by the official side that in order to upgrade the GP of IP from Rs.4200/- to Rs. 4600/- and to increase promotional prosepcts of IPOs/ASPOs, all posts of ASP (HQ)/OS in JTS/STS Divisions in Postal/RMS will be upgraded as Dy. Supdt. in P.S. Group 'B' with GP Rs.4800/- alongwith upgradation of some posts of ASP/IP in PTC/R.O./C.O./ Speed Post Centres in to P.S.Group 'B'. Remaining posts of ASPOs will be merged with the posts of IPOs with GP of Rs.4600/- to remove the problem of hiechary and to make it comparable with the Inspectors in CBDT/ CBEC. Necessary data in this regard will be collected by the Establishment Division of the Postal Directorate from all Circles and the matter will be discussed in the next meeting to be held on 03.11.2011.

Posted by All India Association of IPs/ASPs at 3:50 PM

GS writes to DG Posts on the issue of Sr. PM Examination

Copy of letter given to DG Posts by our GS on the above matter is reproduced below for information of all members:

No. CHQ/IPASP/Sr. Postmaster/2011 Dated: 18.10.2011


The Director General (Posts) Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi- 110 001

Sub: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmasters (Gazetted)

Ref: Postal Directorate No. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 03.10.2011 & 4-17/2008-SPB-II dated 22.11.2010

Respected Madam,

This Association begs to bring the following few lines for kind consideration and positive action please:-

1. That the Department has issued notification vide No. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 03.10.2011 scheduling Senior Postmaster Examination to be held on 31.12.2011 without notifying the number of vacancies and other pre-requisites for conducting the examination to keep this notification under the ambit of set rules.

2. The Association would like to recall that at present PS Group ‘B’ Recruitment (Amendment) Rules, 1993 issued vide No. 9-36/92-SPG dated 29.06.1994 are still in force leaving aside the Postmaster Recruitment Rules, 2010 that too run contrary to earlier rules.

3. That as per Department of Posts, Postal Superintendent/ Postmasters Group ‘B’ Recruitment Rules, 1987 issued on 09.04.1988, all Group ‘B’ Posts were to be filled up by promotion in the manner given below:-

i. 94% from amongst officers holding the post of Inspector, Post Offices or Inspector, Railway Mails through DPC.

ii. 6% from amongst General Line officials by means of a Departmental Competitive Examination.

4. That in the year 1994, on the demand of this Association, Recruitment Rules mentioned at Sl No. 3 above were amended and the quota of 94% was further bifurcated in the manner given below:-

i. 75% of the total posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Inspectors of Post offices and Inspectors of Railway Mail Service (Pay Scale Rs. 1400-2300/-) with 8 years regular service in the grade.

ii. 19% of the total posts shall be filled on the basis of a Departmental Competitive Examination from amongst Inspectors of Post offices and Inspectors of Railway Mail Service (Pay Scale Rs 1400-2300/-) with five years regular service in the grade.5. That as per para 6 of the Postmaster Recruitment Rules, 2010, 116 posts of Senior Postmaster have been earmarked in the following manner:-

Total No. of Posts 116
75% Posts to IP Line out of 116 through LDCE 87
25% Posts to General Line out 116 through DPC 29

These 116 Posts of Senior Postmaster have been carved out of existing posts in PS Group ‘B’ cadre without any suitable amendment in PS Group ‘B’ Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 1993 and without any discussions with our Association.

6. That your kind attention is also invited to our letter no. CHQ /PS Gr ‘B’/2011 dated 04.07.2011(copy enclosed) wherein detailed proposal regarding distribution of quota under each category was submitted to the Department for consideration and implementation in the interest of both IP Line and General Line officials but nothing has been done by the Department in this regard so far.
7. That is also pointed out here that 19% Posts of IP Line (165 Posts) under examination quota in PS Group ‘B’ are already filled up and there is no vacancy to be filled up through LDCE.
8. That as per Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster(Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade III and II- Group B Non-Gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade I-Group C Non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules 2010 issued on 09.09.2010 only Inspector of Posts in PB-2 of Rs.9300-34800 and Grade Pay of Rs.4200 with six years regular service in the grade is eligible to appear in LDCE for Senior Postmaster. It is not understood why ASP having six years regular service in IP cadre is not eligible to write the examination as both Posts relates to one and same cadre i.e. IP cadre.

In view of above facts it is requested to kindly postpone examination process of Senior Postmaster and the examination should only be conducted as and when a vacancy arises under the respective quota and making eligible ASP to appear in the examination.

It is also requested to kindly consider and implement the proposal submitted to the Department in our letter dated 04.07.2011 in order to dispense justice to IP cadre.

It is also not out of place to mention here that this Association will be forced to take legal recourse in this regard if the matter is not settled amicably within reasonable time.

Yours sincerely,
(Roop Chand)
General Secretary

List of retiring officers- 2012 & 2013

List of officers due to retire during the year 2012 and 2013 is furnished below:

1. Sri.K.S.Sreedharan (SP Idukki) - 31.3.2012
2.Sri. K.Kuruvilla Varghese (SSP KTM) - 31.5.2012
3.Sri. P.V.Vaidyanathan (Dy.SP EKM) - 31.5.2012
4.Sri. P.Mukundan (SP TLY) - 31.5.2012
5.Sri. A.J.Jose (SP ALP) - 30.6.2012
6.Sri. P.Radhakrishnan Nair (AD LC,RO Kochi) - 31.12.2012.


1.Sri. A.C.Philip (AD Staff, RO Calicut) - 30.6.2013
2.B.Mohanan (SP, TVM (S)) - 31.10.2013
3.Sri. V.K.T. Kunhosoophy (ASP HQ, Manjeri)- 30.11.2013
4.Sri. K.G.Balakrishnan (SP Kannur) - 31.12.2013

Monday, October 17, 2011

Demise of Sri. K.V.Sasi

Association informs with utmost sorrow the sad demise of Sri. K.V.Sasi, ASP EK 1st Sub Dn today evening. He was under treatment at Lake Shore Hospital, Kochi for some time now. Association conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Re-allotment/Postings in PS Group B

In accordance with the orders contained in DG Posts letter No. 9-3/2011-SPG dated 3.8.2011 and Chief PMG, TN Circle Memo No. STC/1-6/Re-allot/2010 dated 12.8.2011 Chief PMG Kerala Circle has ordered the following re-allotment/posting in the cadre of PS Group B.The officers will be relieved from Kerala Circle under office arrangement.

1. Sri. K.Sathiamoorthy, AD (Mails), RO Kochi is re-alloted to TN Circle and posted as Sr. PM, Coimbatore HO

2. L.Amalachandran, AD(Rectt &Est), CO TVM is re-alloted to TN Circle and posted as Dy. Chief Postmaster (Admn), Anna Road HO.

Notification for Examination to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster

Circle Office has issued notification for examination to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster. Email in this connection has been given to all Divisional Heads. All those who desire to participate in the said examination may forward their application in the following proforma to their respective controlling officers for onward transmission to CO immediately:


1 Name & Designation in Block letters

2 Office to which attached and Division

3 Educational Qualifications

4 Present post held and the scale of pay

5 Date of Birth and age

6 Whether belongs to SC/ST if so the name of the caste/tribe

7 Post in which first appointed and the date from which appointed

8 Date of regular appointment to

(i) HSG I

(ii) Asstt. Supdt./HSG II

(iii) Inspector / LSG

(the words not applicable should be scored out)

9 No. of completed years as on 01-01-2011

(i) HSG I

(ii) Asstt. Supdt./HSG II

(iii) Inspector / LSG

(the words not applicable should be scored out)

I……………………………………………………………..hereby declare that the particulars furnished by me in the form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Place: Signature

Date: Designation & Address

Forwarded to:-

1. The particulars have been carefully checked and found correct / corrected wherever necessary.
2. Specific recommendations of the controlling authority Viz. Divisional Superintendents. RECOMMENDED / NOT RECOMMENDED

Sr. Supdt. / Supdt./Asstt.Director

Transfer in cadre of Inspector of Posts

Vide Letter No. ST/4-1/2010 dated 13.10.2011 Chief PMG has ordered the following inter circle mutual transfer in the cadre of IPOs under Rule-38 of P&T Manual Volume IV:

1. Sri. Rajeev Ranjan, IP (CCC), Trivandrum North Division is alloted to Bihar Circle against Sri. R.Rattan Kumar, Complaints Inspector, O/o SPos, Darbhanga Division, Bihar Postal Circle alloted to Kerala Circle.

2. On allotment to Kerala Circle, Sri. Rattan Kumar is posted as IP, Punalur Sub Division, Pathanamthitta Division.

Competent Authority vide the above cited letter (Part II) has further ordered the following:

1. Sri. M.S.Sunil, IP Punalur Sub Division, PTA is transferred and posted as IP, Neyyattinkara Sub Dn, TVM (S) Dn against vacant post. The transfer is on request of the official and hence w/o TA/TP and J.T.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adhoc promotions/postings/transfers in Group A & B cadres in SR

Chief PMG Kerala has issued the following orders of promotion/posting/transfer in Southern Region:

1. Sri. L.K.Gangadharan, SPOs TVM(S) is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of Junior Time Scale of Indian Postal Service Group A and posted as SSPOs, Kollam against regular vacancy.

2. Sri. B.Mohanan, SPOs PTA, is transferred and posted as SPOs, Trivandrum South Dn.

3.Sri. V.Balakrishnan Nair, ASP (OD & Mktg), TVM (S) Dn is promoted on adhoc basis to the cadre of PS Group B and posted as SPOs, PTA Dn vice Sri. B.Mohanan transferred.

The Association congratulates the officers and wishes them all the very best in their new venture.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Re-scheduling of Group Meetings- All India Conference fund raising campaign

In view of the Training Programme on Marketing Plans and Strategies announced by CO in the month of October for IPs/ASPs, the proposed Group Meetings of the Association to be held on 15, 22 and 29th of this month in all the 3 regions has been re-scheduled to November 5, 12 and 19 in NR,CR and SR respectively. Exact venues will be announced later. All members are requested to ensure their particpation in the said meetings;

As already informed the next All India Conference of the Association is scheduled to be held at Bangalore on 27 to 29th of January 2012. In this connection a nation wide fund raising compaign was launched in the CWC held at Patna and our Circle has been given a target of Rs 50,000. As such, all members are requested to contribute Rs 200/- each for raising funds for the national conference. The ASP(HQs) of each Division are requested to co-ordinate the collection in each Division and to forward the amount to our Treasurer. All the members are requested to co-operate earnestly in this endevour so as to make our All India Conference a grand success.


Training Programme of IPs/ASPs/BEs

A two day training/workshop for IPs/ASPs and BEs on 'Marketing plans and Strategies' is to be held at the Conference Hall of Circle Office. The training will be imparted by National Institute of Personnel Management, Kochi in 3 batches of 30 participants each on 14-15th October, 21-22nd October and 28-29th October respectively. No exemption will be granted on any ground to the participants and all participants should be relieved in time and directed to attend the programme without fail. List of participants for the first two batches are furnished below:

1st batch (14-15th October 2011)

1. P.Promodkumar

2.N.Anil Kumar



5.Asha Pillai




9. J.Sheeba

10. S.Srirangan

11.K.Gangadharan Nair



14.C.C.Muhamed Saheer

15.B.Gouri Sangeetha

16.M.K.Karthikeyan Nair

17.A.Salim Kumar



20. P.Binu








28. M.K.Indira

29. N.Unnikrishnan

30. Deepthy

Second Batch (21st - 22nd October)

1. C.M.Bharathan


3.Sobha Thomas

4.K.Manoj Kumar







11.K. Manoj







18.S.Mohammed Shereef

19. Sheeja Prabhakaran

20. Sunil Kumar


22. Riyaz.P





27.M.S.Bindu Raj


29.S.V.Asha Lakshmi

30. Deepa Murali.

List of participants for the 3rd batch to be conducted on 28-29th Oct will be announced shortly.

No ceiling on maximum balances in Post Office Savings Accounts

Subject:- Removal of ceiling of maximum balance to be retained in a post office savings
account- amendment to Rule-4 of the Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981

(i) From 1.10.2011, there will be no limit for retaining balance in single as well as joint savings

From Indiapost Website

Friday, October 7, 2011

CS writes to PMG(NR) on the issue of shifting of office of ASRM/IRM CT 2nd Sub Division

Copy of the letter given to PMG(NR) on the above matter is furnished below:

No. IP/ASP/ASSN: Date 7/10/2011


The Postmaster General
Northern Region
Kerala Circle


Sub: Shifting of the Office of ASRM/IRM CT 2nd Sub Dn – reg:

I am writing this letter to convey the strong protest and indignation of this Association over the action taken by your office for shifting the office of ASRM/IRM Calicut 2nd Sub Division without even informing or consulting our members. It is ascertained that the Office of ASRM/IRM CT 2nd Sub Dn has been shifted to a small, crammed room near CRC in Calicut RMS/2 (1st floor) which does not even have attached toilet facility. Though ASRM had identified another room for EK-1 staff as rest room, it is learned that the office has been shifted today morning with unnecessary haste on the pretext that one of the Staff Union was adamant that the rest room is to be accommodated in the office room of ASRM itself.

Incidentally, I may point out here that on the same day the above decision was taken by your office, Our Association had held bi-monthly meeting with PMG and even in that meeting this issue was neither discussed with our representatives nor our views sought in the matter. Moreover, my discussions with service union representatives revealed that they have no case that the rest room should be shifted to the room of ASRM. The Union representatives had given me assurance that if any other convenient space is provided at the HO itself, they would be happy to accommodate the rest room there.

Hence, the Association appeals to your kind self to reconsider the said decision taken with respect to the shifting of ASRMs office and to maintain status quo in the matter as otherwise it would cause much hardship and grievance to our members. A line in reply will be deeply appreciated.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Minutes of the Bi-monthly meeting held with PMG (NR)

The minutes of the bi-monthly meeting held with PMG(NR) with representatives of our Association held on 29.9.11 is furnished below. Our OS Sri. Mohammed Shareef and Treasurer Sri. K.Manoj represented the Association.

Item No.1: Restoration of diverted PCs to Sub Divisions: The destop PCs taken away from Sub Divisional Offices in some Divisions of NR is to be returned to those offices. Although the item was taken up with PMG and he had agreed to take action on the same, the systems have not been restored till date.

Reply: It was decided that one 'i-ball' brand computer USB compact key board and Microsoft mouse shall be brought locally by the IP/ASP at the amount not exceeding Rs 800/-(both items). They shall submit the bill to the Divisional Superintendent. Those IP and ASP who already have both or either of the items mentioned above need not purchase the same again.
(Item closed)

Item No.2: Permission to purchase Swamys News: Permission to purchase monthly issue of Swamys News may be given to the Sub Divisional Heads or supply of the same may be arranged from Divisional Office.

Reply: There is no need to supply the item. (Item closed).

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Group Meetings to be held in 3 Regions

As announced Group Meetings of the Association will be held in all the three regions as scheduled below:
15.10.11- Northern Region (Calicut)
22.10.11 - Central Region (Aluva)
29.10.11- Southern Region (TVM)

The exact venues will be announced later. The agenda of the said meetings will be as follows:
1. All India CWC held at Patna
2. Proposals to be submitted before the Cadre Re-structuring Committee
3.All India Conference to be held at Bangalore in January 2012
4.Circle Conference to be held in April 2012.
5. Other Organizational and local issues
6. Any other item with the permission of the chair.

All the members are requested to participate in the meetings so as to enable us to evolve a concrete proposal for submitting before the cadre re-structuring committee which has already been put in place. Sri. Mohammad Shareef (ASP Tirur Sub Dn), Sri. B.Padmakumar (ASP EKM RMS) and Sri. B.Gopakumar (IP CS CO) will function as convenors of the meetings in NR, CR and SR respectively.

Circle Secretary

Breaking Decision......

Copy of the CPMG, Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur letter No. O & M/10-1/Instructions dated 21.09.2011 is reproduced below for information of all members of the Association. All Circle Secretaries are requested to take up this issue with their CPMsG.

Department of Posts, India
% The Chief Postmaster General, Rajasthan Circle,

All the Divisional Heads, Jaipur Region

No. O & M/ 10-1/ Instructions Dated at Jaipur, the 21.09.2011

Sub :- Regarding work distribution to Sub- Divisional Heads

On the above context, the undersigned has been directed to say that -
1. All the Sub- Divisional Heads may be provided official assistance of 1/2 day daily from the Post Office staff where Sub-Division is located. All the concerned Divisional Heads will provide a Postal Assistant of PO staff who is efficient to work on computer to the Sub- Divisional Heads of their jurisdiction for assistance for 1/2 day daily. Memo of Distribution of Work (MODOW) be changed accordingly.
2. All the targets by the Divisional Heads to be allotted to Post Offices (operative units) in consultation with Sub- Divisional Heads. A Monitoring System may be put in place for effective monitoring by respective account offices.
3. Inspection Rooms for Inspectors/ASPs at important locations to be created. The existing IRs be modernised on priority basis.

(Dushyant Mudgal)
Asstt. Postmaster General (S&V)

Copy for information, guidance and necessary action to :-
1. The Postmaster General Ajmer/ Jodhpur
2. All the Sub- Divisional Heads Jaipur Region

Source :-

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Combined agitational programme against PMG (CR)

As all the members may be aware, we have launched a joint agitational programme against PMG (CR) by joining hands with other service unions viz NFPE and FNPO and Officers Association. A JCA has been formed and a relay dharna programme is currently going on infront of RO Kochi on behalf of the JCA. The protest is mainly against the anti -labour, autocratic and perverted action and misbehaviour committed by the PMG against some of our members and other officers and also against the negative attitude shown by him towards the technological ventures launched in CR and other business oriented activities which has put the Circle in a bad shape.

As part of the agitational programme, a momorandum was proposed to be given to the PMG on 6.9.11 of which the PMG was informed in advance. However, without waiting to receive our memorandum, PMG proceeded to Kottayam Divisional Office wherein he was gheraoed by the staff till 7.00 PM. As a follow up programme, a 10 days relay dharna was announced which commenced on 20.9.11, which is coming to an end on 3.10.11 with a grand demonstration and dharna in front of RO on the said date. The future course of action will be chalked out soon.

As such, all members are requested to join the programme on 3.10.11 by taking leave on that day so as to make the said programme a grand success. All members are requested to ensure their presence in front of RO Kochi by 10.30 on 3.10.11.

Circle Secretary

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CS writes to AD (Est) C.O on review of norms for IP/ASPs

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 27.9.2011


Sri. Amalachandran
Asst Director (Est),O/o Chief PMG
Kerala Circle, TVM-33


Sub: Proposal for review of norms in respect of ASPOs/IPOs – reg:
Ref: Letter No. Est/51-1/Dlg/2011 dated 12.9.11

While inviting your kind attention to the above said letter, it is to be pointed out by this Association that at present the work load of the Sub Division is calculated based on the number of offices and number of staff working in the Sub Division. Such a practice is totally irrelevant and impractical in the present scenario wherein a Sub Division is made to do multifarious jobs including that of many BD related ones. None of these duties are reflected in the work load.

Works such as holding of Melas and Group Meetings to procure RPLI policies, BPL Accounts etc, processing of RPLI policies and writing of CRS, visits to business establishments/school etc are not being taken into account for assessing the work load in a Sub Division. These duties are over and above the traditional duties entrusted to a Sub Divisional IP/ASP.ons etc. The MO paid verification of 25 MOs per months and verification of SB withdrawals exceeding Rs 5000 in BOs and single handed SOs still continues while BPMs can pass withdrawal up to Rs 5000 now. Still the limit for verification of withdrawal continues to be Rs 5000/-. Monitoring of KPI in project arrow offices is another item of work which does not find a place in the work load calculation of the Sub Division. All these works are now being carried out by the Sub Divisional Head single handedly without any clerical assistance. It is therefore very much clear that the additional duties and responsibilities entrusted to Sub Divisions in the present scenario cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be covered within the existing co-efficient provided for the Sub Division.

The above position may kindly be brought to the notice of Directorate while forwarding suggestions for review of norms in respect of ASPOs/IPOs.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

CWC Meeting at Patna- Gist of the discussions

As scheduled, the crucial meeting of the CWC of the All India IP/ASP Association was held at Patna (Tourist Bungalow, Kautilya Vihar) on 23rd and 24th September, 2011. Representatives from 16 Circles participated in the meeting. The undersigned along with Sri. T.M.Krishnaswamy (OGS) and K.Manoj (Treasurer) attended the meeting. Sri Ajith Kumar our former CS also joined us from Directorate. The prominent leaders who attended the meeting included Sri. Dinesh Khare (President), Sri. Roop Chand (GS), Sri, Samuel our former GS, Sri. Janardan Sharma, SSPOs Meerut, Sri. Shyam Pandey, SSPOs Patna and Sri. D.C. Sharma, AD (Admn), GPO, New Delhi. On behalf of all the members of Kerala Circle, the Association would like to place on record its utmost gratitude and appreciation to Bihar CS and his team for the great hospitality and concern shown to us during our stay in Patna. Many thanks are also due to Sri. Manoranjan, IP, Gaya South Sub Division and Sri. Mohan Kumar, AD(FS), C.O Patna for all the help rendered to us.

The discussion in the CWC centered around the pivotal issue of the proposal put forth by the Directorate regarding merger of IP and ASP cadre foregoing the gazetted status. After a thread bare discussion on the subject, the august house rejected the merger proposal with huge majority. 12 Circles rejected the proposal while only 5 Circles supported the proposal. Majority expressed the view that the gazetted status was earned after a long struggle and hard work and any proposal to lose such a hard earned benefit cannot be allowed. Kerala Circle also endorsed this view and urged to fight for GP of 4600 and 4800 for IPs and ASPs respectively in the light of the expected CAT verdict in the IP GP case. Many other organizational matters like providing clerical assistance to Sub Divisional Heads, formation of a team for conducting inspections, uniform policy for telephone/broadband reimbursement etc was mooted from our side before the House. The ongoing combined agitation against PMG (CR) was also brought to the notice of the House. The CWC passed a resolution strongly condemning the atrocious acts of PMG (CR) against the officers and others.

Based on the aforesaid discussions, the CWC unanimously authorized the GS to inform Secretary (Posts) of the decisions taken in the CWC and also to give a notice for non-cooperation if our demands are not met by the Directorate/Government. The non-cooperation move is to be launched soon after the CAT delivers its verdict wherein all our members will refrain from implementing all new ventures introduced by the department as part of the 100 days programme introduced by the MOC. All business oriented activities in PLI, RPLI, SB etc will be put to a stop. Regarding suggestions to be put before the Cadre restructuring committee, it was decided that the issue needs to be discussed at length by the members of all the Circles and hence one month time was given for each Circle to chalk out detailed proposals to put forth before the said Committee. Details of other items discussed are available in the CHQ blog.

The CWC also decided to conduct the next All India conference of the Association at Bangalore from 27.1.12 to 29.1.12. The CS Karnataka Circle requested the support and co-operation of all Circles in making the conference a big success. A fund raising campaign was launched in this regard and coupons distributed to all Circles. Kerala Circle has been given a stiff target of Rs 50,000/ considering the active nature of our Association. All members are requested to contribute Rs 200/- each towards All India Circle Conference fund. Separate Group Meetings will be conducted in all Regions immediately to apprise the members the details of the deliberations which took place in the CWC and to discuss the proposals to be presented before the cadre restructuring committee. The tentative dates of the said meetings are as follows:

Northern Region: 15.10.11
Central Region: 22.10.11
Southern Region: 29.10.11

Venue of the said meetings will be announced shortly. All members are requested to ensure their participation in the said meetings.

Circle Secretary

Monday, September 26, 2011

Transfer and Posting in PSS Gp B Cadre - NR

Sri K.Narayanan, PM Kannur has been promoted on adhoc basis to PSS Gp B
and posted as SP Tirur. The Officer has taken charge on 23/09/2011.

The Association congratulates the above officer.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Update on CAT case on Grade Pay

The CAT case on Grade Pay issue was taken for trial today
and the final orders of CAT is expected within 10 days.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Delegation for CWC at Patna

A three member delegation consisting of our CS Sri. Ajith Kurian, Organizing Secretary Sri. T.M.Krishnaswamy and Treasurer Sri..Manoj is leaving for patna on 20th to participate in the CWC meeting to be held at Patna on 23rd and 24th September. Association wishes 'Bon Voyage' to our delegation.

The majority view that arose from the deliberations held with the members was that we will fight for merger of IP and ASP cadre but without foregoing the hard earned gazetted status. Proposals will be presented at the CWC by our delegation keeping in mind this view expressed by the majority of our members.

Friday, September 16, 2011 email id to all Sub Divisions

Technology Division Directorate has created email ID in the indiapost domain to all the sub divisions. The email id would be

An email from Directorate has been forwarded to all in the existing email ID. Please check up your email ID and furnish the required information.

Cabinet approves 7% DA hike

The Union Cabinet today approved increase of Dearness Allowance by 7% to Central Government employees. The rate of Dearness allowance shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 51% to 58%. Revised rate is effective from 1.7.2011. Orders are expected to be issued by Finance Ministry next week

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Constitution of Committee to look into promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs

Postal Directorate has issued Office Order on the above subject vide No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 09.09.2011 which is reproduced below:-

Sub:- Secretary (P)'s meeting with All India Association &Asstt. Superintendent Posts on 11.08.2011- Para (ii)- Constitution of Committee to look into promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs-reg.

2. This has reference to minutes of Secretary (P)'s meeting dated 11.08.2011 circulated vide communication of even number dated 25.08.2011 on the above subject.

3. As per decision taken in regard to Para (ii) dealing with promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs, a Committee comprising the following is constituted to examine the issue and submit its report.

Member (Personnel)- Chairperson
DDG (Personnel)
DDG (Establishment)
Director (T&C)

President, AIAIPASP
General Secretary, AIAIPASP

(Subhash Chander)
Director (SR&Legal)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review of work norms for IP/ASPs- suggestions

Directorate vide letter datd 29.6.11 have called for the details for review of norms in respect of IP/ASPs. The gist of the said letter is extracted below:

To All Heads of Circle

Subject: Proposal for review of norms in respect of ASPOs/IPOs

I am directed to call for the following information in respect of proposal for review of norms in respect of ASPOs/IPOs.

1. No. of existing postal sub divisions in the Circle with break up of Sub Divisions manned by IPOs and ASPO respectively.

2. Work sheet showing the justification for Sub Divisions in all Postal Divisions

3. Details of additional duties and responsibilities entrusted to Sub Divisions and whether the additional duties can be covered within the co-efficient provided for each sub division.

4. Specific recommendations of the Head of Circle.

Section Director (PE-1)

All the members are requested to offer their suggestions with respect to clause 3 of the above cited letter so as to present the views of the Association to Chief PMG.

India post WinsSkoch Digital Inclusion Award 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Proposal for merger of IP and ASPs

The revised proposal on the above matter mooted by CHQ is furnished below:

Post of Inspector,Posts may be merged withh the post of Asstt. Supdt. Posts with GP of Rs.4600/-with nomenclature as Asstt. Supdt. Posts as the Department has already merged the post of Inspector, MMS with the post of Asstt. Manager, MMS with the GP of Rs. 4600/- with nomenclature as Asstt. Manager, MMS. In the event of merger with upgraded GP of Rs. 4600/-, the Association is agreeable for withdrawal of Gazettted status granted to the post of Asstt. Supdt. Posts vide Postal Directorate memo. no. 25-18/2000-PE dated 28.07.2005. However, it is made clear that Gazetted status to the post of ASP should be withdrawn only after merger and grant of GP of Rs. 4600/- to the merged post simultaneously.

Roop Chand
General Secretary

All the members are requested to submit their views on the matter well in advance so as to enable us to formulate a consolidated proposal in the matter to CHQ. Your views may be informed to the undersigned over phone or by email in ipaspkerala @ or If no opinion is received by 15.9.11, the decision taken by the Circle Working Committee held at Kochi will be taken as the final decision of the Circle and will be communicated to the CHQ.


Combined agitational programme at Kochi

As decided, the combined agitational programme against PMG (CR) took place at Ro Kochi on 6.9.11. NFPE General Secretary, Sri. Krishnan, FNPO Circle Secretary Sri. Johnson Avookaran, Officers Association working Secretary, Sri. Vijayakumar & IP/ASP Association Circle Secretary Sri. Ajith Kurian participated in the said programme among other prominent leaders. PMG(CR) left HQ for Kottayam without waiting to receive the memorandum. A dharna was held in front of the RO and in continuation to the said agitatinal programme it was decided to stage indefinite Divisional wise relay dharna before the RO starting from 20.9.11. All the members are requested to offer wholehearted support to the proposed combined agitational programme launched against PMG (CR).


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

IP/ASP List of Kerala Circle

A detailed list of the incumbents of all the IP/ASP posts in the Circle has been compiled and the same along with mobile numbers of all our members will be uploaded in the blog shortly. The summary of the position which emerges from the said compilation is as follows:

Total No. IP Posts in the Circle - 91
No. of posts where IPs in position- 66
No. of vacant posts - 25

Total No. of ASP Posts -109 (8 PM Posts)
No. of Posts where ASPs in position- 94
No. of vacant posts - 15 ( 1 PM Post)

Download the list from the link below

Monday, August 29, 2011

IP Grade Pay CAT case - update

OA No. 381/10 came up before the Hon'ble CAT on 26.8.11 when the case was adjourned to 22.09.2011 as per the request of the proxy applicant's counsel.

CS writes to GS on the issue of creation of Sultan Bathery Sub Division

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 29.8.11


Sri. Roop Chand
General Secretary

Sub: Formation of Sultan Bathery Sub Dn – reg:

The proposal for creation of a new Sub Division (Sultan Bathery) by carving out offices from the Kalpetta and Kunnamangalam Sub Divisions of Calicut Division was taken up with Chief PMG, Kerala Circle in the Bi-monthly Meeting held on 16.6.2011. In reply, it was intimated by Chief PMG that the workload in the existing four Sub Divisions in Calicut Division showed justification for one more Sub Division and hence the proposal for creation of a new Sub Division was taken up with Directorate. However, it was brought to the notice of the Association that no reply from Directorate has so far been received. It has subsequently been intimated that the matter has been reminded vide Chief PMG Do dated 11.6.2009.

In view of the above position, I request you to use your good office and to pursue the matter with the Establishment Section of Directorate so as to elicit speedy response in the matter from Directorate. Copies of letter issued by the Establishment Section of C.O and D.O letter send by Chief PMG is also enclosed for favour of ready reference.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Minutes of meeting with Secretary (Posts)

Minutes of the meeting have been issued by the Postal Directorate vide No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 25.08.2011. A copy of the minutes is reproduced below:-

Minutes of the meeting taken by Secretary (Posts) with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent of Posts on 11.08.2011.

Secretary (Posts) took a meeting with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendent of Posts on 11.08.2011 to discuss the charter of demands given by the Association with their letter dated 04.07.2011. The following were present:-

Official side Staff side

Member (Personnel) Sri Roop Chand, General Secretary
DDG (P) Sri Dinesh Khare, Preseident
DDG (Establishment) Sri Ajit Kumar, CS Kerala
DG (Recruitment &Petition) Sri Raj Deo Prasad, CS Bihar
Director (SR &Legal)

The issues raised in the charter of demands were considered by the Committee and a gist of discussions thereof is as follows:

i. The Association was apprised that the proposal to revise the Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200 to Rs. 4600 did not find favour with the Ministry of Finance on the ground that there can not be two levels in the same hierarchy i.e., IPOs & ASPOs, drawing the same grade pay. They were further informed that the proposal could be considered only if IPO & ASPOs cadres are merged into one cadre and the gazetted status of ASPOs is foregone. The Association agreed to submit a revised proposal to be considered by the Department.

ii. A committee will be constituted to look into promotional prospects of the IPOs/ASPOs. Action -SR

iii & iv It was explained to the Association how the introduction of Postmaster’s cadre has not , in any way, adversely affected their overall promotional prospects. The Association was also told of the need to encourage meritorious candidates by bringing them on fast track promotion, which will provide stability to the PS Group B/Time Scale Cadres.

v. Supply of laptops to IPOs/ASPOs will be examined. Action – Tech. Div.

vi. The Association was explained that the post of HSG-I was not a promotional post for IPOs and further HSG-I post is non gazetted whereas the post of ASPOs is gazetted . In the background of the above, the proposal could not be considered.

vii. The matter of revision of rate of remuneration for performing duty as invigilators in the Departmental examinations is under process. Action – DDG (Rectt. & Pett.)

viii. The staff side was explained that the proposal regarding promotion earned through examination not to be considered while granting MACP was not in line with this scheme and therefore could not be considered.

ix. The demand of the staff side to hold periodical meeting at regular intervals was accepted. Action – SR

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

All the members are requested to go through the reply given by the administration with respect to the items of the charter of demand and to offer their views so as to enable the Assn. to present a consolidated picture in the All India CWC to be held at Patna on 23 and 24th September.

IP Grade Pay CAT case

As the Division Bench in Court-II did not function, OA 381/11 was not listed for hearing on 19.8.11. It is ascertained that the case would be posted before the Division Bench of Court-I. Case is likely to come up any day this week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RPLI/PLI Meeting to be held on 29.8.11 postponed

PLI/RPLI review meeting/award distribution ceremony scheduled to be held on 29.8.11 at TVM has been postponed. Many members had brought to the notice of the Association about the difficulty to get rail tickets and also the fact that the meeting was fixed on the eve of Ramadan. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of the Chief PMG, who, fully appreciating our concerns, gave directions to postpone the meeting. The exact date will be intimated later.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Combined meeting of Service Unions called by Chief PMG

A combined meeting of all the service unions of this Circle was called by Chief PMG in the wake of the directive of the MOC to attain revenue growth to the extent of 25% over last year’s performance and also in the light of the 100 days programme announced by the MOC. Myself along with Sri. T.M Krishnaswamy represented our Association. Such a fast track programme has become essential as we are now facing an alarming situation where the department’s deficit has become equal to its revenue and the reduction in deficit last year was only to the extent to 11% and as such there is an urgent need to wipe out this large deficit of over Rs 6000 crore.

Chief PMG at the outset gave an overall picture of the present scenario highlighting the position of Kerala Circle. It was pointed out that Kerala’s revenue deficit was no different from that of the whole country. In 2010-11 our revenue including SB/CC was Rs 363/12 crores while our deficit was a staggering Rs 293.19 crores. It is evident that we have to literally double our net revenue this year if we have to make a significant difference and to reach anywhere near the target given to us by the MOC. Chief PMG stressed the need to rationalize our expenditure and closely monitor the bulk mailers to prevent any leakage of revenue as one penny saved is equal to a penny earned. Madam also reminded us that nearly 1000 newly recruited PAs/SAs would be joining the department this year after training which would further add to our existing costs.

The performance of the Circle in the first quarter of this current financial year was capsuled before us to show us where we stood. Only 79.25% of the revenue target has been met till now. Performance in increasing SB live accounts and in generating PLI/RPLI policies has not been very good till date. In the premium business segment also, the overall growth achieved is insignificant despite some growth in the Speed Post segment. It was therefore pointed out that we are not likely to achieve either the annual or 100 day targets given to us unless the entire Circle makes a major effort to do so.

The following areas of challenges which required to be overcome were pointed out:

(i)At present there is an over-dependence on money orders to boost our revenues. MO commission has been the backbone of our performance in the traditional revenue stream. However, this revenue stream is very vulnerable to Government policies and hence there is an urgent need to broad base and widen our revenue generating opportunities.

(ii)Our revenue from BD or premium products is very meager compared to overall revenue and also to other states (only 31.67 of the overall postal revenue in contrast to 80.64% of TN, 61.83% of Karnataka). We have to find means to increase our revenue from BD or premium products so that atleast 50% of our total revenue comes from our premium & Value added products.

(iii) The situation calls for raising the benchmark in SB also. Other Circles have made up the gap in revenue target and achievement by increasing their SB live Accounts. But our Circle showed only very marginal growth in this segment last year (5%) viz-a-viz other major circles. Over dependence on agents, occurrence of frauds, unwillingness on the part of the departmental offices to open new accounts, competition from banks etc are all challenges which we need to overcome.

(iv) With the widespread computerization of Pos, we have now reached a position whereby we are equipped to provide an array of e-services. However, this potential is not exploited to the maximum. There is an urgent need to identify new customers and tap the immense opportunities which are lying in this segment.

(v) Much remains to be done in the area of RPLI. With self help groups becoming a major instrument of economic empowerment in the state in segments which were traditionally our market, it is sad that we have not exploited this opportunity adequately especially in areas catered by the Departmental SOs.

(vi) There is also a need to increase the quality of our services both across the counter and also in delivery. Newly introduced products are often not provided to the customers and value additions are ignored which tarnishes the image of the department and its services. The basic outlook and attitude needs a radical change.

(vii) Our main strength lies in the large retail network of 5068 Pos which gives us a presence in every village in the state, a network so wide which no other organization can even dream of. However, it is a startling reality that most of these Pos are today running at a loss (4%) while approx: 20% earn more than PLL. As against the mistaken belief that as per Govt. policy every PO is required to earn only 33 1/3% of its revenue (15% in remote areas), the fact is that every urban PO has to earn revenue to the extent of at least 5% more than its costs while SOs in rural & remote areas can incur loss only to the extent of Rs 2400 & Rs 4800 per yeas. Therefore there is a major challenge in our Circle to leverage the network and make it viable.

In the above backdrop, Chief PMG appealed to all the Unions to exhort their members to help the Circle achieve its goals by addressing the various challenges mentioned above and also the targets given to the Circle. Madam requested to conduct special drives in RPLI/SB so as to help us to achieve the targets within the limited time available. All the Service Unions unanimously decided to extend all possible co-operation and support to the Circle Administration in the said venture.

All the members are requested to extend all support and co-operation in this joint venture and contribute in whatever possible way they can so as to enable Our Circle to pull up its performance and to continue to rank among the better performing Circles in the country and contribute substantially to reduce the deficit of India Post. SB and PLI/RPLI are two segments which can help us meet our short term goals. As such, the Association calls upon all its members to open a new SB/RD Account in their neighboring PO. Let every IP/ASP of Kerala Circle have an account in the Post Office. All the members are also requested to take a fresh PLI policy if the maximum limit of ten lakhs has not been already exhausted. Such initiatives can contribute to our cause in a big way. A positive response is solicited from all the esteemed members.

Circle Secretary

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Combined meeting of Service Unions

An informal meeting of all the service unions was held at Trivandrum on 16.8.11 to discuss the emerging scenario at Central Region in the wake of the suspension of Sri. K.K.Davis, SSP Ernakulam. Sri. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, Sri. Johnson. D.Avokkaran, Secretary, FNPO, Sri. K.V.Vijayakumar, working CS, Postal Officers Association, Sri. T.M.Krishnaswamy, OGS, IP/ASP Assn & Sri.Ajith Kurian, C.S, IP/ASP Assn. was present on this occasion. In this one of a kind meeting, it was unanimously decided to submit a joint memorandum to PMG (CR) with copy to Chief PMG and DG Posts. Memorandum is to be submitted to PMG on 6.9.11 prior to which a mass demonstration will be held. Next phase of agitational programme will be decided on 6.9.11 after submission of memorandum.

All the members are requested to join hands with this joint agitation and make it a huge success.


Friday, August 12, 2011

GS writes to Secretary Posts requesting to post General Line Officials in the posts of Sr. PM.

No. CHQ/IPASP/CA/2011 Dated 12.08.2011

Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Secretary (Posts)
Department of Posts
Dak Bawan
New Delhi-100001.

SUB: Issue of instructions to Circles for utilizing the services of 25 officials of IP
Line/General Line as Sr. Postmaster.

REF: Postal Directorate No. 9-34/2011-SPG dated 05.08.2011.

Respected Madam,

Your goodself is well aware that there are 866 posts of PS Group ‘B’ including 116 posts of Sr. Postmaster. 75% posts (649) of PS Group ‘B’ are earmarked for promotion through DPC of IP Line officials. Remaining 25% posts (217) are earmarked for promotion through examination as under:-

IP Line 19% 165
General Line 6% 52

After introduction of Postmaster cadre, 29 posts out of 52 posts in PS Group “B” have been ear marked to Sr. PM Grade in PM Cadre. Hence, the share of General Line officials in PS Group ‘B’ comes to 23 only.

162 officials of IP Line are already working in PS Group ‘B’ cadre against 165 posts and 27 officials of General Line are working in PS Group ‘B’ against 23 posts. Now, on introduction of Postmaster cadre, there are practically only 3 vacancies for IP line officials in PS Group ‘B’ cadre and 4 officials of General Line are in excess in PS Group ‘B’.

In view of above facts, it is requested that instructions may kindly be issued to all concerned Circles to post General Line officials against the posts of Sr. Postmaster and not against the posts of PS Group ‘B’ in the interest of natural justice and to avoid litigation in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

Meeting with Secretary Posts on 11.8.11

Letter on the above matter from the GS is reproduced below:

Today, the Secretary (Posts) took meeting with our Association at 15.00 hrs. I along with Sri. Dinesh Khare, President, Sri. Ajith Kumar, C.S.Kerala and Sri. Rajdeo Prasad, C.S.Bihar attended the meeting. All items included in our Charter of Demands were discussed in detail. View of the Secretary (Posts) was positive towards our demands.

Official minutes of the meeting will be published on the blog on the receipt of the same from the Department. The Secretary (posts) informed that upgradation of GP of IP from Rs 4200 to Rs 4600 will be only possible after merger of the post of IP and ASP. The Secretary (Posts) also assured us that a committee will be constituted for restructuring of IP cadre. The Secretary (Posts) agreed to examine the issue of laptop to all IPs/ASPs othern than Sub Divisional Heads.

She directed the DDG(P)/Director (SPN) to discuss the issue of quota of IP line in PS Group B examination on introduction of PM cadre in Postal Wing. Accordingly, matter was discussed in the chamber of the DDG(P) but could not be resolved.

Roop Chand
General Secretary

Thursday, August 11, 2011

IP Grade Pay case- update

The above OA came up again on 8.8.11 when the proxy respondent's Counsel sought one week adjournment due to some urgent personal reasons. Case posted to 19.8.11.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter addressed to the GS Delhi

No. IP/ASP/ASSN/11 Date: 10.8.11


Sri. Roop Chand
General Secretary
Sub: Meeting with Secretary Posts- issues for discussion reg:

The Circle working committee of the Association, Kerala Circle, met at Ernakulam on 6.8.11 and discussed the issues to be presented before the Secretary on 11.8.11 in detail. The gist of the decisions and the position as emerged in the CWC are given below as the views of Kerala Circle:

1. Regarding up gradation of pay of IPs the views of the CHQ is endorsed. If merger of the posts of ASP and PS Group B is not agreeable, then the option to merge the cadre of IP and ASP should be explored subject to the condition that after three years 20% of the IPs should be placed in the GP of 4600 and after three years 20% of ASP should be given GP of 4800. Gazetted status of the existing ASP should also be retained while merger is implemented.

2. Regarding recommendations of second CRC, the Circle is of the view that an IP should get promotion to PS Group B at least in a span of 10 years since after introduction of Postmasters cadre, a PA is getting entry into PS Group B within 19 years simply by appearing in a qualifying examination at the entry level.

3. Regarding the quota of IP line officials for PS Group B, the Circle fully endorses the view of the CHQ in revising the quota through seniority from 75 to 87% and through LDCE from 19 to 10% and general line from 6 to 3%. While revising, it is to be ensured that out of the total 866 Group B posts 649 to be earmarked through DPC for IP line, through LDCE IP Line 78, Sr. PM-87 and restricting the General line quota to 52. The proposal to transfer the 144 posts in HSG-1 (IPO Line) to General Line is to be opposed.

4. Regarding item Nos. 5,6,7,8 and 9, the Circle endorses the view of the CHQ and hopes that these points will be stressed in the meeting and favourable orders will be got issued by the Secretary. Regarding revised rates for invigilation duty, we should demand at least Rs 500/- per day as is being paid by Banks and PSUs.

5. Another issue which was discussed is about the need to publish the names of the regular promoted ASPs in the Gazette of India. This would seem necessary because a certificate attested by one of our ASPs was returned by University Authorities on the plea that ASPs are not a Gazetted officer as their names are not published in the Gazette. This aspect may be looked into.

6. At present different standards are adopted in various Circles/Regions for reimbursing mobile and broadband charges. It is requested to cause issue of a general order in this regard from Directorate so that a uniform procedure will be adopted in all the Circles.

7. Some of the IPs who were promoted in 2007 are not getting the benefits of pay fixation as per CCS RP Rules 2008 as per which the Scale of Assistant Superintendent was upgraded to 7450-11500 from 6500-10500 in the pre- revised scale and accordingly in the pay band of PB2 with grade pay of 4600/-. As per the clarification issued by Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their letter No 10/1/2010-IC dated 27/01/2010, officials who are promoted after 1/1/2006 can opt to switch over to the revised pay with effect from the date of promotion and if they opt so, their pay will be fixed with reference to the fitment table of the corresponding pre revised scale of Rs.7450-11500. Vide MOF (Exp) letter No 22/01/2010-C dated 20/03/2010 it is further clarified that the fixation formula is applicable for all the ministries. The Ministry of Finance has also issued orders vide letter F No. 7.14.2010-E.III(A) dated 5.7.10 permitting to revise the initial option up to 31.12.10, if the option is more beneficial to the officers. Other ministries like Ministry of Petroleum and Gas have already issued orders in this regard. However, our members are being denied this benefit on the plea that orders have not been issued by our Department. The matter may be brought to the notice of the Secretary and necessary orders may be caused to be issued in the matter.

8. Another issue which would merit consideration is about providing clerical assistance to Sub Divisions. As nearly 10,000 PAs have been newly recruited in November 2010, diverting some one or two PAs to assistant the Sub Divisional heads will not be much of a problem. The earlier demand of the Association to substitute one post of Mail Overseer with PA (since the grade pay of 3rd MACP of Mail Overseers and PA are same) can also be demanded now. If this request cannot be acceded to, permission to outsource the clerical work may be demanded.

9. Another decision of the CWC is to revise the Recruitment Rules for Mail Overseers so that the present system of posting a postman at the fag end of his service as Mai Overseer can be dispensed with. Since well qualified GD Sevaks are getting qualified as postman through tough competitive examination, a selection cum screening process can be adopted which would rise the quality of work of the Mail Overseer and enable the IP/ASP to utilize him/her more effectively.

10. Due to the multi-faceted duties entrusted to the Sub Division, inspection has become a routine exercise and is not being carried out effectively. This situation calls for the formation of a team to carry out inspection which would be more effective in this emerging scenario. The questionnaire should also be standardized and software as is being used in Tamil Nadu should be developed and brought into use throughout the Country. Questionnaire from different sections/areas – KYC, technology, RPLIL and PLI should be compiled by the Inspection Wing of Directorate and a comprehensive version should be published in the India Post Website which should be kept update by incorporating inputs from various sections.

11. Lastly one issue pertaining to Kerala Circle also needs the intervention of CHQ. 3 IP candidates who were qualified in the surplus batch of 2010 have been allotted to Kerala Circle although no vacancy was reported in Kerala. Such an allotment has been made while many of the IPs belong to the earlier surplus batch are still working in Circles like Himachel, Gujarat, Karnataka etc. It may be ensured that repatriation is made to the Home Circle based on seniority.

The above issues may please be examined and brought to the notice of the Secretary in the meeting.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully

Ajith Kurian
Circle Secretary

CWC Meeting at Ernakulam

The Circle Working Committee Meeting of the Association was held at Hotel K.K.International, Ernakulam on 6.8.11. The Meeting discussed at length the various issues mentioned in the agenda. The items mentioned in the revised charter of demands was discussed in detail and a comprehensive proposal has been send to our GS for taking up with Secretary Posts in the meeting to be held on 11.8.11. A copy of the letter given to the GS will be published in the blog shortly. Some new items not originally incorporated in the charter were also suggested by the CWC. The CWC also passed a resolution condeming the act of the PMG (CR) in suspending Sri.K.K.Davis, SSP Ernakulam and urged the immediate intervention of Chief PMG in the matter and revocation of the said order. Coy of the resolution has been send to Chief PMG, PMG (CR), General Secretary and President, Kerala Officers Association. The CWC also decided to depute the CS, All India OS and Treasurer to attend the All India working committee meeeting to be held at Patna on 23rd and 24th of September.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Re-allotment orders in PS Group B

Postal Directorate has issued following transfers/postings in Postal Service Group "B" grade vide No. 9-3/2011-SPG Dated 03.08.2011.

1.K. Sathimoorthy (Kerala) alloted to Tamilnadu
2.S. Ravi (Directorate) alloted to Tamilnadu
3.M. Mustafa (Kerala) alloted to Tamilnadu
4.L. Amlachandran (Kerala) to Tamilnadu
5.T.Selvaraj (A.P) alloted to Tamilnadu
6.R.Thiraviraj (A.P) alloted to Tamilnadu
7.S. Grururajan (A.P) to Tamilnadu
8.V.Balaraman (A.P) to Tamilnadu

The above mentioned officers will be relieved only after their relievers will join their posts.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Meeting with Secretary(P)

Copy of Postal Directorate letter No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 03.08.20011 addressed to the General Secretary is reproduced below for information.

Subject:- Meeting of Secretary (P) with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintedents Posts to Discuss its charter of demands.

Secretary(P) will take a Meeting with office-bearers of All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Post on 11.08.2011 at 1500 hrs to discuss the issues raised by the Association in its charter of demands,

Please make it convenient to attend the Meeting.

(Subhash Chander)
Director(SR & Legal)